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  1. sandy'ssleeve

    march sleevers the good and the bad

    i had surgery on the twenty seventh. second day was the hardest. i had alot of gas and nausea. almost threw up my n meds last night. sleeping on an incline. its rough but know it will pay off. watched and smelledmy familyeat sonic today. that was hard.
  2. I'm on a one hand countdown. 4 days! This preop diet is getting so old. I can't even look at pistachios anymore. On day 5 of my preop diet, my 2 year old daughter got a stomach virus. On day 8, I got the virus. I got no protein shakes in for 2 days because I couldn't keep it down, and I had (less than 10) saltine crackers and a small amount of Sprite. That scared me about messing up. Now it's day 10 and my husband has the virus. I am hoping my son (7 years old tomorrow) won't get it because he gets dehydrated very quickly and has to be hospitalized if he vomits too much because he has kidney disease. Today is my birthday. I had one small bite of cake and one small bite of ice cream. No sodas. Water. I am going to dring another protein shake and eat some berries for supper. Tomorrow, I have to go to a family lunch where my favorite meal is going to be prepared and I won't be able to eat a bite because of this stupid preop diet. I am so over this!! I am ready for Wednesday. I hope I haven't screwed up. I've lost 10 lb. on this preop diet. What do you think?
  3. sandy'ssleeve

    Need help with understanding insurance letter

    So, I called and spoke to my surgeon's nurse. She said not to worry because the dates 3-8-13 through 3-9-13 is the time frame they sent in to the insurance company for approval. They call it a "dummy date" because they have to send in a specific date to get the surgery approved. She said everything is fine and that they will schedule my surgery date when I go in for my preop weigh in appt. on Feb. 25th. I feel much better now. Thanks to everyone for your help. I called everyone: insurance, bariatric insurance specialist, and surgeon's office. I am glad I did. It's good to be thorough with such a delicate process. I've jumped through so many hoops; I didn't want it to be for nothing. Thanks again for all of your support. I'll keep you posted.
  4. sandy'ssleeve

    Need help with understanding insurance letter

    I hope you're right soccermomx2. I would hate to have to ask my doctor to do the surgery on one of those two specific dates. I hope it all works out. I'm really nervous. Guess I will either call my insurance or talk to the bariatric insurance specialist next week. I was hoping I could relax a little now that I've been approved. LOL!
  5. sandy'ssleeve

    Anxious about tomorrow's surgery

    Good Luck!!!!!!
  6. sandy'ssleeve

    Waiting for Insurance Approval

    Thank you very much!!

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