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  1. boymom2


    I am a revision patient. I was sleeved on 1-30. My main reason for taking this medication is because I’m nauseous all day. My doc thought this may help me. I am only supposed to take mine 3x a day. He also gave me zofran.
  2. boymom2


    Who was given this to take? My doc prescribed this to me because of my severe nausea. I have to dissolve it into water before taking and take it as a shot. Question: can I drink a chaser after? I’m assuming it’s going to taste horrible 🤢 I know I can’t eat, but what about drinking?
  3. boymom2

    Stomach feels sickly

    @calicotrixie Mine does the same! Although my stomach always feels a little unsettling. It’s nauseous on and off almost everyday. My dr. Said I’m still healing but doesn’t really have an answer. Everyone’s body responds differently in this journey. I’m just hoping this is an adjustment period since it’s still new, and it doesn’t last forever. I’m questioning my choice at this point😪 I also can barely eat much and dr said maybe nausea may be due to the lack of food. I’m barely getting 3 meals a day. I just can’t seem to stomach food!
  4. I am 23 days post op and on soft foods now per my doc. Ever since surgery, when I eat, my stomach never feels settled or “normal”. I wouldn’t say I’m nauseous, but it’s close to it. I can only eat very little. A few ounces at most so I’m not over eating. I’m waiting 30-1 hour before drinking fluids again. I thought eating soft foods might make my stomach feel “normal” again but it hasn’t. Is this just because my stomach is still healing you think? I force myself to eat because I know I need to, but my stomach feels the same before I eat and after I eat. It’s hard to explain. I can only say that it does not feel like a normal stomach feels if that makes sense🤣 Most people say they feel “normal” after 2-3 weeks. I always feel sickly, but not to the point of throw up. Any advice or similar experiences are greatly appreciated. I see my doc for follow up on Wednesday. Also, I am a revision patient. Lap Band to Sleeve.
  5. Hi guys, Can you help me out with your experiences? I got my second fill last Wed. It was a little too tight afterwards so they took some out. I was on liquids for a few days, bit when I started eating food again I noticed when I swallowed my food I had a pain in my chest, almost a burning sensation. I wouldn't say it was excruciating, but it hurts I'm thinking maybe I'm still swollen? I take small bites and I always chew my food to mush. This happened yesterday with a small slice of cheese....advice?
  6. boymom2

    Need a buddy in Tx

    What are your rules after fills? I had My first one and I'm kind of mad....lol. My doc said 7 days of clear liquids. I just feel beat down. I paid all this money to help with hunger control and restriction and I feel as if I have been starving 3 weeks out of the 6 I have been doing this Trying to stay motivated and positive, but hunger is taking over and making me miserable. I needed to vent....cheer me up
  7. boymom2

    New group in Arlington.

    Hey guys.....what were your instructions after your first fill? My doc said 7 days of clear liquids and others I have talked to only had to do this between 24hrs to 2 days following a couple days of soft. I'm just frustrated because you pay all this money to help with hunger and restriction and I have literally been starving for 3 weeks of a 6 week life change. Just a little frustrated. .....sorry guys, need to encouragement.
  8. boymom2

    Need a buddy in Tx

    Hi I was just banded 12/9. I live in Arlington. Would love to chat! I have questions for you since your further along
  9. boymom2

    I'm now five days post op!

    I'm 7 days post op. I have to be on full liquids for another week, then soft foods before solids.....you are very lucky I'm getting nervous.....I had lost 13 pounds 2 days ago since my post op diet. Today I weighed in 2 pounds heavier I'm not too stressed over weight right now since this is the healing stage, but I can't deny I'm a little discouraged....
  10. The pain is only located at the top left chest and shoulder area. It hurts constantly and worse when i take deep breaths. I too assumed it was gas, but most people i have read says its mostly gone by now 5 days since surgery..... and i am a total worrier
  11. boymom2

    Low Fat Sherbert

    I'm on full liquids, not clear to clarify I wish I liked yogurt, I just can't handle it Cold just feels so nice and I wanted a little something different. ... boo
  12. Im sure there is a lot of topics on this. I'm new to the site and couldn't really find an answer to my question. I was banded yesterday and have been in real pain which I did not expect. For those of you who have gone through this already how long does your gas pain and incision pain last? Thanks everybody for your kind words and support
  13. boymom2

    Dec 2013

    I get banded on Monday.....really nervous, but excited. So nice to have found this site so I can chat with others going through this experience Arlington, TX
  14. boymom2


    I am pre-op and spoke with my surgeon about this today! He said the only way a patient can get a leak is if they do not follow the diet accordingly. He said that most patients start to feel better quickly and they think they are well enough to start eating small pieces of food, but the stomach takes approximately 6 weeks to completely heal inside, no exceptions!! Follow your doctors instructions and you should be just fine You will know if you have something wrong....#1 you ate something you weren't supposed to and #2 you start feeling extremely ill, vomiting, fever, etc. Good luck and I hope this helps!

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