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  1. VSGKirk

    What the F**K Up with the Constipation!

    1 stool softener for me nightly - keeps it manageable. Fiber and laxatives give me gas and diareah.
  2. 0. What type of weight loss surgery have you had? VSG 1. How long have you been in maintenance mode? 2 years 2. What's your current height and weight? 6' 1" 213 lbs 3. How many calories do you eat daily (on average) to maintain your weight? Unknown (Not tracking) 4. What kind of focus do you put on Protein -- number of grams or anything else you want to say? Unknown, but I try to only eat items that are at least double digits in protein. 5. What kind of focus do you put on carbs - number of grams or anything else you want to say? None 6. What other nutritional tips / tricks are working for you that help you maintain? My habits did not change drastically from the losing phase into the maintenance phase. I eat very similiarly, but it either larger quantities or more frequently. The type of food hasn't changed. 7. Which foods, if any, do you avoid altogether? Doughy - it's just too uncomfortable and unsatisfying 8. What exercise regimen (exercise types and frequency) do you follow? None, but I have enrolled in a program recently to help change that! 9. What role, if any, has counseling or therapy played in your WLS success? Huge role - I go to 1:1 therapy bi-weekly. 10. What advice would you offer WLS patients to help them be successful? Understand (and believe) that goal is not a number, remember that success is a sum of many small decisions, everything in moderation, progress not perfection, eat real food, move as often as you can, reach out to your WLS family whenever necessary!
  3. VSGKirk

    Any other gay sleevers out there?

    Hey guys! It's been a while since I've been on here (got very distracted with Facebook and YouTube). Congrats to all of the newer sleevers and I hope to reconnect with folks on this board! Reach out to me any time - for now, I'll be trying to get caught up on here! Kirk
  4. Recovering Bear, myself and don't worry - you'll find where you fit! Reach out to me on facebook if you ever want to chat - I'm VSG Kirk on both FB and YT.
  5. You go, girl! Having VSG was by far the best decision I've made in a very VERY long time. Good luck to you!!!!
  6. I talk about my first time at a Korean Spa!
  7. VSGKirk

    After Pictures

  8. I wouldn't worry too much about the number and keep your focus exactly where you have it - on the process. Sounds like you are doing everything right - keep up the great work!
  9. VSGKirk

    Pants on the ground and the Men's Wearhouse

    Suspenders have become my best post-op tool...
  10. Oh Lady Faye (Southernsoul) - We'll definitely make room for you any time!
  11. We went to a Weight Loss Surgery convention this past weekend in Anaheim CA where not just sleevers, but banders and RNYers also came together from all over the country to learn more about obesity management. The group you see me with are folks I've only ever really met online and we used this as an excuse to all meet face-to-face for the first time!
  12. What do you get when a bunch of VSG folks have a few glasses of wine and hop into bed with each other at a WLS Conference? Well, you get THIS!
  13. VSGKirk


    Nice protein though!

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