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    mysleevemylife got a reaction from VSG_me in chinese food   
    Well, I know it's debatable if Panda Express is "real chinese" food as some say, but if you have one in your area, let me tell you....I treat myself to the steamed rice, mixed veggies, Teriyaki chicken (soooo tender & good), & orange chicken. I have no issues. My surg was 3/6/13. I chew well & take my time. I eat it for like three meals. try it again in even smaller quantities & maybe try another place. What I live by is that I WILL have anything in moderation. I want to enjoy life & food like I used to BUT, BUT, BUT....not abuse it like I used to. I do shy away from fried foods, but eventually, I will def try fried chicken, lol!
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    mysleevemylife reacted to measureofme in The TALKING!   
    LOL, the talking that my sleeve does I mean! I'm here at work being a good sleever working on my greek yogurt for the day but my sleeve is talking back to me and it's LOUD. Thank the lord I work alone or I'd be embarrassed. It's been this way since I woke up in recovery. I can deal with the talking people do but to get back talk from my body is both amusing and blush-inducing. LOL
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    mysleevemylife got a reaction from VSG_me in chinese food   
    Well, I know it's debatable if Panda Express is "real chinese" food as some say, but if you have one in your area, let me tell you....I treat myself to the steamed rice, mixed veggies, Teriyaki chicken (soooo tender & good), & orange chicken. I have no issues. My surg was 3/6/13. I chew well & take my time. I eat it for like three meals. try it again in even smaller quantities & maybe try another place. What I live by is that I WILL have anything in moderation. I want to enjoy life & food like I used to BUT, BUT, BUT....not abuse it like I used to. I do shy away from fried foods, but eventually, I will def try fried chicken, lol!
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    mysleevemylife reacted to NancyJerry in Happy about my progress   
    15 months later I wouldn't change a thing!
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    mysleevemylife reacted to Phoenix79 in The importance of exercise right after surgery   
    We're talking walking, cycling, elliptical etc here- not heavy weight bearing exercises! I just got back from my surgery consent signing and nutrition classes (surgery July 2nd), and my surgeon explained it like this- after surgery, you're going to be at a severe calorie deficit. Your body is going to take the energy it needs from your muscles or your fat stores- it will take from your muscles first unless YOU tell it to do otherwise. How do you do that? By becoming active with walking and other low impact exercise as soon after surgery as possible. Exercise will help you retain muscle and as you lose weight, that muscle will start to be visible and will prevent you from getting that gaunt look you see in some weight loss surgery patients. Also, your retained muscle will help increase your energy level over time- if you don't exercise, you will become less energetic as your body eats your muscle, you get weaker as your body percentage becomes more fat than muscle. Quite an argument for tying on the tennis shoes and walking the dog around the neighbourhood after I get back from the hospital! The key is do what you can, and keep increasing distance, hills, light hand weights, etc until you're cleared for heavier activities. You can't entirely prevent muscle loss, but it's easy to keep more of what we have- and surprise, we have a lot more than you think...we've had to carry our heavy bodies around everywhere! Just something to think about. .
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    mysleevemylife reacted to taurabird in lose fat, not your muscle!   
    This gives a great overview of everything you can do to keep your muscle while we all lose our fat. Keep up the great work everyone.
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    mysleevemylife reacted to indecision in How much pizza can you eat ?   
    almost 3 months out and 1 without the crust at the end.
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    mysleevemylife reacted to Kapu in How much pizza can you eat ?   
    In talking thin crust pepperoni ... Just interested the norm people can handle with the new Belly
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    mysleevemylife reacted to actingnurse in For those curious about getting your DRANK on...   
    Ok... I already know I'll get some but let the flames begin. I did this as a social experiment for the better of our group here who want to know about drinking and how the sleeve effects you (sounds convincing right? .
    Last night I went out with a buddy of mine - had a beer... two long island iced teas... and a malibu and diet coke. This was all over the span of about 5 hours. Yes I know its empty calories... Yes I know blahblahblah... but I drink RARELY. I must say that yes I did notice it made me drunker faster for sure... no other issues though. No more hung over today than the last time I got drank and got drunk about a year ago...
    I've actually had a good week of losing too... and on a strange side note - I woke up almost two pounds lighter today. Probably from all of the Water I lost peeing.
    Needless to say I've been hitting the water hard today to replace it so I'm not expecting to see a loss for a couple of days. I'm SO CLOSE TO the 250's I CAN TASTE IT! Haven't seen them since 2007!!
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    mysleevemylife reacted to Rosehip in Holy Moly! Things are moving quickly!   
    I just got my insurance approval today. Surgeons office called to schedule my last appointment before surgery. Long story short- looks like I will have that appointment this Friday and my surgery on Monday 7/1!! Due to my husbands work schedule it was either schedule for 7/1 or wait till 7/24. (hubby will also be having surgery but I'm going first due to his busy schedule and child care).
    So, starting no carb diet today and all liquids Sunday. I am so excited and scared. I hope this is enough time for my liver to shrink too.
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    mysleevemylife reacted to Bos123 in Questions about jillians 30 day shred   
    I would ask her the same questions but she won't take my calls:/ I do only have 8 PDS to goal so I was just wondering about the repetition of the video... Thought maybe some folks with some athletic experience could answer my question. Thanks for your opinion though.
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    mysleevemylife reacted to feedyoureye in The Most Important thing to me in my journey is...   
    With life there is opportunity.
    Last year I gained 20+ pounds (after getting SOOO close to goal) ... luckily I saw the/made opportunity in my life sooner than later, and am getting it back off. Was I a failure? I learned some valuable lessons, so no, I don't think so. If you wander off into a ditch at some time, don't forget to look for treasure, you just might find it! Then get out of that ditch!
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    mysleevemylife reacted to NtvTxn in How many vets are actually AT goal and staying there?   
    Hi Cheri - first of all, congrats on the new addition to your family. Second, congratulations on the weight loss. I reached goal quickly, five months to reach my doctor's goal and a month later to reach MY personal goal, five pounds less. 145 give me that 5 pound pad! I THINK more like Lynda though. MY goal is 145, but I don't wait until I hit 150 to cut back a little, if I weigh 147 in the morning, I know I need to 'adjust' my calories, just for a day or two. I've been maintaining for 2.5 years now and although like you, it's been easy for me......I'm like Lynda, I am vigilant. The fear of regaining keeps me a "little" obsessive. I weigh every morning, and I know that I should weigh between 144 and 146. I also weigh again at night, it's kind of a game I play, then I guess what I will weigh in the morning! I do not let the scale dictate my mood though, it's more like a "dashboard" for me, it lets me know if things are 'running' right, kind of like the dashboard in my truck!! lol At night, I will weigh between 146.5 and 148. I am not a exercise guru, but I have made 'life style' changes that are second nature to me now. Like I said, I weigh every morning. I weigh or measure my food when I'm home. I log it all on line. (MFP) This is not what I just do, it isn't a chore, it isn't a choice. It just is.....it's how I stay in check. I am accountable to ME and after 30 years of dieting, I know how quickly eight or ten pounds can sneak up on us. Losing weight has never been a problem for me, keeping it off has been. Not this time and now I'm equipped with the knowledge of what works for me, I really can't imagine this 'routine' wouldn't work for everyone. I am missing 85% of my tummy, self control is much easier now, at least it is in my case. I don't feel like I have sacrificed anything. I make choices. I do not skip extra cups of coffee, there are line to draw Cheri!!! About two months ago, since fear of weight gain seems to never leave us, and I personally think that is a good thing.....I just wanted to 'test' and see if I could still lose weight if need be. I need 1300 to maintain, give or take 50 calories. I cut that back by 100 calories and in 2.5 weeks, with just one hundred less calories, I lost 2 pounds. I was happy, I know I can do it. I don't get hungry, so cutting back and/or resisting when I should or when I want to....is not difficult. You and I are lucky. I don't do what Lynda does, but I am soooooo glad to see how SHE is. I thought I might be the only one who is a bit on the obsessive side, I love it!!!! I do not have everything planned down to how much Protein, veggies etc per meal. I track and plan ahead, but not quite like that. I get in between 65 and 100 grams of protein a day. During the losing phase, I had NO bread, but now, if I want my tuna fish on a piece of bread, nothing but cokes are off limits, although there are thngs I choose to avoid most times. When I did my "test" a while back, I did make sure I was getting at least 85 grams of protein a day, I know that helped. You will do fine, don't stress out, just be diligent with tracking your food, that is something I personally believe we have to do forever, track and weigh/measure. The things I do, are MY keys to success. I don't ever want to forget what it was like to shop for size 20's in the ladies dept. Been there, done that and I don't want an encore!!! It keeps me humble, and keeps me motivated. Good luck, I predict you are going to do just fine!!
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    mysleevemylife reacted to KristieAtkinson in Oh oh oh, its MAGIC!   
    Have y'all tried these? I get them at Kroger Marketplace. They make them fresh in the Deli. Kim's Magic Pop is available in plain, onion, strawberry, cinnamon. I eat them with spreadable cheeses like laughing cow or Peanut Butter when I need a little crunch. Way better than rice cakes cause they are made from wheat & brown rice. 15 calories, 25 sodium & only 3 carbs!!

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    mysleevemylife got a reaction from gmanbat in Is it weird that I am scared of losing weight   
    I understand completely. You will see that as time goes, a new but better "you" will surface & you will get to know the new you. It's a great experience. I'm going through it now. I love my new found confidence & parts of me that lay dormant for so long are resurfacing....good parts. Best wishes! Go for it! Therer is a saying that says "Do it, even with fear."
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    mysleevemylife reacted to GypsyQueen in Not all H2O is created equal   
    I meant Fiji Water, from Fiji... artesian, massively naturally, filtered, natural minerals. No chemicals. It's very soft and earthy. Mios would help if flavor is the problem, I was just wondering about the molecular structure stuff being hokum.
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    mysleevemylife reacted to ElaineB in Delicious summer drink   
    Drop a raspberry in each slot of an ice tray.
    Fill with Water and freeze.
    Cut up a few thin slices of cucumber and put in a glass.
    Add a few sprigs of fresh mint.
    Add frozen raspberry cubes.
    Add water.
    These are very beautiful and refreshing. No need to eat the cucumber if you can't or don't want to. It feels indulgent and is virtually calorie free. I do eat the 3 or 4 berries:)
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    mysleevemylife reacted to gaye jarvis in 1 year, wow what a difference!   
    1 year ago today I was wheeled into surgery, I was such a sad person, I was so unhealthy and had tried everything i could to lose weight. Today I'm 125 lbs lighter and over 96 inches of fat lost (that's 8 feet of fat!). Thank God I took this step!
    Sent from Gaye's iPad Mini using VST

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    mysleevemylife reacted to lsereno in How good or bad are pork rinds?   
    Sheesh. I didn't know the Protein wasn't absorbed. It says right on the bag I used to buy that they are not a significant source of Protein and I always thought, well they are for me!
    Live and learn.
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    mysleevemylife reacted to vicki s in How good or bad are pork rinds?   
    ugh...I have just been deflated...whyyyyy did I ask...groan...LOL.....
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    mysleevemylife reacted to SerendipityHappens in How good or bad are pork rinds?   
    The Protein in Pork rinds does not count toward your protein goals because it's from collagen which is not really absorbable by humans. I've had times where I've REALLY wanted some chips but didn't want to throw myself out of ketosis so I've used porkrinds (I used them to scoop up yogurt cheese so at least I was getting some good quality protein with it) NOT a good snack choice though because a lot of calories with no nutritional value and not filling. For me porkrinds are a "sometimes treat".... like MAYBE once in a month.... and watch the portion size.. a small bag as like three servings!
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    mysleevemylife reacted to Just Corey in Is it weird that I am scared of losing weight   
    I started gaining weight around 12, before that I was thin. I don't remember what it felt like not to be fat. I feel like all of my mannerism, my personality, my understanding of people, my empathy, who i am as a person is because I am fat and had to learn how to exist in a skinny world. I feel like I am me, because i am fat. So now i am worry about not being fat, that as the pounds leave me, other pieces of who i am will to. that i will wake up and be different and that scares me the most. Don't get me wrong i know my quality of life will improve 100 times over when i lose weight, i will be able to do things i can't do now because i am to big to slow, and i get to tired to fast. I know my health will get better, health is the biggest reason i am doing this. but I am just scare of not being fat.....
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    mysleevemylife got a reaction from buttahfly in The Most Important thing to me in my journey is...   
    Hey everyone, I hope that your day is going well thus far. :-) Just wondering...when you think about this journey of better health, what is the most important thing/goal, etc to you? The key is to pick only one thing. I'd like to see what you all think. For me, the most important thing to me along this journey is that I NEVER GIVE UP. This is not easy & sometimes I feel weary/overwhelmed when I think about how hard I have to continue to work to accomplish my goal & maintain a healthy BMI, but I refuse to give up. I've given up too many times in the past & that's part of what got me to 303lbs to begin with. No matter how hard it is....I...Must.....Keep...Pressing....On. (Sigh) WE WILL DO THIS LADIES & GENTS!!!
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    mysleevemylife reacted to labellaskorpio in NSV!   
    Tonight I went to thd gym intending to do a routine workout (35 min elliptical & some resistance machines) when one of the girls who works there kept badgering me about Zumba class. So I was all 'I'll think about it while Im on the elliptical.' I didn't want to go because I was scared I wouldnt be able to finish the whole hour. After my 35 min on the elliptical were up I grudgingly went to look at the Zumba class. Not only did I look, I participated and FINISHED the class!!! Wouldnt have been able to do that 55 + pounds ago!!! Loving my sleeve!!!!
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    mysleevemylife got a reaction from Ms.AntiBand in The Most Important thing to me in my journey is...   
    Thank you for responding to this post, cause I needed this. I'm having some personal issues that's making it rough on me emotionally & I'm fighting to not fall into depression AGAIN...Failure is not an option for me either. I refuse to give up this time. I'm glad you mentioned the possibilities & things that await in the future, cause that made me smile. I need to stay focused on the things that are coming in my life for my good, cause right now...it's rough looking at my present reality.

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