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  1. SanDiegoSunshine

    March 2013 Sleevers: It's been 9 months...how you doing?

    Surgery March 8th 2013 HT 5'5 SW 195 CW 129
  2. SanDiegoSunshine


    I had surgery on March 8th 2013. I used Dr. Garcia at ready for a change. Hospital MI doctor. I was low BMI to start with 5'5 200 pounds. Today I'm 130 pounds. Been maintaining for a few months now. I have 3 friends who also had the procedure in Mexico same result. Of your wondering about safety. I never felt any danger
  3. SanDiegoSunshine

    Self pay sleevers: BMI of 30 or close

    I was sleeved March 8th. I was 195 pounds now I am 145 pounds. My goal is 135. I cant remember what my BMI was. Im 5'5. I think everyone who does the surgery should do it cause they want to no matter what the magic Bmi number is. I have been judged by people since my surgery people saying I didnt need it BUT it was my money my body my time. So who cares what people think. I feel amazing and I am more happier then ever!
  4. SanDiegoSunshine

    3 minths post op low bmi with pics

    20 pounds in a month is hardly a stall. Thats awesome! Make sure you have a scale that measures ounces. Sometimes a few ounces makes a difference. Weigh ur self same time everyday same amount of clothes. (I always weight in the morning with no clothes on). Always take Vitamins everyday. Dont focus so much on working out right away do small walks and little things. I learned only eat when im hungry and I dont worry about eating all the meals I just listen to my body and eat when im hungry. Watch out on drinking too many calories. Its really easy to do! It goes down easy lol. Its hard. The hardest part is going out to eat with family. I want to eat and keep eating my body doesnt let me. Sitting there at first felt awkward. I just want to eat like everyone else. Im getting use to it now and have a few learning lessons of eating too much and ending up in the bathroom throwing up for 20 mins. NOT FUN! At the end its worth it and I would do it again in a minute. Its crazy to know ill lose the weight and guess what....it wont come back!! Good luck in ur journey
  5. SanDiegoSunshine

    3 minths post op low bmi with pics

    135 is also my goal weight! Cant wait to get there. 18 more pounds to go. It does get harder the lower I get. So far no stalls more then 2 days with weight loss
  6. SanDiegoSunshine

    3 minths post op low bmi with pics

    Dang it I mean 3 months lol
  7. SanDiegoSunshine

    3 minths post op low bmi with pics

    Yes I was self pay. Its ok. I am use to the question. I have been up and down with weight for years and I have heart disease and high blood pressure in my family so I decided to stop it before it starts! I am very happy with my choice and feel great.
  8. My surgery date was 3/8. I started at 195 I am 5'5. Today I weight 153. I feel amazing!! I should work out much more then I do but im happy with my progess. I would like to lose about 20 more pounds. I am wearing a size 6 today. [ATTACH]14212[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]14213[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]14214[/ATTACH]
  9. SanDiegoSunshine

    down 40 pounds!

    You will get there! Im almost 3 months out and 20 more pounds to goal! Its a life change. The first month sucks but after that sems like smooth sailing. Good luck!
  10. SanDiegoSunshine

    down 40 pounds!

    Thank you! Im 5`5 ncdimps
  11. SanDiegoSunshine

    down 40 pounds!

    I lost 40 pounds since March 8th. I feel great! I tried to find before pictures but I never wanted my picture taken so I only found 1. I love my sleeve! It changed my life. Starting weight 195. Now 155! 20 pounds to go!
  12. SanDiegoSunshine

    down 40 pounds!

    [ATTACH]13320[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13321[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13322[/ATTACH]
  13. SanDiegoSunshine

    Low Bmi'ers...how Long To Goal?

    My surgery was 3/8 im 5`5 195 day of surgery. I lost 20 pounds first month and 10 pounds so far this month with 4 more days to go in the 2nd month. Started at a size 14 now in a 8/10. Feel great. I eat 2/3 bites of anything I want. Dont really workout. I walk a few times a week. I dont plan on really working out till I stall.
  14. I just had surgery 6 weeks ago. I started at 195 day of surgery im 5`5. I lost 20 pounds first month and 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks. I feel like im on track to lose 10 pounds month 2. Slow but steady 10 pounds a month.

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