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  1. LeesaDee
    As I am counting down the days to my surgery I am starting to think about I am going to do once I've dropped some weight. I guess you can say a "TO DO" list that I can measure my progress besides looking at weight.
    Here is my list (in no order)
    Do a cartwheel
    Sit in between people at the movies, theatre and stadiums
    Buy and fit in Pink sweat pants from VS
    Getting the seatbelt on airplanes to fit with out "sucking it in"
    Run a mile without stopping

    What else should I add to my list?! What are you guys looking forward to doing!?
  2. LeesaDee
    March 11th...... It can not come any faster! I am so excited that I am being to get nervous. I have to start my two week pre op protein shake diet on Sunday. I think that is going to be one of the hardest parts, to be physically able to to eat whatever I want but not be able to. I guess that is why I am needing to get the surgery right?! I am ready for all this change that is coming. One more nice dinner out and one more night out at the bar with my friends and then I will buckle down and do what I need to do. Is that a bad way to look at it? One last hurrah? I'm not dying but I want "one last meal" before all of this happens. Did anyone else do that?!
  3. LeesaDee
    I can not believe that it's March! Only ten days until my surgery. Nerves are setting in, but I am so excited for my life to change. I'm doing ok on my pre op diet... I needed to stop myself from straying but it hasn't gotten out of hand. The only thing in between me and surgery is my last meeting with my surgeon. I am not sure exactly what is going to happen I am sure it's just him giving me directions and stuff for the big day!
    Ahh I am still in shock that I am actually going through with it! *breathe*

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