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    adargie reacted to jules <3 in 8 weeks out, officially hit the 30 pound mark, slow and steady wins the race....   
    i am a slow loser as well...i am 6 weeks out and have lost 20 pounds thus far. everything you wrote, sounds a lot like me and my experience. not much i cant get down...chips and crackers go down way too easily. actually the easiest. i did have some choclate myslef when it was "that time of the month" but unlike your mini snickers i had a whole plain hersheys bar. oops, but hey, thats life. this process is frustarting, exciting and endearing all at the same time. good luck to all. i think my expectations were too high coming into this because i read so many of peoples post saying they have lost 20 pounds in the first two weeks..im like hey, what the hell, did they take out my stomach? Lol. it is what it is. and im trying my damndest!
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    adargie reacted to NMJG in 8 weeks out, officially hit the 30 pound mark, slow and steady wins the race....   
    I'm a slow loser, too, but from what I am reading, the slow losers are losing mostly real fat, not fat and muscle. Next time you are at your nut's have them check your lean mass. Yay for slow losers!
    Congrats to you on your accomplishment!
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    adargie reacted to tbrown9 in 8 weeks out, officially hit the 30 pound mark, slow and steady wins the race....   
    We had surgery the same day and I have also lost the same amount! We are slow losers but I would rather that so that I am not looking saggy. Sounds like you are doing great my sleeve pal! Keep up the good work. Oh by the way, thanks for the roll up idea, I'm going to try this!
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    adargie got a reaction from joatsaint in Down Scale Down! or The Fear of Seeing the Scale Move Up Instead of Down   
    I too have seen the upward movement of the scale, then that pound or two will disappear then I stay the same, for ever!( it feels like) then 2 pounds will be gone. Then I repeat it all over again. Sigh
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    adargie got a reaction from Missylaneous in Patience: I have nun to spare   
    "Sister Christian, oh the time has come".......I think we all know the song.....
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    adargie reacted to notime in Day 17, first post op appt   
    You could try saying you are on a strict doctor supervised diet and would appreciate their support. Then, if they push the food, just say "No thank you." You shouldn't have to pretend you are eating/drinking and you shouldn't have to divulge your medical situation. Just be consistent. It is odd you aren't able to eat eggs. I have been on this board for more than 20 months and no one has said eggs are forbidden. From what I can tell, the other nutritionists including mine have said eggs in any form are acceptable at that stage. Oh well.
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    adargie reacted to fh61 in 2nd day post op   
    i am two weeks post-op tomorrow and it sounds like your doing great. I told my husband if i had one dollar for every food commercial that was on - i would be rich. keep up the good work and best of luck and success to you.
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    adargie reacted to Montegirl in 2nd day post op   
    Sound like your doing well-I have surgery on Monday the 12th so it's good to hear some things to expect.
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    adargie reacted to vsginkc in 2nd day post op   
    Thanks for the post. I'm 2 weeks out and it is nice to hear about a mostly smooth process! Best of luck to you!
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    adargie got a reaction from joatsaint in My Favorite Mexican Food   
    Gonna for sure try this when I get to that point, my husband could eat it on shells too.
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    adargie reacted to tbrown9 in First official entry.....pre-op appt today and the awesome pre-op diet begins, thought I would write a few things down...   
    We are having surgery on the same day! I am looking forward to hear how things go for you. We will have to keep in touch with our progress! Good luck and I wish you the best on your journey!
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    adargie reacted to Shells_Almost_There in First official entry.....pre-op appt today and the awesome pre-op diet begins, thought I would write a few things down...   
    I too worry about my own "Fat mentality" after I lose weight with the sleeve although it has really been a long time now since I was at a decent weight where I could imagine I looked slightly ok and attractive to the opposite sex. I too am keeping my procedure pretty much a secret (maybe 5 people know - during my psych evaluation, the therapist absolutely advised against telling anyone for a long while!). Good luck to you in the next step of this amazing journey. I am hoping for a September surgery date, and it's a scary but excited feeling!
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    adargie reacted to AmyInOrlando in First official entry.....pre-op appt today and the awesome pre-op diet begins, thought I would write a few things down...   
    " My fatness......well my fatness goes back to one of my first memories going to the doctor for shots and the doctor saying I was overweight, no more apple juice or graham crackers, my mom was a health nut there was never anything unhealthy around. My mom pushed me hard and before you knew it I was sneaking food and hiding to eat. I could think of nothing else but food. I stayed overweight till college when waitressing for 12 hrs and aerobics class took over. Oh yeah and that stuff called ephedrine that was miracle for me. I prob at that point got to my lowest in years around 170-180 and was never aware that I was thinner. I still had the monkey on my back, and I am worried that will be my biggest thing to overcome as the weight comes off. The Fat girl mentality., I must admit, I have the whole self loathing problem, can't make eye contact with people in certain settings, avoid having pics taken. My poor husband, has dealt with me withdrawing from the bedroom due to this as well. I am done hiding!!!!" Adargie..... most of that paragraph could have been my story too. 7 years ago I lost 150 pounds, but when I looked in the mirror I still saw 272. The only thing that confirmed my weight loss was that I was wearing a petite size 4. Well... obviously that's no longer the case, as I'm having the surgery on Thursday after regaining half of that 150. Good luck with your surgery... you're right behind me.
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    adargie got a reaction from Flutterby in Five Days In - I'm ready for changes...   
    Great post! Gives me something to look forward to, surg date is agu 5.
    I also have a bullet and have not heard of doing the spinach ice cubes great idea!!!! How much do you use?
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    adargie got a reaction from joatsaint in Constipation and Milk of Magnesia Or How FEMA Declared My Bathroom A National Disaster   
    I really hope you are in some form of entertainment business!! Kudos for making me look like a fool at 8am in the work place due to uncontrollable bursts of laughter. (I'm suppose to be working not reading posts about poo!!)

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