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    Cheer Mama reacted to judysbabies for a blog entry, Look what I can do!   
    I can cross my legs while sitting.
    I stood up at church to pray, bowed my head and realized that all I could see was my boobs....no belly sticking out further than my boobs!
    The steering wheel can be lowered while I drive.
    I walked 3/4 of a mile today without panting and thinking I was having a heart attack.
    I make still look like Shamu but I am feeling like Flipper!
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    Cheer Mama reacted to MandyRN15 for a blog entry, 3 Weeks out   
    I had my first NSV today! Last night I went into my closet and tried on some of my size 24 pants that I haven't worn for 2 years. I knew that my size 26's were too big but never thought I was able to wear the 24's so soon. I wore them all day and even left the button done up all day. I feel great!!! On my surgery date I was 311 pounds. Now I am down to 289. I had a little bit of the stall I have heard everyone talking about and was worried, but have since realized that is okay. I am working out 3-4 times a week already and am being very active.
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    Cheer Mama reacted to LaBelle509 for a blog entry, 13 MONTHS! NO LOSS TO REPORT BUT LOTS OF PICS;)   
    I have not loss not ONE pound since the last time I was here :ph34r: Last week I actually GAINED A POUND How?!? I don't even know lol!!
    Yet, I look slimmer....how weird is that?!
    Now in the past, I would've gone off track and use this stall as an excuse to eat my face off. Thanks to my sleeve( praise the Lord), I am able to stay in the game and not over do it!!!
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    Cheer Mama reacted to newmeIowa for a blog entry, Eating FOOD at last - but not very much!   
    16 days post op.
    I've been eating real food (soft) for 2 days and I'm feeling better, a bit more energy. I'm learning to 'read' my new stomach for the new full feeling. UGH! I'm only able to eat about 1/4 of a cup of food at this point.
    Here's what I've had so far:
    one egg with Franks hot sauce
    1/4 of mushed, ripe banana
    refried, black beans with taco sauce
    mushed avocado
    canned pears
    cottage cheese
    sliced deli ham
    sugar free Carnation instant good start with skim milk
    It's so wonderful to move away from the overly sweet crap. I never knew how much I love savory foods with flavor.
    One big disappointment I'm having is that the bathroom situation has not returned to normal yet. Maybe someday - sigh.
    I've lost 16 lbs since the surgery - about 1 lb a day. My belly still has some swelling, so I only notice the weight loss in my face, but dear husband says he can tell I'm losing everywhere. I've lost 35 lbs since my heaviest weight. I had my first picture taken yesterday (for the swim pass) and WOW, I can see the difference already. HOORAY!
    I've passed the point of feeling "why the hell did I do this!" However, I'm realizing now that food is essential, not just for the yummy taste or comfort, etc. I need food - BUT I can't eat much of is, so I'm sort of frustrated. I also HATE the nasty liquid/chewable meds. JUST PUKEY! I'll be so excited when I get the go ahead to swallow a PILL! I can't imagine the lap-band people never being able to swallow another pill - forever.
    This week-end we're traveling down to visit my folks at their lake home. It will be the first time they've seen me, and I'm excited and nervous. They've been nothing but supportive, but . . . parents.
    Someone asked me to share the whole, ugly truth of my experience. I'm reticent to do so, because I don't want to scare anyone off, but reality is - **** happens. Soooo . . . my surgeon 'nicked' a blood vessel during surgery and I bled internally. My hemoglobins went critically low and I had to have two units of blood. Then I spiked a high fever and was given strong antibiotics for another day. So I was supposed to stay 2 nights, ended up staying 4 nights and my entire belly looks horrendous. Seriously 'zombified' and swollen. I've had to go into the dr. 2 times to make sure the hemoglobins are returning to normal - they are. I had low grade temps for the first week (with the cold sweats, shiver-shakes, and all.) So happy those are gone now. I would say I passed the 'hell' point on day 11 post op. I'm also so glad I'm doing this during the summer (I'm a teacher) because I really can't imagine going back to work next week. I really don't have the energy level back up to normal.
    I'll post a new picture soon. I just hate that my belly is still so huge.
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    Cheer Mama reacted to Momonanomo for a blog entry, one month since surgery   
    Today is one month out since surgery. I am down exactly 30 lbs since the start of the pre-op diet, and 20 lbs since surgery. I was telling my mom that this morning, and feeling a wee bit bummed about “only 20 lbs since surgery” but she pointed out that it is a 5 lb average per week. I thanked her for setting me straight and making me look at it like that. I get so impatient sometimes, but this process will take some time of course. And time is going to pass anyway – I’m awfully glad to be losing as time passes! This morning I shopped in my closet and am wearing a dress I haven’t worn in months. That feels good, and I’ve already gotten a compliment on it.
    You know, I have lost weight before as an adult-- at one point I even lost like 75 lbs years ago. And I’ve noticed something…. it’s so funny how when people you work with, for example, who don’t know you’re losing weight, they begin to notice something is different but they can’t quite figure out what it is. So funny. I had a moment like that yesterday. I bought a dress two days after surgery; it’s a nice maxi dress that I can wear for a while as I shrink. I have already worn that dress 3 times to work since surgery! But it was yesterday that a male coworker of mine said “Well you’re all dressed up today! You look nice, is it a special occasion?” LOL! I’m changing but they can’t quite put their finger on what exactly is changing….in my experience ,soon I will get the “did you do something different with you hair? Did you get your hair cut?” questions. LOL
    As far as food goes, I am still technically supposed to be on soft foods. To be honest, I would be scared to eat anything not soft right now. I have no pain of course, but my Morningstar sausage experience a little while back is not something I’d like to repeat. So it is not difficult to stick to the soft things—I gravitate toward them out of fear! LOL. I am eating 2 to 3 protein meals per day – I try for 3 oz but it’s usually just under 2 oz. In between, I’m doing my “green smoothies” with protein powder. It blows my mind that I haven’t had bread in 6 weeks. Or chips or crackers or any of that crap. I’m pretty much carb-free! I can prepare those things for my husband’s meals and it doesn’t even entice me. I do have occasional cravings. If it’s something that’s on my current plan to have (like cheese), I eat it, and I find that literally after 2 bites I’m more than done. The sugar fiend in me is still alive, but when those cravings hit I 1) remind myself that I would probably feel horrible if I ate sugar and 2) when I am at goal, I will allow myself such indulgences occasionally. I KNOW that I could totally eat ice cream right now. But I am just not gonna do it!!!!
    I am finally getting a reasonable amount of energy back. I am walking 30 minutes almost every day. I need to start strength training. I am beginning to develop a fear of loose skin. Somehow I’m not sure I could bring myself to do plastic surgery – although never say never. Just depends on how bad it is when I’m there I guess. I need to worry about that bridge when I get to it. I bought bio oil and am trying to be really good to my skin. Hope it will return the favor!
    I totally have ketosis breath. It’s pretty funny. Love the altoids sugar free mini’s. They also are awesome right after a meal when I still need to wait 30 minutes to drink something.
    Monday I see my surgeon for my one month follow up. My incisions are great. I’m certain he will give the all-clear to hit the beach
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    Cheer Mama got a reaction from Rox for a blog entry, Starting week 2   
    My second week actually started last Friday and today is Monday... Oh, well. My biggest accomplishment today is that I waited till bedtime to use my muscle relaxants and codeine. My sprained neck is almost completely healed! That has been the most painful part of this surgery. I found that I now have thrush all over my tongue. I will sooo be talking to the doctor in the morning.
    I found that I am sleeping a TON! I'm lucky my mom and mother-in-law are helping me. Today I slept till 1:30! Such a luxury. I did do some cleaning and laundry but I found it hard to vacuum and the laundry is heavy. Oh, and the whole bending over thing is not easy.
    I'm still drinking protein drinks, ramen with protein, a little bit of greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and a big cheat with a scrambled egg. The cheats happened when I was getting desperate and needed away to take my medicine or get in somekind of protein. The hardest thing for me to get down is the yogurt. I have to use very small amounts.
    I've lost almost fifteen pounds now. I can't wait for the umbilical hernia to repair so that I can start sit ups. My stomach is still really swollen and not using my stomach has my lower back aching.
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    Cheer Mama reacted to judysbabies for a blog entry, Seven days out and my eyes are open   
    Good morning....
    Day six found me feeling fine physically. I drove. I grocery shopped. I took the kids to McDonald's.
    Being in the kitchen is hard for me. I have children that must be fed. While preparing plates of burgers and chips for my two youngest kids, I dropped a chip on the counter. I reflectively reached down and popped it in my mouth. Of course I immediately spit it out. However, the incident left me wondering.....
    This morning I woke with an epiphany!
    What I am going through each day post-surgery is the major reason that patients must go through "training" for surgery. All of the nutrition training was to help with the actual - in your face - reality that I cannot, under any condition, pop chips or anything else in my mouth without thinking. Nutrition training was to help train my mind to tune out the billions of food commercials as I watch TV during my recovery. Nutrition training was giving me a foundation or a home base to turn to when I feel that I must have something to eat or I will die. Nutrition training was to give me something to think about and cling to when my mind is going crazy and I panic because today's stress cannot be fixed by food.
    Had I not had the time before surgery hearing about and thinking about what I must do after surgery, I would be a big fat failure. I would have been one of the people who cheats themselves by eating what shouldn't be eaten and stretched my stomach right back out to hold my dear and faithful friend, Food. I am not one of those and refuse to succumb to the overwhelming temptation to do so. I will hold on to my goal and let my goal be my friend. (My goal is to be healthy and active.)
    I will survive. I am woman. Hear me roar! (You have to be over 50 to get this.)
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    Cheer Mama reacted to lizrox for a blog entry, The first day of the rest of my life   
    Hi. My name is Liz and I was born, raised and live in the Chicago burbs. My story seems similar to those I have read here on this forum...I have battled with my weight for as long as I can remember. When I was 13 I remember crying b/c I couldn't fit into anything in the juniors section. Even back then I thought "When was I a size 6? Was it for 4 days in the third grade??" I have done Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers losing a good amount but always gaining back more over time.
    April 2011 my wonderful son Julien was born (despite my battles with PCOS I had him naturally) but after I had him the pounds just added it quickly. I went in for a physical in October 2012 and was floored when the scale said 295! It was my rock bottom, I knew I needed to make some BIG changes.
    My surgery is set for May 23rd. Last week I finished all my pre-surgical testing and today I start my 15 day pre-op diet. I can only drink protein drinks and clear liquids for the next 14 days. Today I had a chocolate strawberry shake for breakfast, a root-beer float shake for lunch, and a coffee/mocha shake for dinner. I was pretty impressed with my creations - all slightly different recipes the office provided me when I purchased the shake powder. I also had two mugs of low sodium chicken broth and 2 sugar free Popsicles.
    I made my husband eat dinner out tonight b/c I knew I couldn't handle watching him eat in front of me. I was pretty strong all day, and I wasn't up for ending the night on a low note. I had to feed my son his dinner but I wasn't tempted at all. There is half a banana calling my name in the kitchen, but I'll blend it in with my morning shake tomorrow.
    I'm trying to focus on how this is my choice. Back when I would do other diets I would say things like "I can't eat that." And feel that I was denying myself. Now I say "I can eat that, but I choose not to." I like how that gives me the control.
    Well, one day almost done with 14 more to go. Staying strong and in control...
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    Cheer Mama reacted to lizrox for a blog entry, Day 6 of Pre-Op Diet...Feeling Down   
    Today was day 6 of my all liquid pre-op diet. I am supposed to drink 3-4 "Bariatric Advantage" shakes a day. I can also eat anything from the clear liquids list - broth has been my savior. The shakes have killed my appetite. I barely had one today. I drink plenty of water and broth but I'm worried about straight starving myself.
    I haven't really heard that many people struggling with this part very much. I'm feeling alone. I'm proud that I haven't cheated at all, but I'm really hoping I'm not damaging myself. If my body goes into starvation I may not lose. I guess I'll talk to my surgeon tomorrow. Only 7 days away...seems strange.
    I will just take it one day at a time and one shake at a time. What else can I do?
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    Cheer Mama reacted to lizrox for a blog entry, First entry post op   
    It is official, 85 percent of my stomach is gone. It's hard to wrap my mind around that. To walk through some some events of my hospital stay. 5/22 I went and got a new haircut and my legs and brows waxed. Then went home and drank the horrible bowel cleaning drink and waited. I felt bad the rest of the day and received a call that my surgery time had moved up, I needed to check in at 5:30 am. I fell asleep easily and my parents drove me to the hospital on time. Checked in, was weighted in, answered some questions and the IV was started. I met a slew of nurses, doctors, my surgeon and quickly enough I was in the operating room. I remember only a sliver of that room then I was waking up. I just said pain and nausea and quickly feel asleep again. I guess my potassium levels were too low and they started potassium through the IV. It still burns just thinking about it. Then I fully woke up and remember everything around 1pm. I got to my room, it was private thank goodness. My parents were in there worrying about the delay. My mom is a nurse and has seen it all, but just the potassium was holding me up. Then quickly the nausea set in. Horrible, listless feeling I wouldn't wish on enemies. I didn't realize the nausea the directly linked to my pain meds. I rarely take any pain meds and just couldn't handle them. My husband visited that night and I remember him just holding my hand while I drifted off to sleep to soothing music. I really love that man!
    Next day more potassium burning, nausea, a change of pain meds, and swallow test. When my nurse walked in and said I didn't have any leaks I lost it and started balling. I had no clue how worried I was about that. I just felt like I had too much nausea not to have a leak, so to hear I would be taken off of IV pain meds and some of the machines I was so releaved. One more step closer to freedom! That night my IV site was burning that I rang my light at 3am asking for a new one. By 4am and a few tries I had a new far less painful site. They gave me some benedryl to sleep and let me go to 9am!
    All that was left was the need to pass gas, then I could go home! And I woke up and tooted, again happiness. I told the nurses immediately and they were pumped for me. Unfortunately my blood work came back with low magnesium and potassium. Fortunately I only needed the magnesium through the IV and to drink the horrible potassium. I kept telling myself this was better then a burning vein and powered through. By 3:30 my mom was taking me home.
    I want to tell others that your pain meds may be linked to the nausea.
    Walk as soon as possible. I was up and moving as soon as I hit my private room. The gas will come out far more quickly.
    This is the first time I have had the mind and focus to read, go online, watch tv or even talk. It took a lot out of me, but if it helps me get this damn weight off it will be worth it. The memories of pain are quickly fading. I really hope to see the scale move down fast!
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    Cheer Mama reacted to Chaparra for a blog entry, 2 month anniversary   
    Thought I would share some pics of right after surgery and today.

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    Cheer Mama reacted to Momonanomo for a blog entry, I've been approved...@!$# is gettin real   
    Wow....I had prepared for it to take the full 15 business days for insurance to reply....but it only took 4.
    I'm approved!
    May 22nd at 1 pm.
    Excited, scared, curious, nervous, relieved, anxious....seems crazy to have some of these feelings all at the same time! But ..... here we gooooooo.
    I have SO much to do at work to get ready to be gone. I never take more than a day or two off at a time, except when I got married, and unfortunately even that I kinda planned around my work schedule (don't tell anyone, that's kinda my own little secret). I'm planning on being out 5/21 through 31... the 27th is a holiday, so it's really only 8 work days. I do payroll for a kind of large outfit and being out through the 31st means when I come back on June 3rd I have to hit the ground running full speed to process payroll that day. Hope to God all goes well and I am able to come back when I plan to! I honestly don't know what would happen if I wasn't here. I guess the responsible thing to do is to make sure my boss remembers how to do it, so that he can do it if necessary. Then there are other pressing matters that I need to wrap up before I take the time off, and some things I need to find someone to do while I'm out...I honestly don't know who is going to do some of these things...panicking a little about it.
    One thing is for sure: nothing makes time go by more quickly than having deadlines to meet!
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    Cheer Mama reacted to JillianMarie73 for a blog entry, Piss off Ghrelin, you're not the boss of me!   
    Ok here we go!! My sugery is two weeks from today and I am starting my own version of the Pre-Op diet!! If anyone has read my previous entries you will know that I decided to start cutting stuff back and out since the day my surgery was booked (April 1, 2013).
    For the last two weeks I have been carb free and in dietary ketosis… so this week I have decided to go clear liquids only throughout the day, and one sensible low carb low fat protein rich meal for dinner – it will be chicken or fish with a low carb vegetable. Day 1, 12:24… I am FREAKING HUNGRY!! However, I am going to withstand this physical discomfort because I know that on the flip side, it will be gone.
    Why am I torturing myself you may ask? Because I feel that the challenge I will face following my surgery will be as much mental and emotional as it is physical. I want to learn now, over the next 14 days how much protein my body needs, and when, along with the various other nutrient requirements (Multi Vit, Calcium,D, B12).
    My resolve is not to feel unwell or weak the first couple of weeks following my surgery, but moreover; to not panic and start climbing the walls because there is nothing solid going into my body.
    I hope it works. So far, the gradual decrease has been working for me. I feel physically stable, and mentally empowered. I have lost 18 lbs this year, and 39 since my top weight.
    Neither refined sugar nor caffeine call the shots anymore so now I tackle ghrelin – I hope it knows the strong stubborn b***h its up against.
    In other news, my sister will now be coming with me to Juarez and I am super excited. She is as silly as me and I think we will have a ball.
    My bf/ ex bf?? whatever he is now... has not been home since Monday. We have talked and “made up” so to speak. I don’t believe there was any affair or any of the sort going on... because I know exactly where he stayed (and with whom). However, to get in a snit and not come home or check in for a couple of days after a fight, is extremely childish and disrespectful - especially for a man in his 40s!!!.
    My feeling at this point is that he is waiting for me to ask him to come home. That’s not happening. I love the man, but I am far to old for this crap, and I have a wonderful son to think about.
    And really, if I can get over Chocolate, I can get over Justin! :Þ
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    Cheer Mama reacted to joatsaint for a blog entry, Constipation and Milk of Magnesia Or How FEMA Declared My Bathroom A National Disaster   
    I swear that I see my toilet flinch each time I walk past the bathroom door. And I can hear my toilet give off the pitiful wail of a prisoner being tortured in a Medieval dungeon when I sit on the toilet, "Nooooo, nooooo, I'll tell you what you want to know. Just make it stop!"
    It all started cause I was worried. I hadn't had a decent poop in over 5 days. What little pebbles did come out of me weren't nearly enough to the amount I had consumed. So I was worried. I went online looking for a good tasting, safe, effective, and not too powerful laxative. After all, I didn't want to be like a cartoon character hanging onto hand rails to keep from launching like a rocket off the toilet. Nor did I want to wait 24 hours or more for it to work and get caught too far from the toilet.
    So I spent an hour or so reading the reviews on natural health forums and it boiled my choices down to Milk of Magnesia or Epsom Salts. I didn't want to drink the salt, so that left Milk of Magnesia. To the Batbuick! I didn't have a secret shaft to slide down, so I had to take the stairs. Na na na na, na na na na. Our hero finds himself standing in Walmart, debating the merits of original flavor or cherry. I chose cherry hoping it would be the least disgusting of the two flavors. My only weakness, bad flavors. I can stop bullets (well, once anyway) but I can't handle the yucky taste of medicine.
    I made my purchase and raced back to my secret bunker. A detailed analyzation of a sample (I read the label) told me the chemical components of Milk of Magnesia is composed of Magnesium Hydroxide.
    The instructions said to drink at least 8 oz. per tablespoon taken. I had my trusty Batmug handy, loaded with 30 oz. of Crystal Light lemonade. The adult dosage was 3 to 4 tablespoons for constipation. So of course I took 4. It also said that it was suppose to work within 5 hours. But others had said expect immediate action and not to wander too far from the toilet. So I was prepared to stay around the house for the next 5 or so hours.
    The taste wasn't quite as bad as the barium the hospital gave me for the leak test, but it was pretty disgusting. 1/2 hour later, nothing. And there I sat, broken hearted, paid 4 bucks and only farted. More or less an hour later I felt the 1st rumblings. 1/2 hour later, time to RELEASE THE KRACKEN!
    So all in all, it was a smooth move. So smooth in fact that I was worried it was another failure to launch. But when I looked behind me, it was everything I had dreamed a poo could be. Call Guinness, it was a monster. I could fight crime with a poo this big. I'm still working on my superhero name. Captain Poo, Pinch e Loaf a, Sir Bag of Crap, The Brown Stain, Skid Mark, The Brown Eye? Suggestions are welcomed.
    Alls well that ends well, sort of. I overdosed a little (should have stuck with 2 or 3 tablespoons instead of 4) and everything I ate for the rest of the day passed through my system rapidly. Every 4 or 5 hours, I'd get the urge. Not - EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! - kinda urge, just the sense that I needed to get to the bathroom soon. And I kept drinking as much Crystal Light as I could. Milk of Magnesia's main ingredient pulls water into the intestines and I didn't want to get dehydrated.
    So if you need to go, as I did, Milk of Magnesia gets a big thumbs up from me. My colon is so clean you could eat off it or fight crime with it, your choice. Just get your own superhero name.
    Comments and suggestions are welcome. I'm trying to improve my writing. If you liked this post or hated it, please leave a comment.
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    Cheer Mama reacted to joatsaint for a blog entry, Monster Poos - The Smelly Secret Behind Stalls or What can Brown Doodoo for you?   
    Update: 4-26-3013:
    It's still amazing to see what and how much comes out of me, considering how little I am eating. Most of the time, it feels like I am passing jagged rocks and it comes out looking like a pile of marbles. Then there are times like today, where this monstrous poo python emerges. And I'm thinking, "Where the hell did that come from? I just pooped yesterday and I haven't changed my eating habits or eaten extra food."
    Is there some storage area in the intestines I don't know about? Are my guts becoming some kind of Dooms Day Prepper? Some kind of "just in case we need it" secret poo stash?
    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    I was visited by the infamous 3rd week stall. I didn't lose any more weight for about 5 days. Hit a 2nd wall on week 5, same thing. It takes me 4 - 6 days to start losing again. It helps speed up the process when I walk a little more than normal.
    But I've learned that part of the stall is tied to bowel movements. Post-Op, I only go every other day or every 3rd day depending on how much fiber/carbs I take in.
    You might want to consider how much waste your body is holding onto. My bathroom visits aren't steady at this point, sometimes I'll go twice on the same day. I'll be thinking, "Where the hell did that come from? I know I haven't eaten that much!"
    Sometimes I'll be over a pound lighter after a monster poop! My record is 2 lbs.