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  1. Pixie Dust

    What's for dinner?

    I haven't been sleeved yet but I also serve a lot of pasta, rice or potatoes as a side dish. This past weekend I made chicken & just served vegetables & salad & no one complained! (YAY!!) I did make cauliflower! My kids LOVED it. I first steamed it & then I (golden) browned it in a pan in just a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil & some minced garlic. We all loved the cauliflower browned a little bit. That almost did feel like a starchy veggie. I also made fresh steamed broccoli & a salad.
  2. Pixie Dust

    typical lunch

    Awesome lunch & so healthy too! Was water the beverage of choice?
  3. You really do look amazing & you're very pretty too! So many pretty people here on this forum (how did I get here??) Well, I hope to be pretty again too one day! Congratulations to you!
  4. OMGosh....I do hope with all my heart that it works out for you this time & I do believe it will. That's exactly why I don't even plan to tell anyone. Naturally my husband knows, God knows, & I've told 2 of my friends out of state & a neighbor (who talks to no one & isn't friends with any of the other neighbors) in case I need help with my youngest son, but that's it. No one else will ever know. I don't want the pressure of everyone asking me how much weight I've lost or how long before I lose all my weight & watch me for every bite I take. No thank you. Has anyone on this forum used the same surgeon you will have?
  5. Hi mcm! I haven't been sleeved yet. I have my first appt with the surgeon next Friday & at that time he may possibly give me a surgery date. I'm hoping for summer. But I did want to wish you the best! I think just coming on this forum, you'll get so much positive feedback & encouragement that it's the best place to be if you're sitting on the proverbial fence! Don't let anyone discourage you or call you a failure! They are not friends & if family calls you a failure, then you need to find different relatives! I "divorced" my family & have "adopted" some wonderful friends as family. That was the first dead weight I lost & haven't felt better or looked back! I hope you find all that you're looking for & that all your dreams come true!
  6. Oye....I thought it was my eyesight going! LOL! Yeah, the font is just way too tiny. I make mine BIG like this so I can read my own post easier before I hit "post." But anyway, I'm so glad to hear that you've finally gotten to the bottom of that horrible pain you were suffering! Sounds like you were having labor pains (ohhhh....I don't want a repeat of that, thank you very much)! Anyway, you're off & running now & I'm so happy for you!
  7. Pixie Dust

    down 80 from feb 4th

    You look very fit, healthy & sexy! But as a Mom, I have to say, GET OFF THAT TRAIN TRACK! What if a train came by??!! You've got a whole new life to live & enjoy now!!!!! Congrats on your loss & wow, just WOW!
  8. Pixie Dust

    100 lbs gone!

    That's AMAZING!!! You're AMAZING!!! Look at how pretty you are too! WOW! You're doing great & I hope to be as successful as you when I finally get sleeved!
  9. Pixie Dust

    6 month checkup

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. Especially since I'm hoping to stop my Glumetza soon! Even with prescription coverage, it cost about $100 a month for my Glumetza! If I could take the Metformin, it would be cheaper but my tummy doesn't tolerate it. My doc told me to stop all meds when I start the one week pre-op liquid diet. He said he'd run labs on me 3 months out & see if I need to go back on any. Hope not! ckunes, you may be able to get off your meds after you've lost all your weight? Is there a possibility of that?
  10. Okay, I will try the Jello thingy. I do like V-8 Fusion but never buy them because they're expensive. I will try the apple juice, if they have unsweetened. I'm not a juice drinker overall, but I'll have to get used to drinking sweet tasting liquids. Thanks for the suggestions!
  11. Pixie Dust

    A helpful tip

    Well, I tried at dinner tonight but **big fail**. As my husband said, "there's always tomorrow." I think I will write a note & put it at my place setting to remind me. It's easy to forget & I certainly don't want to forget post sleeve!
  12. Pixie Dust

    Guilt and what to do?

    OMG, I just scared my youngest I laughed so hard! Thanks for the laugh missmeow! LOL!!!!! I do agree with your response. It's nobody's business. Period.
  13. Pixie Dust

    My insensitive coworker

    You are my idol! **bows down in reverence** Hail to gmanbat! Agreed on everything! Just let it roll, seriouslychange. Stupid, ignorant people like that don't have a clue! Not a clue! In fact, I would feel sorry for her because you can fix your weight but there is no fixing STUPID! No program or surgery in the world can fix her! Stand tall & proud, you've done so great!
  14. Pixie Dust

    Nosey folks!

    I haven't been sleeved yet but I've only told my BFF who lives out of state & another friend out of state & one of my neighbors (the one who talks to no one), in case I need help with the kids, & of course my husband knows. That's IT tho! I will say (in case others find out I'm in the hospital) that I'm having hernia surgery & other than that, if anyone says anything about me losing weight, I'm just going to say I'm on a medically supervised diet. That's it. End of conversation. Done. Finished. (haha!!) Good luck to you!
  15. Pixie Dust

    No mojo in the bedroom

    While I haven't cracked it open yet, I have 50 Shades of Gray. Try reading it. I don't know how I'd find the time to read right now but I have the book, just in case! My friend from Australia sent me the trilogy since I hadn't bought them yet & everyone was talking about them. Imagine my surprise when I opened a box which arrived from her & there were the books! I have kids & one is a teenager! So I hid them in my laundry room (since they never step foot in there! LOL!) So in other words, thanks for the reminder! Hehe...
  16. Pixie Dust

    A helpful tip

    That is fabulous advice & I woke up thinking about that this morning, as I was chugging down a half bottle of water! I always have water at my bedside because I wake up thirsty. So I gulped down 8 oz (about half the bottle) in just a few seconds it seems & then I started thinking about what I'd do after being sleeved! I hope I remember to start this evening at dinner to take tiny bites & chew, chew, chew! The only up side to that now would be I'd get full faster & would (hopefully) eat less!
  17. Thank you for posting this as it's giving me an insight as to what people were drinking when they were on their pre-op liquid diet. Like someone posted, it's not a problem AFTERWARD but before...
  18. Thanks AuntB! What kind of juice do you drink? I'll probably be okay with a chocolatey type shake for a day or two but after that, I know I'd be tired of the sweet taste as I'm not a big fan as it is! I've never heard of Knox Blox ? But I do intend to try it! Do you just put that in individual small bowls?
  19. Pixie Dust


  20. Hahahahaha! Very funny Jeff! I have to admit, I did do one funeral meal, drove 1.5 hours up north to get it too! LOL! I like the idea that SouthernSoul shared about getting older smaller clothing ready. I should do that too but I've been doing it mentally. I have clothing in several different smaller sizes but most were work clothing (classic type suits) when I worked in Beverly Hills, CA. Not much of what I'd be wearing around my house now as a stay at home mom in the mid west, you know? But there are a few things I can wear. At least it will help get into the mind set of having the sleeve done & becoming a healthier, smaller sized person! It sounds like you're already pretty well prepared! I've heard your best friend for the ride home will be a small pillow to hold against you for your drive home or if you sneeze or cough...so be sure to find one & pack it first!
  21. It does sound like everything has gone smooth for you, which is great! I can't complain either, I went to a seminar Feb 28th & subsequently have done everything but have my required exercise class & I do have that schedule, as well as my meeting with the surgeon coming up April 26th. I'm a bit nervous that things are moving along so fast, but I didn't have to get approval from my health insurance, as it's a covered benefit. I think that's the part that's a major hold up for most people. Unfortunately for me, my required exercise class doesn't happen until 10 days after my surgeon meeting so I've been told that the surgeon may not schedule my surgery until he knows that I've completed the exercise training class. (I had the appt schedule but something came up & had to reschedule so hoping it won't hurt my chances of getting a summer surgery date.) Everything happens for a reason, so good luck to you! Hope everything keeps moving along for you!
  22. Pixie Dust

    NSV.....Heels All Night!

    I know how exciting that must have felt! I have some Ferragamo's I bought BC (before children), which I still have saved & wrapped in tissue paper in the box that I hope to get back into someday. My feet are puffy but hopefully with WLS, they'll fit again one day. If not, I'm requesting they go with me in my coffin someday! Enjoy your NSV!
  23. I can't tell you how very excited & hopeful I am to read this thread!!! I've been so scared & dreading the 1 week pre-op liquid diet I will have to go on. Can you ladies please please please help me???!!!! Tell me, what EXACTLY are you drinking & when. You're giving a very depressed girl some hope! I'm just so afraid I'm going to be so hungry. Please list details for me?
  24. Nothing motivates me more than seeing before & after pics! You look absolutely amazing! You don't even look like the same person anymore! Congratulations to you & thank you for sharing your pics with us!
  25. Really?? Wow...I want to go to your doctor then! I'm supposed to lose 15 lbs prior (if I could lose weight, why would I consider something this drastic is my thought) & on a liquid diet the week prior to surgery! I really don't know how I'm going to do that. Really don't.

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