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  1. I suppose it's possible but not likely. It makes me hurt just reading your post. Thank goodness I went about 2 weeks without sneezing and I remember how much it hurt then. 4 days out, can't even imagine! I managed to go almost a week without coughing so I was lucky. I'm sure you are ok but if you still feel a localized pain after a while, you may want to give your surgeon a call and ask. Good luck to you. I know things suck right now, especially the first week post op but it will get better and better as time goes and you will LOVE your sleeve and your life post sleeve!
  2. 11 months post op and I love salmon. I loved i prior to surgery and love it just as much now. I could eat it 7 days a week. Oh, and crab. YUMMY!
  3. newat52

    Calling all sushi lovers!

    Yes! I LOVE sushi! I waited till about 7 months to try it and I can't eat in properly in the way you eat the whole thing at once. I do pick some of the rice off but its a total go for me! I am 11 months out and we just had the most amazing sushi tasting at the Ritz Carlton in Grand Cayman. Yes, you will be able to eat it but you will just need to make the better choices of sushi! Best luck to you.
  4. newat52

    Is this a good idea?

    Yes! Absolutely! My hubby went with me and learned so much. He has been my rock and biggest cheerleader. A supportive spouse is a gift. Cherish it! Best of luck to you!
  5. Nothing. Nada. Can eat anything. Have not vomited, slimed, dumped or had any adverse reaction. I have tried everything. Not in excess but I have had a few bites of rice. Ok with my tummy. Had a couple bites of ice cream. Check. Bread. Nope, tummy is fine with it. I am almost a bit disappointed but it just means more work for me. However, I have had the most positive experience with my sleeve surgery and recovery. I am a lucky gal but I must be very careful to make the best choices each and every time I eat. Easy to say, hard to do. I get it right about 90% of the time. It will be a lifelong work. Oh, I lied. I have not had carbonation. That was the ONLY no no from my surgeon. I can live with that so I can't say how that sits.
  6. I had to go off it for a while before and after surgery. I did it slowly over a couple of weeks. First I did regular on first cup, half caff on my second cup. Then went to half caff for first and second, then half caff for first and decaf for second. Took about 2 weeks and didn't suffer at all. About 4 weeks after I started the same way. It took a couple of months before I could finish a cup of regular but now 11 months out I back to my 2 cups a day. Good luck! You will be ok during the time you can't have it.
  7. newat52

    Pants on Fire!

    I guess for me I just don't give a rats ass about Sharon Osborne or Star Jones. I don't care what their reasons are for telling or not telling. It doesn't matter who you are or how famous or non famous you are. EVERYONE has their own life to live and telling or not telling doesn't make you a better or worse person. It just makes you you. I really don't care if someone says they stand on their head and rubs their belly while doing a yoga pose to lose weight. it REALLY, REALLY doesn't matter to me. That said, I do think the cancer stories are just Karma waiting to bite someone in the a$$! Live and let live but when you start messing with such a nasty thing, especially if you have watched someone live and die through it. You are just sick in the head.
  8. Not that I am any type of expert on the subject, I have been very happily married for more than 34 years. I guess I'm not sure what you mean by "full disclosure." Are you talking everything or just as it relates to your past obesity? It seems to me like that is just part of your medical history and does not need disclosing, especially early on. I do agree with you in that I would want to know about this potential persons interests, likes, dislikes and such. Get to know them as a person and as the relationship progresses subjects will come up naturally. Let it happen and when the time is right life stories come out. Thats what your past obesity and plastics are. Something that happened in your life but it doesn't define who you are as a person. Again, not sure if this helps.
  9. newat52

    Lying about Weight Loss Surgery !

    Good lord! Who unearthed this?! Needs to be re buried!
  10. Everything these days causes cancer, it seems. A study can be found to support almost any theory on anything. I really don't think using an electric blanket is any more dangerous than coffee, wine, hair color, chocolate, using cell phones or whatever the "caution of the day" is.
  11. I think that is bogus. I would personally not use a surgeon that requires me to buy Vitamins and food from their office. It is just another way to make money. If they have to rip you off by saying buy from us or we won't do the surgery, I would find another surgeon. Part of the cost of doing business is they will do consults and not end up doing the surgery. That is just a fact. They should not make you pay for that.
  12. I don't have an issue eating anything. Talapia is one of my favorites. costco has a basil topped frozen one that is out of this world good! One of my favorites though is A Dannon fit and light greek yogurt, it has 80 calories only 6 sugars and 12 grams of Protein. If I don't feel like a Protein shake in the morning (I still love them!) I will have a fit and light with a 50 calorie string cheese. That gives me 120 calories and getting 19grams of protein. That is a great bang for the buck. If I am hungry, a yogurt with a few slices of a honey crisp apple and the Fiber in the apple really fills me up. I only need to wait about 30 minutes no matter what I eat before I can drink. Even steak or heavy things. Not sure if that is good or bad but after that I can attack the Turvis Tumbler and have at the water!
  13. newat52

    Brrrrr, I'm so cold

    Get used to it. It it common with WLS apparently. I am freezing ALL the time! Even the hot Texas summer was not an issue. I wear long underwear now all the time and sit under an electric throw all the time. If this is the worst thing, I'll take it! I'm almost 11 months out and don't see things changing anytime soon!
  14. newat52

    Stall at 2nd week?

    I forgot to tell you a positive thing about a stall. Every time the scale stopped moving the inches seemed to melt away. This happens to lots of us. It's weird and doesn't make sense but a NSV for sure!
  15. newat52

    One month weigh in :(

    Sometimes just looking at things from a different angle can do the trick. You have done great this first month! Keep up the great work! As far as the constipation, it can get ugly real fast. Just because you have not eaten solids you have likely consumed a lot of Protein, that is a big poop maker. You can become impacted and that is not pretty. You may be beyond the point of "gentle relief." It may be time to call in the big guns. Meaning suppositories or an enema. I found out the hard way. It was not pretty and it had me crying like a baby. Once you get relief, you will need to stay on top of it. Constipation is one of the biggest problems in the first few months where you are on a lot of protein and little Fiber. I needed to put miralax in my Protein shakes everyday for a few months. I still to this day (over 10 months out) take fiber gummys. It's one of the biggest ongoing problems a lot of WLS folks have.
  16. newat52

    One month weigh in :(

    So you have lost 21 pounds in a month and you are disappointed? Hmmm….That's pretty darn good in my opinion. How much were you expecting?
  17. newat52

    Stall at 2nd week?

    You're not alone. We are all going though this journey together and can support one another. And please don't compare your loss to others. You will find you come out on the short end and feel bad most times. Every person is different and you will be better served looking at only your accomplishments and not saying oh look, so and so lost this much and I only lost this much. Take the wind out of our sails and leaves us deflated at a time when we need wind. Celebrate that you are on your way! Chin up and and all that kind of stuff!
  18. newat52

    Stall at 2nd week?

    It's perfectly normal. Don't stress. You can search and come up with hundreds of threads on this topic. Do yourself a favor and don't get on the scale for a couple more weeks. You will thank yourself later. Your body has just gone through major surgery. Give it time to heal. Just remember as long as you follow your plan, the weight has no choice but to come off. It didn't go on over night and it won't come off over night. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Hang in there! Be proud of what you have accomplished thus far!
  19. newat52

    Water or ice in recovery?

    Mine did the leak test in the OR. As soon as I got back to my room I was given Ice chips. That was a blessing!
  20. newat52

    Mothers and Husbands

    I'm so sorry you are going through this. You need to stay strong. DO NOT REACT TO HER. That is what she is looking for. It's going to be hard but If you want a different relationship with her, you will have to be the one to make the change. It won't be easy but it will be worth it in the end. A good response is always, "I'm sorry you feel that way." Keep strong and don't respond when you are upset. It feeds the beast that is her need for attention.
  21. i thought they were moobs?? You made me snort my water!
  22. If you are on soft foods, regular chicken is not part of that. It should be canned chicken or fish. It might also be the sauce, its full of sugar and you are probably not used to it. Try sticking with canned for now, you may be able to tolerate it much better.
  23. newat52

    Mothers and Husbands

    She is looking for attention and the reaction. Don't give it to her. Just come here and vent. Ignore the text, hard as it may be.
  24. WTH??!! Sheesh! You go on vacation and you miss all the goings on! Please come back! We need you all!
  25. newat52

    Mothers and Husbands

    We teach people how to treat us. Your mom has taught you how to walk on eggshells and cater to her. When she get the reaction and attention she craves, she wins. You have taught her that is ok. You need to reteach yourselves how she will treat you and how you will treat her. She will not like it one bit. At first. She will kick and scream and threaten. That is her choice. How you react to it is key. You are an adult, she can only meddle in your financial affairs if you give the the means to do so. It will take patience and time. Take one issue at a time. Lay it out and stick to it. If you tell her nicely that she needs to call and make sure it's a good time to come over before she shows up stick to it. When she shows up unannounced, and she will, either answer the door and politely say its not a good time or don't answer the door. Do not let her in the door. You let her know the boundary and you need to stick to it. Then on to the next issue. Don't get upset or go off on her. It will be the reaction she is looking for. Its just like a kid throwing a tantrum, they are looking for the reaction, when they see they don't get it, it may get more intense but after a while when they see one is not coming, they stop. It's the same thing. The most important thing is to be firm, keep it polite and follow through with what you say you will do. It won't be easy but it will be worth it. Good luck, keep us informed!

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