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  1. Trina13

    Some people here are meanies

    I am gonna have to stop posting because I am sorry but I have a short fuse and since I just had surgery I don't think it is healthy for me and yes I was being attacked for being a new member.
  2. Trina13

    My mini vacation

    Wow when Omar gave me this web site for support he mentioned that I might get attacked for just joining but I never thought it would be true. I have a very stressful job and can't be on this forum at all times only on my brakes. So I have gave my experience and I hope everyone has a nice day.
  3. I paid $4000 for Dr Illan and got the same package as the rest.
  4. Trina13

    My mini vacation

    Omar did not go into detail of why he stopped working directly with Dr Kelly he just said he got tired of the drama (whatever that means) he did an excellent job and I highly recommend him and Dr Illan.
  5. I was picked up on the day of surgery at the US/Mexico border and was taken to hospital Midoctor. I was meet by Omar the coordinator in Tijuana that explained what too expect. Pre-opt tests where done and surgery was at 2pm. Dr Illan came before surgery and was wonderful at explaining the hole process and answering all the questions my husband had. Now after surgery was a hole other story but the gas pain did pass and I was given something for the pain. Omar took good care of my husband that would have been bored other wise. The hospital is small but clean and the nurses where very kind. They did not speak very good English but since I speak a little Spanish I had no problem understanding them. After two days we were taken to hotel Lucerna by Omar and spent the next two days just enjoying the city of Tijuana. Omar took us to get some of the best broth I ever had and some delicious sea food broth as well. The Hotel was excellent and I just can't believe this hole surgery was like a mini vacation. I highly recommend Omar and Dr Illan and would do this all over again. If you need to contact Omar his cell is (619)623-5368 and the web page for Dr Illan is Baja Bariatrics.com. I am so happy to be on the losers bench. It has been two weeks since my surgery and I am down 10 pounds and feel great. Thanks everyone for hearing my story.
  6. Thanks for all this info. I am almost two weeks out but was given the heads up about dumping. Once I start my solids I will make sure to chew thoroughly and not drink until an hour after or half an hour before.
  7. I am almost 2 weeks out and losing steadily. I sure hope I don't get into depression mode when my stall comes.
  8. Trina13

    My story

    WOW!!! Great Job on your weight loss. You look great. I just started my journey but I am doing well so far.

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