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  1. docbree

    Tummy tuck! Piks

    Looks great! Congrats!
  2. docbree

    Gastric sleeve surgery

    I got my breakdown out of the way last week . Fortunately, water isn't a problem for me. I was having some issues and got scanned for a leak yesterday and no leak . But back to clear liquids and skim milk for 2 more weeks. Hungry! And pain in the largest incision. Other than that - doing good. I completely understand how you feel - but the worst is behind us! We should stay in touch PM me and I'll give my email if you want.
  3. docbree

    Gastric sleeve surgery

    @@Queen P you and I have the same surgery date! I've only lost 5 ½ pounds post op.
  4. docbree

    Early post-op calories.

    Great recommendations! I do have a bit of OCD and need to remember not to obsess over the actually calories and more on the content. Right now I only have a couple of things to drink so I guess i need something more to keep my mind occupied - lol. It's nice to have the ranges. I think my doctor said 800 - 1200 for long term but that's quite a bit in the future for me. I really appreciate you ladies.
  5. docbree

    Early post-op calories.

    Very reassuring - thank you both!
  6. I had surgery on December 17th (yay!!!) and due to some minor issues my surgeon has me on a clear liquid diet for two more weeks. I can't have Protein shakes but I can add Protein powder to broth. So - I have the guidelines about what I can eat and how much Water and protein to try to get in - but no one ever told me a calorie limit. How many calories are we supposed to be getting in at each stage: liquids, full liquids, purees? If I overdue the skim milk and diluted juice I can get in apt of calories. Before he took me off the shakes I actually had one day when I got in 800 calories! Does anyone else have early calories limits they've been given? Thanks
  7. docbree


    @@MyssJones - thanks . That's what I've started doing, too and I feel so much better! However, yesterday I hit a whopping 800 calories so I need to slow down on the pudding .
  8. docbree


    @@MyssJones - I suspected artificial sweetners may be part of the problem. What do you do about jello and pudding?
  9. docbree


    Thank you @! And Merry Christmas to you!
  10. docbree


    I had gastric sleeve surgery on dec 17th and they also repaired a hiatal hernia. About one in four sips causes a painful spasm in my stomach. It really hasn't gotten much better since surgery. It is worse with cold fluids or Protein shakes (thicker than water). Anyone have this experience and can tell me when/if this will go away? Thanks in advance Brenda
  11. That's was nice of you! Maybe I'll try Isopure too .
  12. Thanks @@onmywaytoonederland - I will try quest .
  13. Any tips for unflavored Protein whey isolate that I can get in a store instead of online? I know they have them at GNC, etc but I want to get one with as little taste as possible. I have a tub of Protein powder from my surgeon I've been adding to broth since my surgery Wednesday - but I just noticed it says concentrate instead of isolate. The isolate supposed to be absorbed better, right? Thanks - Brenda
  14. Good luck! I'm excited for you and sending warm wishes and prayers.
  15. I am very thankful for @@proudgranny (Kathy). She is always so positive and encouraging to everyone. When I've been ready to throw in the towel she has used "tough love" to get me to stick it out. I appreciate her more than she knows.

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