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  1. Hey Kitty! Consider using Protein shakes to get in more protein. See, if you can eat pizza, it's NOT your tummy, it's your head! So you need to start your head battle! We ALL have evil brains (I call mine Skippy). Skippy really wants me to eat sugars and carbs and stuff. And when I do I MUST have more and more and more. I have to be very strong for 3 or 4 days and the cravings DO go away. Also, please consider OA or therapy. We all are a bit bent when it comes to food, and there IS help out there. We are with you as you start this DIFFICULT path.
  2. Arts137

    All of a sudden....HUNGER!

    Yep.. Just heal, drink sip Water, get your Proteins in and the weight will come off. All is kattywumpus while in the acute recovery. They DID take 85% of your stomach, after all...
  3. Arts137

    Hi Everyone!

    Cool! Glad you are here.
  4. I LOVE to drink, I drink a lot especially while I'm eating. I almost feel as if I need to swallow liquid after each bite and I know I can't do that after surgery. I know that part is going to be one of the hardest things for me. Start practicing now. Reduce your drinking with meals. AND you WILL get to the point where you don't need to drink when you eat. Drinking makes the food gooey, and it goes out of the stomach too fast. You want the food to STAY there so that you feel full. Since you know this will be hard, start practicing NOW!!! I know after surgery it takes little food to fill your new stomach up, but will I ever truely feel full again? I know my new stomach with fill up quick, but will I ever truely feel content with such little food? I guess what I'm trying to say is head hunger is one of my fears, and never feeling truely satisfied after a meal. GOOD GRACIOUS YES!!! You will feel full, and it will not take much food to feel full. Now IF you want to eat a lot... well the sleeve might not be for you. But yes, you will be full with MUCH less food. Another thing I'm worried about it loose and hanging skin on my arms and belly. Has anyone's Dr given them any tips on that to help prevent that? The lady who cuts my hair was sleeved and her Dr told her that running in Water up to your neck will prevent loose skin, but I will be nowhere near comfortable getting in a pool for awhile lol! This happens. How much weight do you have to lose? You are young, and if you are losing less than 100, maybe no sweat. But most of us have it. You might consider plasctic surgery... after. How long before I can swallow pills? I know my mom had to crush hers up for awhile and really struggled getting down all of her vitamins/supplements. Different for us all. I was swallowing pills within a week. Another concern of mine, we live in a 2 story and the bedrooms are upstairs. After I get home from the hospital will I be able to get up the stairs to bed? You bet you will!
  5. Friends, as I said early (with MUCH bad spelling), I GAINED (water) weight after surgery. Two weeks after surgery I was at my surgical weight. AND we all have stalls. But time passes and following your program lets you lose weight. I am 9 months out, losing slowly, but have lost over 110#. You can lose too!
  6. Anorexia is not a joke, should not be joked about, and it is disappointing to see the founder of this website "liking" that kind of joke. Words have power. Hey Sarah, look around research and continue to share your thoughts and feelings. While I am sorry if I hurt your feelings, when you get to know me better you'll discover that I am tongue in cheek on EVERY subject. I have no doubt that I'll hurt 'em again, but never with malice. I am glad you are here. And thanks Cubbies for the good point.
  7. Arts137

    My last 4 can of diet pepsi

    Counterpoint: While I agree that we need to be supportive and helpful. Sometimes polite intervention, strongly stated IS supportive and helpful. I think Lauri407 is spot on!
  8. Arts137

    My last 4 can of diet pepsi

    OK Nancy... CAN you go cold turkey? It's hard, but it's something that you must do. Sugar carbonated drinks are Bad Medicine!
  9. You are Right On Track. Each day you will improve. Rest, walk, sip, and repeat!!! The discomfort will lessen. You WILL be able to take in more liquids. I was tired for weeks and I loved me some naps during the first month!!!
  10. Arts137

    My Consultation

    Yep, on Amazon, or Kindle or from here (this site)
  11. Arts137

    Low grade fever

    GREAT NEWS!!! means an infection is unlikely. Do blow on the breathing thingy!
  12. Arts137

    My Consultation

    Relax and enjoy the learning experience! Search around here for information and consider getting "The Big Book of the Gastric Sleeve".
  13. Arts137

    My last 4 can of diet pepsi

    HA, so don't drink it...
  14. Arts137

    Low grade fever

    Pay attention. If it gets worse, or if it continues more than a few days, call your MD. Be alert for any pain as well and if the fever goes up or pain starts, call the MD immediately. Likely nothing, but be on the safe side.
  15. Arts137


    What we all say. Stalls happen. Relax, follow the plan and don't worry about the scale.
  16. Yep, no worries. You've had major surgery. All kinda things can impact weight in the short run, but your stomach won't grow back... Just follow your plan and ignore the scale. It'll All Work Out. PS, we all have stalls!!!
  17. Arts137

    Stalls and Not moving Bowels

    It is highly likely that all will get regular with time. Remember that your food intake is much less. If farting then the GI tract is ON so give it time. Use the drugs suggested and give yourself time.
  18. May help us plan our future! http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/obesity-prevention-source/obesity-causes/diet-and-weight/
  19. Arts137

    Just joined....

    Welcome GG, you will find yourself among friends here! Look around and feel free to ask questions and comment. Don't be surprised that we all have been nervous at times!
  20. Good, Bella, Good! Keep us all posted. You'll do great!
  21. I choose to ban. For me it is easier. I simply do not know when to quit.
  22. Arts137

    Did you keep it a secret?

    To tell or not to tell is your choice! No worries either way. I told folks who asked, but volunteered little UNLESS a question was asked.
  23. Arts137

    Weight loss surgery

    OK, I am NOT a doctor, but believe that your neurologist and surgeon need to coordinate your care! If you are well controlled, surgery should be fine, but you do not want any surprises!!!