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  1. Arts137

    Stranger N my mirror

    Thanks, makes me smile!
  2. Webchickadee... THANKS!
  3. Arts137


    Oh RATS! I am sure that this is frustrating. The good news is that you caught this BEFORE you got an ulcer, and June 26 will be here quick!
  4. UNJURY products for both protein shakes and vitamins were recommended to me by the NUT and wellness team. Only get on line but they ship same day!
  5. Oh SUPER job friend... Any tricks?
  6. Yes I'm fat and doing something about it. You're F***ing stupid. What are you doing about that?
  7. Arts137

    pre op and 4 month post op pics

    "If you see a difference"... you're so silly... need to be blind not to see a difference...
  8. Arts137

    10 months out...

    Congratulations and super loverly!
  9. Arts137

    By my calculations

    I am not post surgery, and it REALLY helps to hear the struggels so I can wrap my head around them. I kinda think (hope) that it'll be like the pre-op preps. Seemed SO LONG at the start and so quick now that I have a surgery date. This time, I will not weigh myself often. I'll just 'do the stuff I need to do', and watch the belt loops... I can get too wrapped up in data. PS, I'd take a 4# loss a week for darned sure!!!
  10. Arts137

    is the start line?

    Thanks for sharing. Follow the guides and practice thoughtfulness and the weight will go bye bye...
  11. Arts137

    Tastes change?

    Look up Ghrelin. That should make you feel better. The (removed) stomach makes it... so... you should be less hungry.
  12. Well with the removal of the stomach is the removal of the major producer of a 'hunger hormone', Ghrelin. That might help. BUT you MUST follow the post-op rules to allow the stomach to heal. If food pieces get into the healing stomach, you could have an emergency situation. You do know that VSG is not magic, you still have to dramatically change how you approach food and exercise. Get your head right and your tummy will follow. Good Luck, I'll be following you in a month!
  13. Arts137

    Help with vitamins

    http://www.unjury.com/store/protein/opurity-vitamins/bariatric-vitamins.html Look here, unjury has them mailorder (and theirpowdered (for liquid)Protein is great)
  14. Arts137

    Bathing suit pic!

    Warning, you're gonna get stared at on the beach (in a good way!)
  15. Arts137

    nutrition class

    Mine were good reminders of stuff you likely "know" but don't do. I enjoyed them and got started on paying attention to nutrition -- and lost weight!
  16. Arts137

    Weightloss on pre-op diet

    rememeber to not weigh yourself too much. Weight fluctuates Sooooo much. First losses are often water weight, but fat weight loss is coming fersure...
  17. Arts137

    Post Prandial Ghrelin Response

    great info, thanks!!
  18. Hahaha, put a brick in the napkin and throw it again! I mean, I believe in treating folks nice, but sometimes you gotta get their attention.
  19. Arts137

    June sleevers?

    Newbie, I'm a 6-4 boy as well. Being an old guy, I've had plenty of surgey and it's always fine. You go to sleep and wake up wondering when they are going to start :-) If you know the hospital and MD are good, No Worries! The procedure is very straightforward, and not too complicated by tine structures, heck (if not squemish) you can watch on You Tube!!! So we'll all have Gemini new stomachs!
  20. Arts137

    Hello! I'm new.

    Hello all. I'm overweight... well fat... well morbidly obese. At my highest 425# with a 52 BMI. I mean I am tall at 6'3" but I reckon I'd need to be 8'6" to carry rhat much weight. Have been going down the prep path since December -- been lurking here for a few months -- and have a surgery date here in Delaware for early June. I am an executive with SSA responsible for disability policy, and aside from a bum knee am pretty healthy for an old fat guy. I have sucessfully lost weight a number of times, (MANY times) and have Very Successfully gained all the weight back. A familiar story I know. So why THIS irreversable path? The best analogy I can think of is the explorer Cortex; when he arrived in America, he burned his ships to eliminate ANY thought of retreat. I am married to a loverly and supportive wife with a blended family of two grown boys, two grown girls two dogs and two cats (we appear to do everything twice). I play (at) guitars and make stained glass windows. So... Hey all and here we go! Art
  21. I start with firm tofu cut the brick into 1' slices, place on a surface that drains, and add weight to squeeze out more water (I have baking sheets with tiny holes) then cover with sauce of your choice. bake for 45 min at 350, turn pieces over and bake for another 45 minutes.