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  1. My doctor is taking me off all meds until 3 months after surgery & then he will run labs on me to see if I need to go back on any of them, but sure praying the diabetes (II) meds won't be added ever again! I can barely afford them, even with good insurance & prescription coverage! Maybe it depends how long you were a diabetic prior to surgery or if you're type I or type II?
  2. Pixie Dust


    As I said, good luck to you! As for those that live in CA ~ you best all start building your ark!
  3. That was hysterical! Thanks for the laugh....that will probably be my least favorite one too, but since I haven't been sleeved yet, I will be interested in knowing what other people post! Great thread!
  4. Pixie Dust


    rducharme ~ funny you want to move away from FL & we want to move to FL! LOL! Also, I would think you'd be okay with the extreme (dry) heat of Phoenix, as it would probably feel the same as the heat you have in West Palm Beach, only less sticky! With all that said, I'm sure surprised that someone wants to move closer to where their WLS team is? Whatever you end up doing, good luck to you!
  5. Pixie Dust

    Really need advice..

    I feel your pain as I'm supposed to give up coffee! I think it would be easier for me to give up sex! I haven't done it yet but I have cut down from 4 cups a day to 2 cups & next week I will be mixing my regular ground coffee with decaf so that I can slowly de-tox. I would never just give it up cold turkey, not fond of headaches! Just ween off slowly. You still have time. Good luck to you!
  6. Pixie Dust

    My wife is pissed!

    Laura-ven took the words right of my mouth! My husband used to love to see me in his shirts...but then I got too big for them.
  7. Pixie Dust

    Cottage cheee and honey!

    YUM! That does sound delish! I have had cottage cheese with maybe a tiny bit of sugar free raspberry jam when I've craved something sweet & it did the trick...but never thought of honey. I'm pre-op but I do love cottage cheese! Thanks for sharing!
  8. I'm looking at all you ladies & can't believe it's the same person in any of the before & after pics! You're all so gorgeous!!!! Super hot sexy ladies in fact! You must all feel soooooooooo good about yourselves! I can't wait till it's me posting before & after pics. I saw some pics of myself last night that someone sent me from Nov, when we were together for a cruise & I'm so disgusted looking at my pics! I need to see myself in those "after" pics!!! Congratulations to all of you!!!
  9. Pixie Dust

    Help. I cheated

    Well, I don't think that your cheat will affect anything....altho, my surgery program requires me to lose weight prior to surgery. If I gain prior to surgery since the last time I got weighed, they postpone or cancel my surgery, so I won't have the option to cheat. Please forgive yourself, calm down & carry on.
  10. I too have no intentions of telling anyone. Well, I told my husband, & 2 of my friends from out of state & my one neighbor (who doesn't talk to the other neighbors), in case I need help with my kids. That's it. I don't plan on letting anyone else know. I'm going with the same story as you ~ a hernia surgery! LOL! In fact, when I read your original post, I had to make sure I didn't post that! LOL! Whatever you decide, good luck to you!
  11. Pixie Dust

    4 Months out 102 lbs down (pics)

    Went back & looked at your pics again & the first few, you're wearing a smile & you look handsome, so no goofy looking face for you Mister! Next pic, we want a smile! Deal?
  12. Pixie Dust

    My pre-op diet

    Could be Water retention but 9 lbs, I'm thinking more muscle from working out? In any case, j'espère que le gâteau était délicieux, mais pas plus de gâteau à partir de maintenant. Don't feel discouraged. You can do this! Wishing you the best!
  13. Pixie Dust

    big NSV

    How very exciting for you! I was going to call you a rock star but someone beat me to it! Could you only imagine prior to surgery having been offered this opportunity? Unreal!!! Congrats to you!
  14. Pixie Dust

    4 Months out 102 lbs down (pics)

    Awesome!!! Now, retake that last pic & put a BIG SMILE on your shrinking face!!! Come on! Look happy about it! I can't imagine how great you must feel!!! Hopefully one day I'll find out myself!!
  15. Pixie Dust

    Care after surgery

    My bariatric doctor told me no driving for 4 to 6 weeks ~ WHAT????!!!!!! I can't imagine my life being crippled like that, as well as that of my children! I'm hoping for summer surgery so don't have to worry how the school schedule factors in but my older son, if he doesn't have his driver's license by the time I have my surgery, I'll have to drive him to work on the 6th day after surgery. My surgeon only does Mon & Tues surgery & my husband is taking a week off for me so I'll be left with the kids on the following Monday. I looked on your profile to see where you live but it's not listed. If you're in the Metro Detroit area, near Lakeside Mall, I can help you. I know the feeling of being alone. We don't have anyone here either. It stinks when you need help because the saying is true, no man is an island. Good luck to you sweetie.
  16. Pixie Dust

    How do you get the ticker

    Well, looks like you figured it out! LOL! So can you share with me now since I don't know how to do it either?
  17. Pixie Dust

    White light scan

    That sounds so high-tech! I hope my hospital offers this! I haven't heard of it before tho so I'm thinking they don't. Do they give you copies of it?
  18. Pixie Dust

    6 weeks post op

    Oh Pammie, you're just so gorgeous! Your face has changed so much, as if someone waved a magic wand & took 10 years off! You were a beautiful lady before but now you're a pretty young lady! You must be getting lots of compliments! Thank you for sharing! Just when I start feeling so scared about being sleeved, someone (like you) comes along & posts these fabulous pics & makes me want to have it done today! What are you doing about clothes? I mean, did you have smaller sized clothes in your closet (like I do?), or have you had to go shopping for smaller sizes already? Congratulations to you!
  19. Pixie Dust

    BCBS of TX cover TT or panni?

    Your doctor would have to submit medical documentation of all the skin irritations/rashes you've had from skin on skin & its determined on a case by case matter. Pictures wouldn't be necessary, just medical documentation for the insurance company to review. (My husband is giving me this info as I'm typing to you ~ haha....he doesn't work in TX tho, he works for BCBS Michigan.) He gave me an example of breast reduction surgery....he said as long as the doctor submits documentation that the patient needs this surgery due to back pain, then they cover a procedure that is normally deemed as cosmetic.
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    Ohhh nooooo.....I'm not liking this thread.
  21. Pixie Dust

    Just Married!

    Congratulations to you! Much luck & success in both your new body & your new married life!
  22. Pixie Dust

    What's for dinner?

    Oh yeah, it is good. In fact, my kids have asked me when I'm making it again & tonight might be the night! No surgery date for me yet. I meet with the surgeon next week Friday & at that meeting supposedly, I'll get a surgery date. I'm praying it will be during the summer so it won't affect my children's school life. My oldest is signed up to attend a special film school the last week of July, so just hoping it won't be that week either. He wants to go into Film Making so this is something really important to him & if he doesn't get his license before that week, I'd have to take him. So we'll see.... Let us know what you ended up making as side dishes! We can all use the advice!
  23. Pixie Dust

    Hi. My name is...

    Me too. Not pills tho....
  24. Pixie Dust

    I QUIT...

    I have nothing to add since I haven't been sleeved yet (altho been trying to lose 15 lbs like they want me to before surgery & I keep going up & down 3 lbs but it's my own fault), but the reason I'm posting here is that I LAUGHED OUT LOUD looking at your profile picture!!! OMG, that is so true! I want to take my scale out so bad....and not on a date either! Grrrrrrrr!
  25. Pixie Dust

    Hello Sleeve friends!

    Good luck to you both! I'm not sleeved yet either. My BMI is at 50 or 51 so I don't have to wait the 6 months to be on a monitored diet plan. I have my first appt with the surgeon next week Friday & I've fulfilled all the required classes or appts, except for the exercise class (that's scheduled for 5/6) & they want me to lose 15 lbs & since they put that requirement on me, I've been going up & down 3 lbs over & over & over. I'm such a loser....but not in the way I want to be! Anyway, we all have reasons to keep on keeping on....so good luck to us all. I have found a lot of great information here & the support I see here is just amazing!