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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. miamigirl0112

    New to this :)

    Congrats and good luck on yours !
  2. miamigirl0112

    New to this :)

    Oh gosh that means I'll have to weight forever !!!
  3. miamigirl0112

    New to this :)

    Congrats !!!!! When did you submit your paperwork in ?
  4. So yeah.... One more letter ( primary physician). But he won't give it to me until he gets results from a biopsy I'm getting done June 12..... The wait/weight is killing me ! I want to look and feel good already. For those going through the same process lets pray and hang in there. We're almost there!
  5. miamigirl0112

    June 2013 Sleevers GROUP

    Anxiously waiting !!!! So I have a folder with all the stuff I will be sending to insurance. I have all letters but 2 (primary doctor and psych eval) which I should receive in the next 2 weeks!!! I'm really nervous. Time is ticking and I'm really hoping for a June surgery. For all those going through the process along with me good luck on this journey our time is soon to come !!! Praying for a speedy trial lol this is all I can think about
  6. miamigirl0112

    Starting my Journey!

    How long did the approval process take from the moment you sent out your application ?
  7. miamigirl0112

    June 2013 Sleevers GROUP

    Hoping for a June date as well !!! Maybe early July. I have my primary physicians writing me letters, I have my NUT appt tomorrow morning, and scheduling my psych eval around this week maybe next week. Should have all my papers and letters ready to send by the end of this month. Praying for the time to speed up !!!!
  8. miamigirl0112

    Darkening Of Skin

    Perhaps not everyone has the condition ? Maybe some just have darkness from their inner thighs rubbing
  9. miamigirl0112

    Inner Thighs - Ick!

    Are you pushing this product? This is the second thread you've pushed it on. My Pink Wink, like other bleaching products, does not cure the cause for the darkness. It simply masks it. Actually I'm not, I'm just trying to help everyone who's had the same thing because I know how horrible it is to go to the beach and have to be careful not to show the darkness of your inner thighs, and as long as it doesn't show it doesn't matter to me. I just want it gone when I'm at the beach or with my significant other. It's a recommendation, which I thought was the point of this forum..... To help each other.
  10. miamigirl0112

    Inner Thighs - Ick!

    Guys i tried this cream called my pink wink! It's awesome i use it on my inner thighs and has gotten rid of mostly all the darkness in less than a month!!! I got the version bleach babe ! Let me know if you use it/ have used it/ or have any questions
  11. miamigirl0112

    Darkening Of Skin

    Okay for everyone ok this posts listen up !!! I haven't had the surgery yet, but I was looking into a cream for dark areas near my inner thighs and boy did I find it !!!! The best cream ever, I was a little doubtful at first if it was really going to work but it does!!! It works for me like magic. I'm not going to lie its not cheap it's like 40-50$ for 1oz of cream but its so worth it! And u don't need a lot of it! I just bought some on amazon. It works for all areas of the body armpits, face, vagina, butt hole. Anywhere that needs to get lightened it works! The magic cream is called my pink wink. There are different versions I got the bleach babe! Let me know if you guys buy it and like it hope this helps
  12. miamigirl0112

    cross fit and running

    With all the exercise do you guys feel you have any loose skin ? I've been thinking about this procedure but I don't want to be flabby, I never have been that way. Just curious
  13. miamigirl0112

    Any June sleevers yet?

    My birthday is June 9th and I'm hoping to take in all paper work and approval process to be speedy so I can get sleeved by June !!
  14. miamigirl0112

    First doctor visit. Here it goes!

    Lol!!!! Finally !!! How sad and I work for Tmobile I'm supposed to be techy
  15. miamigirl0112

    First doctor visit. Here it goes!

    Do you live in Miami I can refer you an amazing surgeon !