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    Sore Hips

    My surgery was April 8 of this year I'm am down 139 I've worked out religiously since then but the last month has been extremely hectic and I have been to the gym only a handfull of times but I started back on my daily workouts which normally start off with about 45-60 minutes of cardio. But I've have been so soar I can't seem to kick this soarness I'm not sure what is going on but I've always been a very active person. I weighed 220 poundsb in high school and could run a mile in 5minutes so running is nothing new but I'm not sure if this is something new or if I should be concerned. When I first started working out of course I was soar but eventually it went away. Today my weight is 203 so I weigh less then I did my senior year but again I'm struggling to kick this soarness I'm not sure if this is old age what
  2. ste_fun_ny

    Down 111lbs & feeling great!

    Thanks everyone!!! It's hard to say if I stall often because I stay away from the scale!!! At the beginning I would weigh myself every day morning and night but then I started getting obsessed so I had to stop. Now I weigh myself maybe once or twice a month. But I can really tell in my clothes I bought a size 18 pair of jeans the day before I left to new York and today those jeans are too big on me. My advise to you is work out everyday atleast 45 minutes of cardio eat only food that had nutritional value for your body (lean meats, veggies, fruits) stay away from sugar (except natural sugars like fruit) I don't drink sodas or alcohol I don't eat candy (my favorite) and when I eat I serve myself on a child plate. Sometimes I over serve myself on that child plate but I eat slow and before you know it I'm full and have to throw away food because I can't eat it. So make sure you are paying attention to your serving size. Bad habits are sometimes hard to break but it gets easier just have Yup find away to make it fun for you. Good luck everyone and happy losing!!!!!
  3. It gets a little easier but really you have to change your way of thinking. This surgery is not something temporary but permanent, for the rest of your life. I completely understand about wanting to drink rather chug water it's what I miss the most. But I've learned that it's something that I just can't do anymore so I find myself every minute of the day with either water or a poweraid zero in my hand. I drink all day long and I give myself a break about 20 -30 minutes before and after I eat. Everything you did before your surgery I'd history there is no turning back so look to the future and teach your self new habits and I promise you it gets easier. But if you keep dwelling on the past and thinking about the things you wish you could do and used to do it only makes this journey harder. Keep your had up and good luck!! Message me if your need anything
  4. I was sleeved in April 8 SW: 342lbs CW: 231lbs I found an old picture from last October & what a difference. I flew to New York 2 weeks ago and it was an awesome feeling because I was always to embarrassed to fly because I was afraid they would tell me I was to fat. So when I got on the plane I almost cried when I buckled up my seat belt and had to tighten it because it was way to loose. I sat comfortably in my seat and didn't feel like I was overflowing into the sit next to me. [ATTACH]18232[/ATTACH]
  5. ste_fun_ny

    I'm so close

    I was scratching my head when I read that wondering if that's what you really meant to write lol don't worry I've done that before. I once posted something I meant to write I swallowed a piece of gum well when I went back and looked at the post I had posted I swallowed a piece of him lol so I understand
  6. ste_fun_ny

    I'm so close

    Lol I doubt that but thank you!!! :-)
  7. ste_fun_ny

    I'm so close

    Thank you!!!
  8. ste_fun_ny

    I'm so close

    Thank you!!!!!
  9. ste_fun_ny

    I'm so close

    Thanks I appreciate that!!! Well fortunately for me I just have a very high tolerance for pain and I usually bounce back from injuries our surgery pretty fast. I don't like being held back even when I'm sick I'm up moving around getting stuff done because that's just me. But after the surgery the only real pain I was in was the gas coming out of my body. My boss had this done a year ago and he gave me the best advise. WALK, WALK, WALK WHEN YOUR TIRED WALK, WHEN YOU'RE IN PAIN WALK so as soon as the nurse came in my room the next morning I asked if I could go for a walk she was very surprised but said ok. After the hospital well like 5 days after surgery I started going to the gym. I did mainly cardio for the first 6 weeks. Two times a day. Every day I feel sluggish but I have found that when I work out I am so energized. On those days I'm to tired to get out of bed I so regret it because I'm so tired all day. Also Vitamins really help make sure your takingthem every day. I do everything possible to get in some sort of exercise in. When I'm sitting at my desk I do leg lifts, if I'm laying down watching TV I'll do leg raises. There are so many ways to get in exercise but mostly you have to make a habit of it. I'm so used to getting up at 330am that it's normal for me. I'm normally in bed by now but sometimes that isn't possible. Just stick with it push your self I know how you feel I really do I wad even sick from the dehydration but I hydrated myself and pushed forward. Once I'm on the treed mill and after the first 3 minutes I slowly increase the speed by 13 minutes I'm on about 1.5 miles. Sick with it I promise it gets easier
  10. I was sleeved on April 8 I just weighed myself and I'm down 97.5 pounds!!!!!!!! I've worked my but off literally to get where I am. 4am work outs full time job followed by a 7pm work out. But I feel so great never in a million years did I think I would every take a picture of myself and think I look pretty. It's crazy yes I know but it's true. I am slowly learning to stop beating myself up and learning how to say thank you when someone gives me a complement. I'm so close to hitting 100lbs down I can't wait. Well that's all thanks for listening good night!!!!!! Pix from the color run in March of this year the other is from a few weeks ago!! [ATTACH]16347[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]16348[/ATTACH]
  11. ste_fun_ny

    110 lbs gone w/ pics

    Your look awesome congrats you look so much younger
  12. ste_fun_ny

    110 lbs gone w/ pics

    Your look awesome congrats you look so much younger
  13. Sleeved on 4/8 I weighed myself 2 weeks ago I was down 77.5 pounds I go for my 3 month follow up on the 9th I hope I'm down 90 pounds by then. Wish me luck I'll be killing myself at the gym till then!!!! Congrats to everyone on a job well done!!!
  14. ste_fun_ny

    I swallowed a piece of him

    Yea I was told to stay away from it for awhile but once my Dr put me back on a regular foods I started chewing it again. I haven't had any trouble so far. I'm a pretty fast healer I was at the gym just a few days after my surgery. So that's why I chew it.

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