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  1. Thanks LadyVS I was beginning to think the boards had gone dead! I’m 15 days post and all is going well so far. Luckily the flight back was no problem at all :)
  2. Could use some insights from anyone who had a similar process/ experience: 6 years post VSG and 14 days post 2nd stage loop DS with a hiatal hernia repair. I’m currently on the soft food stage and have been eating on plan. Sometimes while eating I get an intense pressure behind my sternum- stops me dead in my tracks. It can be uncomfortable to very painful. It’s not like the restriction I felt following my original VSG. But it makes me not want to eat. Sometimes it occurs as a stand-alone, other times it is followed by a dull ache in my abdomen above my belly button. I’m not sure if it is just the healing process from the hernia repair (never had reflux or stricture/ pain or even knew about the hernia before the EDG) or if it is the healing process from the Loop DS. Has anyone else experience anything similar? Does it have a name? Does it resolve with time or is it permanent? I have a follow up call with Doc’s office on Monday, but would appreciate any tips you could share in the meantime- thanks!
  3. Here’s a link to my surgeon being interviewed on the WLS podcast https://www.weightlosssurgerypodcast.com/is-loop-duodenal-switch-the-future-of-bariatric-surgery/
  4. Hi All! I’m scheduled for a VSG to Loop DS revision next Thursday 9/26/19 with Dr. Walter Medlin In UT. I had VSG in SD with Dr. Takata In 2013, insurance covered it. It was successful and without complications. Pre VSG I was 297+... at my lowest I was at 180, With time and two pregnancies I lost restriction and gained. I was able to lose weight after both pregnancies but was not able to maintain it, or return to the post VSG pre pregnancy low. Despite maintaining a medium level of activity (depending on the week spin class/ triathlons/ 5ks/ 18-30 mi relaxed bike rides on the weekends/ lots of walking), I hovered around 235, now with low activity I’m at 250. I’m in my 2 week preop diet for the revision which is just as tough as I remember it the first time, maybe more. Little nervous for this surgery-more than I remember being for the VSG. This time I’m going in self pay. Confident in my decision but nervous about the immediate aftermath, toilette issues/ rate of loss/ nutrient deficiencies- the usual. Dr doesn’t plan to touch the sleeve, unless any problems are seen in the EDG. I’m loading up on vitamins and supplements now To get ahead of any deficiencies caused by malabsorption in the long run. Dr will determine Common Channel length at time of surgery at the moment it looks like it will be ~300 cm. Has anyone else had Dr. Medlin for their revision? Any tips for immediately after surgery? I’ll be flying back to SD the following Saturday-Anyone have to fly 2 days after surgery? Tips on flying post op, any general post op tips for this specific Bariatric surgery would be appreciated. I plan on updating this thread as I go along, and hope others might find it helpful in their research too. Thanks!
  5. SlimDreams

    sips help

    Ok. Seems I misinterpreted how that was written and your revision process is different than what my Dr. is recommending for me. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  6. SlimDreams

    sips help

    Thank you for responding! Have you had to deal with any vitamin deficiency during this time? Curious also at this point aside from the occasional diarrhea has the bathroom returned to normal? Any foods that you must stay away from? Also did the Dr. do the revision without touching the sleeve? That’s what my Dr. is talking about doing. Finally differences between your self care/ tips for post Revision life for SIPs versus our original sleeve surgery? Thank you again for responding- I’ve only found one other actively posting person on this board with a VSG to sips revision that did not have the sleeve touched. :)
  7. SlimDreams

    sips help

    Peggy now that your 4.5 years out from the VSG to sips revision how is everything going? I haven’t seen anyone else on these boards that far out from revision. Any updates on lifestyle, weight loss or regain, bathroom antics. Curious bc I am considering a VSG to sips revision. Thank you!
  8. SlimDreams

    BariatricPalMX or Pompeii?

    Hello, do you know if BariatricPal Mexico and Dr. Jalil Ilan performs VSG to SIPs or Sadi S revisions?
  9. Hi Alex, does BPMX do VSG revisions to SIPS or Sadi S?
  10. Great thread with useful info. Would you mind sharing the details of foods you can / cannot eat; Which vitamins you take/ the amount taken daily; and finally details of frequency of the bowel movements/ gas / at what point it has normalized or if it has. I’m looking at a sleeve to sips revision and trying to collect as much info as possible ahead of the surgery. Thanks!
  11. SlimDreams

    Back to basics and really doing it!

    Ana you'll be fine don't worry about the gain while your pregnant- just follow your drs orders and eat healthily, gain within the range your doc gives you and you can take it off once baby arrives
  12. SlimDreams

    Back to basics and really doing it!

    That's the BOT program with the inspire shakes right? I just received my order and am going to do it this weekend and see how I react to it
  13. SlimDreams

    Back to basics and really doing it!

    Oh yeah I remember that point where people told me to stop losing.... I wish I hadn't listened to them and stayed more strict with my intake.... good for you for joining us -- cut out that soda now!
  14. SlimDreams

    Back to basics and really doing it!

    Barbie that is rotten luck! Were you still able to finish the cycle?
  15. SlimDreams

    Back to basics and really doing it!

    Monday Check in-- small loss of .08 weight is holding at 226.0 now-- that's 12lbs since I started refocusing. I certainly have not been perfect in my eating- especially on the weekends! Now that summer is over I will spend the next 4 weeks focusing on tracking EVERYTHING I eat, ESPECIALLY on the weekends, which I believe is where I have been getting into trouble, and adding in more cardio to my workouts.