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    My Story

    My name is Jorge I live in jersey I started at 315 pre op I just had my one month visit wit my dr and I'm down to 273 that's 42 Pds in first month I'm extatic hope I keep this up
  2. I'm 3 weeks post op I started at 315 when I got home from hospital I weighed 313 first week I dropped to 302 then by the second week I was all the way down to 280 now a week later I've been stuck at exactly 280 but don't make sense I'm walking 3 miles on treadmill everyday and only having at most 500 calories a day I think imma start weighing myself once a month so I don't keep getting frustrated wit scale
  3. I'm almost just about 3 weeks post op about 4 days into the mushy phase I started at 315 I've been stuck at 280 for the last 5 days so I dropped 35 Pds in 2 weeks and 0 in the last 5 days and I actually picked up my cardio a week ago I'm doing at least. 3 miles a day on treaDmill and only intaking like 400 to 600 calories a day I don't understand ugghh
  4. jdelgado334

    4 weeks out today

    I'm 4 days post op and just got on the scale and I started at 315 I'm already down to 304 11 Pds in 4 days and I'm not hungry at all pretty amazing
  5. jdelgado334

    My VSG story

    Hi name is Jorge Delgado I am 2 days post op I stated 2 days in hospital just got home an hr ago and am In some pain but hanging in there I really don't need anything In my body like I don't have hunger pains but I'm forcing 4 oz of fluid every hr I'm able to take pills without crushing them so that's good I started on 2/22 at 315 Pds ill keep u posted every week on my weight loss good luck anyone and any questions u can email me at jdelgado334@aol.com and ill help u wit any questions u have without a problem
  6. jdelgado334

    The journey has just begun...

    I just got out of operation like 10 hrs ago I'm still in a ton of pain even with this morphine my stomached plus all the gas pains I'm an 9 out of ten with pain

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