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  1. @SCPjourney I had sleeve 2013 Now I am getting RNY
  2. @SCPjourney Which surgery are you getting
  3. I am suppose to be scheduled for the beginning of December but my VIT D levels were low and my dr was going to push surgery 3 months Uhhhhh NO! I had my primary write a letter saying she felt confident by that my levels should not be a reason to postpone So now 36 hours later - I have a date Dec 11
  4. I don’t have an exact day - but my surgeon said - the first 2 weeks of December I am having a revision from sleeve to bypass Can’t believe I am in this place again- where I am nervous but yet excited for surgery
  5. momof5cantwait

    H Pylorie test

    My results came back in 2 days
  6. momof5cantwait

    Revision from sleeve to bypass

    I am in the same Boat Sleeve in 2013 SW 260 Lowest - 170 Then had cancer - treatment and lots of unhealthy eating Now - hiatal hernia, lots of reflux Revision coming in December My dr said weight loss rate will be the same I’m getting nervous
  7. I had my sleeve in March 2013 Did wonderfully for first 18 months until other health issues consumed my life Since then , I have gained almost all of my weight back I am now approved for a revision to a by pass Have others done this? How was weight loss the second time around? Advice?
  8. Before all of you know it, you will be going to your6 month check up. Feeling A LoT LIghtER
  9. I felt exactly like this before my surgery 3/27. This is a tool that helps you speed up the process of something you could do your own. You will be happy when you are a few months out. It is an incredible journey. It will make you stronger Good luck. If you ever need anything I'm here
  10. momof5cantwait

    Any March Sleevers?

    I find that this surgery is like having a baby. You can talk to 1,000 people and no 2 people have the same experience. I feel like each person has to find what works for them. I was sleeved 3-27 and have lost 73 lbs since surgery. Not allowed any fruit and I never eat it. But I cheat with carbs. I can eat pretty much anything without feeling bad. I joined this awesome fitness ace called 9 round. I have never had such am awesome workout and it only takes 30 minutes. Tones all those loose skin places except my lower belly. That's my story. So far
  11. 4 weeks out now and 32.5 lbs
  12. momof5cantwait

    Surgery tomorrow

    Glad everything is ok
  13. momof5cantwait

    Surgery tomorrow

    I have read that they have to go back in if there is a leak. So I will pray for you that it doesn't have a leak. Hang in there. Let us know.
  14. momof5cantwait

    Surgery tomorrow

    Hold a pillow over ur belly if u have to cough or sneeze. Ur throat will be sore from the tube and dry. Some hospitals have little sponges on sticks that u can ask for. Dip them in water and rub inside ur mouth until u are allowed to drink. And walk walk walk. Good luck
  15. Only 2 weeks out down 24 pounds . Every pound is equal to 4 sticks of butter. So there are 96 less sticks of butter on my body