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  1. my surgeon never restricted caffeine--I got regular black tea (tea bag for hot tea) in the hospital. I didn't drink coffee until after the first few weeks just to give my stomach time to heal, but the surgeon never restricted it. I drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day and sometimes caffeinated tea. No issues.
  2. TES

    No ice cream?

    you shouldn't eat nuts or seeds until at least 4 months out. This is different than a pre-op diet if you "cheat"--it can seriously cause serious and lasting medical issues. Please stick to the liquid diet your doctor or RD gave you. For the first 3 weeks all I had were clear liquids, protein shakes, hot tea, etc. It was really difficult but my stomach was healing and I knew that wasn't the time to test boundaries. No solid food for 6 weeks.
  3. TES

    BCBS of MI 6 month diet

    yes, I have BCBS PA and it required medically supervised. Every plan is different though--might be worth a try. The 6 months went really fast and I was glad that I had them. My dietitian was great and I felt really ready when I had surgery.
  4. TES

    Just won costume contest!

    love it! you look adorable
  5. TES

    Craving Pumpkin Pie?

    I like to put pumpkin puree in Greek yogurt with a little SF Torani caramel or some Splenda--really good and lots of protein.
  6. you didn't follow it with a shot of tequila and some lime?
  7. I would try to follow your doctor's diet as closely as possible, but if you are getting in 3 Protein shakes a day, that is pretty good. How many grams of protein do they each have? Could you try to have one of the shakes when you first wake up? Also, have you tried to have the protein in different ways, like mixing a chocolate protein shake with leftover coffee, a little almond milk, and pouring it over ice? Sometimes they are easier to drink if they are thinned out. It sounds like you are doing well...keep up the great work.
  8. TES

    who drinks soda occasionally?

    My surgeon allows diet soda in moderation 3 months post-op. It's tough to have time to drink a diet soda if you are getting in all of your protein and water, but I indulge in one maybe once or twice a month--either diet ginger ale or diet coke. I haven't had any issues. I drink one small can usually.
  9. TES

    Surgery in 2 hours

    Wishing you all the best!
  10. I try to get a drink as soon as I sit down and by the time everyone orders and the food comes 15-20 minutes later, I can eat.
  11. TES

    When can i eat salad?

    I was allowed to try iceberg lettuce starting at 4 weeks and other veggies as tolerated starting at 6 weeks. I did fine with everything except raw broccoli and cauliflower--I was probably at about 8 or 10 weeks before those agreed with me.
  12. TES

    Leave My Food ALONE!

    Do you have underactive or overactive thyroid? I am hypothyroid (underactive) and take thyroid replacement, but I thought the only treatment for overactive thyroid was surgical and then you have to take thyroid replacement? (I may be wrong about that, bc I am on the other side of things). I do know that underactive thyroid means it can take longer to lose weight. Do you have a good endocrinologist specializing in thyroid issues (rather than diabetes, which a lot of them specialize in)? I would start there if you don't have one already. So sorry to hear--I know how frustrating it must be--but it sounds like there must definitely be a medical explanation and I really, really hope someone can get to the bottom of it for you. Wishing you all the best.
  13. Wow, that's so cool! You all look great. Did you have the surgery close to around the same time as each other?

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