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  1. I had sex after 4 days so it all depends on how you're feeling. I always had a great sex life and am only 3 weeks out so can't really comment on that. I am pretty flexible for a big woman but can't wait til my fiance can pick me up while doing it...it will make shower sex more fun.. I am losing weight and he is bulking up.

    Lol well alright now talk about goals.... Now THAT sounds like one for me to aim for as well lol:)

  2. Sooooo after a long battle with the bulge and beginning a weightloss program,moving, leaving 1 program ,attempting weightloss on my own...failing miserably.. Beginning an another program getting all the way to the end & scheduling surgery only to be told 3 days before that my insurance at the time (aetna) was the only sector of that insurance that had an exclusion.... Sad face!!! Then,I got the word that my employer would be switching to new insurance Happy face!!! ...So Jan13 my new insurance kicked in (IDX blue/highmark) and i was told I had to do the 6 mo diet ordeal ... Well my 6 months are up my paperwork was submitted on 6/10 and 2 days later I got the call that IM APPROVED !!!!... NO QUESTIONS NO ISSUES ... So 8/14 is my date im so happy but it still dosnt seem real !!! This sight has been NOTHING short of a best friend for me encouraging me holding my hand and giving me hope and determination that i can do this and i deserve this so thanks to all of you beautiful postive people .... Keep on losin:)

  3. Wow these are my exact emotions thank you all for sharing im not sleeved yet im going for my 5th outta 6mo nut requirmeent per highmark and im a mess happy sad excited scared all at the same time .... I guess ill keep pressing forward...good luck all!