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    Neuanfang reacted to photojdoc for a blog entry, Day 11 - hunger is gone   
    Day 11 was another good day. I'm feeling good and very satisfied with my weight loss. Since surgery, I've lost 17.2 pounds and 65 pounds since May 1. The most interesting aspect so far in my journey is the lack of hunger since surgery. I really don't have any hunger and have to think about eating on schedule. I've heard some people comment about the lack of hunger, but I never expected this.
    This past weekend I took three guys (including my 18 year-old son) to Wilfire Weekend in Greenville, SC. It was a great Christian experience and afforded me the opportunity to walk. I felt better walking than I have in a long time and didn't find myself short of breath. Then to top it off, my son commented that on Saturday he saw me from the side and could see a real difference. Made my day!
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    Neuanfang reacted to kw2walker for a blog entry, I got the call!   
    Do you remember where and what you were doing when you received the call; the call to confirm your surgery date?
    I happened to miss my call because I was at work and while in a meeting left my cell phone at my desk. Once I got to my phone I recall listening to my message and once I heard the messages stoppded, hung up and found a private office. At least 3 times I played the message back before calling the office to confirm I received the message.
    The staff I worked with at Temple University are the best. They worked with me through all of the bumps in the road I encountered. The were encouraging, thoughtful, understanding and most importantly supportative. I can never thank them enough.
    My big day is July 22, 2013.
    The first thing I did was to review my food and supply list and go shopping. I have all of the required vitamins, protein drinks, soft foods, etc. for the first three weeks. The second thing I did was call my support team. They were excited and supportive as well that the date had finally been set.
    I really doubled down on making sure I am chewing my food well, drinking plenty of water and eating small portions. I have been successful in lossing 10 pounds in two weeks being this steadfast. I would love to have more weight off by surgery day. I need to get good before and after pictures.
    Clothes! I have no plans to run out and purchase new clothes. Well, if anything I am looking forward to smaller underware. But I want to see what the first 3 months of this journery bring. So with that I plan to dust off the sewing machine as well as visiting a few second hand stores in my area. Of my intial weight loss since I began this journery June 1, 2012 I lost 25 pounds. I gained 15 then lost 10. In this process it has been great treading clothes with my sister. She is has been dieting and we exchange notes on what we eat and how we prepare food. So during a recent visit I was given lots of clothes, even some that don't fit.
    For the clothes that don't fit they are my reward clothes. I can't wait to wear them. I do realize that not everyone likes to wear clothes from second hand shops and that's fine. Do what works for you in getting the new wardrobe for the new you.
    As of this writing I have not requested off time from work. I have not told my employer, I do however plan to follow the proper procedures to inform them of needed time off and setup the paperwork for short term disablilty and FMLA. I hope I need only 3 weeks off. I feel guilty missing work, but I have the time so this is I how I have planned my days off.
    I wanted to get back in the groove of visiting this site and hearing and sharing the journerys we all are taking in this process. I signed up a year ago and when I hit my snag I stopped visiting. But I realized I will need support along this journey and what better place to be than here.
    My other big call I received was June 13, 2013, that call was the pre-op testing. I was surprised that I will be there all day but it is necessary for my journery. I have to meet the surgeon as well that day so its cool I will bring my supplies with me so I don't get hungry.
    The last call I am waiting for is the one when the hospital calls and tells you what time to arrive. That is the pot of gold! All systems are go then baby!
    I hope to continue to share as well as read and interact with everyone here. Continued success on your journery.
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    Neuanfang reacted to photojdoc for a blog entry, Feeling like this is a good decision   
    Despite having "buyers remorse" on day one and two, I can honestly say that having the vertical sleeve done was a good choice. I had my first follow-up with Dr. Heider on Tuesday (day six). I went feeling good having lost a pound a day since surgery and not having taken my insulin since surgery and reducing my blood pressure meds to two from six. Leaving the office I felt even better losing my drain tube and being released to begin exercising. I hit the gym that evening taking it easy, but getting in a good workout.
    An interesting sidelight to my appointment was getting to share with two men my experience so far as they came in for their intro appointment.
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    Neuanfang reacted to judysbabies for a blog entry, Seven days out and my eyes are open   
    Good morning....
    Day six found me feeling fine physically. I drove. I grocery shopped. I took the kids to McDonald's.
    Being in the kitchen is hard for me. I have children that must be fed. While preparing plates of burgers and chips for my two youngest kids, I dropped a chip on the counter. I reflectively reached down and popped it in my mouth. Of course I immediately spit it out. However, the incident left me wondering.....
    This morning I woke with an epiphany!
    What I am going through each day post-surgery is the major reason that patients must go through "training" for surgery. All of the nutrition training was to help with the actual - in your face - reality that I cannot, under any condition, pop chips or anything else in my mouth without thinking. Nutrition training was to help train my mind to tune out the billions of food commercials as I watch TV during my recovery. Nutrition training was giving me a foundation or a home base to turn to when I feel that I must have something to eat or I will die. Nutrition training was to give me something to think about and cling to when my mind is going crazy and I panic because today's stress cannot be fixed by food.
    Had I not had the time before surgery hearing about and thinking about what I must do after surgery, I would be a big fat failure. I would have been one of the people who cheats themselves by eating what shouldn't be eaten and stretched my stomach right back out to hold my dear and faithful friend, Food. I am not one of those and refuse to succumb to the overwhelming temptation to do so. I will hold on to my goal and let my goal be my friend. (My goal is to be healthy and active.)
    I will survive. I am woman. Hear me roar! (You have to be over 50 to get this.)
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    Neuanfang reacted to judysbabies for a blog entry, I have a date!   
    I got the call that I have been waiting on. My insurance has given their blessings for me to have sleeve surgery!!!
    I'm so excited! I just can't hide it!
    On June 11, 2013, I will begin a new and exciting chapter in my life.
    Good bye Big Mama. Hello healthy mama.
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    Neuanfang reacted to judysbabies for a blog entry, Things Iook forward to....   
    As my surgery approaches, I am thinking more about the future without fat restrictions.
    I look forward to......
    Sitting in church and being able to cross my legs
    Getting into the floor and getting back up without crawling to the couch
    Leaving the steering wheel down when I get out of the car
    Leaning over and picking something up without cutting off my oxygen supply
    shopping in a regular store
    Getting on the scale at the doctor and not turning my head
    Walking more than a block without panting
    Having more energy
    Less medication
    Getting up in a crowded room and not worrying about being able to squeeze between chairs or people
    Cutting my toenails while breathing
    How about you, my friends?
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    Neuanfang reacted to BANANA PANTS! for a blog entry, Almost 5 Months ... And I Will Never Be The Same Again!   
    On May 17th I will hit the 5 month mark on my weightloss journey. I've officially lost 63 lbs since surgery, made it into Onderland (at last), experienced the dreaded stall, had my pants fall off because they were simply too big (I call it the Pants on the Ground Phenomena), cursed my scale which I swear was broken for a month, had my rings fall off my hand, gotten tons of great compliments, rediscovered mirrors, stopped hiding behind people in pictures, flown on Southwest planes where people actually chose the seat next to me even though there were many others open, been ushered out of the plus sizes section at a department store by a well meaning sales lady who thought I was lost, started wearing high heels again, eaten too much too fast and puked, gotten very drunk off of very little alcohol, learned how much I love solid proteins, started exercising again, and have started reaching out to old friends as part of my reconnection plan - which was part of my New Years resolution. My life is 100% happier. I cannot imagine NOT having this surgery. I look forward to what lies ahead, and I although I expect that I will be cursing my scale again at some point, I have faith that the remaining 73 lbs will be worked off in time. In many ways, I've restarted my life at age 40!
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    Neuanfang reacted to MrsGina for a blog entry, 6 days post surgery   
    I have to be honest, I thought this would be better for me, cause I have had so many surgeries in the past. It isn't all what I thought it would be, I'm not whining or complaining, just thinking out loud.
    From waking up in intermediate ICU to all these tubes hooked up to me, wasn't how I had envisioned it. Oh, I knew there would be pain and soreness, been there done that, but simply swallowing or in my case munching on ice. The doctors and nurses were awesome, they made this experience doable.
    So, what was so surprising? I thought it would be a breeze and I would bounce back faster than anyone, stupid thinking I know. I think I'm morning the loss of the old me, the one that flicked her nose at rules and did what she wanted. My sleeve said nay, nay nay you have to be accountable now. As I stomp my foot and say bummer! I've read a lot of posts where ppl say they love their sleeve, hum, love is sorta a strong word at the moment. We are tolerating each other at this time.
    I was trying to drink Isopure, gag, gag, gag. Well I have a great shake that has a lot of protein I can drink in the am and pm with enough protein. So why am I trying to drink the crappy stuff? Silly me!
    Now getting my fluids down! I want to take gulps and you know what gulps do. So I'm using lil cups to sip out of. Problem solved!
    Next is gas. I swear I walked 2 miles a day at the hospital, not even one lil poof, notta piff, notta fuff. Nothing. I could burp a sailor under the table but no gas insite. Until I went home, that sailor would be proud! Lol
    So as I'm laying here listening to the splitter, splatter of my new tummy I'm thinking... Lil Sleeve you better be worth it!!!
    All for now.......