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  1. I'm about 6 months post op and my stomach makes the craziest gurgling sounds that sometimes I can hear the gurgles from my mouth!!!
  2. I totally know what your going through. Even though I am almost at my goal weight I have stalled for the past month and I have been snacking on a little here and a little there which adds up! My greatest fear is gaining all this weight I lost! It helps a bunch that I track everything I eat on myfitnesspal but it's hard to guesstimate the mindless snacking. I can't do shakes either but totally need to put a stop to this snacking! I'm with you. I am a food addict and I used to binge eat. I can not and will not fall back to my old ways! Let's do this! Thanks for the post!
  3. I am ever so slowly trying to increase my calories to over 1000. My doc didn't want me to go over 1000. I eat as healthy as I can eat with this limited amount of calories and I am not starving otherwise I think my doc would tell me I'm doing this wrong. As my abililty to eat more calories increases I will eat more
  4. Yup freezing over here too! I was so cold that I had to research it a little. I've read a couple of things...yup we lost that insulation we are used to and the removal of the grehlin. I noticed it takes me Alot more work to sweat as well.
  5. My NUT didn't give me any number but my doc did. I pretty much adjusted my numbers. You are early out. At that point my main focus was just trying to eat and drink. I religiously track on myfitnesspal but I know counting calories is not for everyone but it helped me a lot especially keeping track of my protein intake.
  6. When I was 4 weeks out that's about how much I had. Around 2 months out I increased to 700 then at 3 months 800 and now I am 4 months out and I just increased to 900. I am about 13 pounds away from my goal of 135 once I hit 135 I'm going up to 1000 and from there I will keep increasing til I figure out how to maintain and not lose. Did your doc give you any numbers?
  7. ruthie74

    4 Months Post Op!

    You look amazing! Congrats!
  8. Tried posting this in the other thread that was already started but it won't let me. My surgery date was June 17 of this years...so I'm 4 months post op. Started at 230 pounds day of surgery and today I am 149 pounds. I'm 5'4ish I took these after pics yesterday and the befores are from the week after surgery. My goal is to reach 135.
  9. ruthie74

    Shopping but not buying

    I'm 15 pounds away from my goal and only have bought 2 pairs of jeans and a couple of tops. I'm going to wait til I hit my goal weight but might give in to a couple more items cause like you....I only have maybe a total of 3 or 4 things in my closet left. It was awesome to throw out all my large size clothes!
  10. ruthie74


    Thanks! I will ask about that. Hopefully by my appt in January I will hit my goal of 135. I'm 15 pounds away from it and I know this sounds crazy but I really do hope I lose these last few pounds slowly. I am learning so much and once I hit 135 I have to continue learning how to maintain
  11. ruthie74


    Thanks! That was vey helpful
  12. So I am about 16 pounds away from my ultimate goal of 135! I don't have an appt with my nut till January but I plan on calling her sooner. My question is since I am so close to my goal do I continue to eat 800-900 calories? Or do I eventually raise my calories? I mean I want to eventually maintain my weight so I assume I have to increase my calories. Do I just experiment with my calories to see where I will be able to maintain? I'm wondering for those who reached their goal what they did? Thanks for any advice in advance!!!
  13. I was about 2 months out when my doc told me I could.