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  1. My surgeon only said she cut out 70-80% of my stomach and that was pretty much it. If I really wanted to I can eat 6 oz but that makes me stuffed but 2-3 oz of meat is all I can do if I'm only eating meat
  2. I thought that a cup is normal?
  3. I'm 3 months out and eating 4-6 ounces of food but just curious
  4. NewAshes

    Question about care credit

    Even if you have good credit it still has high interest?
  5. So if my bf applies and gets it can he use it for me?
  6. Great job! I'm 5'2" as well and started out at 260. Now I'm 209 at a month and 2 weeks. Glad to see someone my hight and close starting weight.
  7. NewAshes

    Life after surgery

  8. I'd like to know your experience with having any kind of skin surgery in Mexico. How much it cost, what doctor ect
  9. I have had my 3 week stall.
  10. Yesterday I drank over 64 ounces of water and gained 3 pounds. I'm not quite sure what else I can do. Today I'm going to continue drinking and also try and keep my sodium low but idk what else I can do.
  11. NewAshes

    Goodbye lasagna

    I'm 11 days post op and I still crave all those fatty foods.
  12. NewAshes

    4 months post op

    Be really careful. Surgeons tell you not to get pregnant for at least a year
  13. I see a lot of people need it out after surgery or are on meds for it. I'm 9 days post op and wasn't given any meds. There was a lady who also had surgery same day different surgeon who was put on meds for 6 months. Maybe because I'm 21?
  14. NewAshes

    Goodbye lasagna

    Chinese food. Giant plate rice, Singapore noodles, sweet and sour chicken and dumplings. Oh and pot stickers. Also there are ways to make lasagna healthy. Use zucchini or squash.