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  1. Hey all. So I got sleeved aug. 21st and wanted to make a quick post to see if you August sleeves were going through the same experiences as I or if anyone can relate. So' date=' as of today it's been 11 days since my surgery. My stomach is still pretty bloated and swollen, like its bigger than when I went into surgery. I have lost about ten pounds already but it doesn't seem like my stomach is going down. I can't eat ANYTHING. Everything pretty much hurts. Some days it hurts to even drink Water. I have a lot of chest pain and I can't even get mushy food down. I'm pretty much not eating **** and you would think being on a liquid diet for eleven days I would lose more than ten pounds right? Any experiences and advice welcomed! Thanks[/quote']

    im going through the exact same i was sleeved on the 14th stayed an extra day d/t not being able to hold luauids down ive had horrible burning oain in my R side inscision and am down from 218 to 203 ..... 15lbs seems like 5 i see ppl lose that in 1 wk im comimng up on 3 VERY DISCOURAGED

  2. I was sleeved on the same day and I've lost about the same amount...I don't think it's bad as I've never lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks ever.

    i keep telling my self that and ibknow its all a process but its soo much harder than expected i know its all im my head but i feel like this is not gonna work for me .. idk im trying but getting in fluids and Protein are a killer for me.so i dnt get how im.not losing faster uuugh im just frustrated ...mabe im just hungry...:(

  3. sleeved 8/14 and had to stay an extra day d/t vomiing& not being able to walk ... sooo painful however eachday i feel a lil better not really focusing on Protein as just fluids to stay hydrated .... im drinking smart Water & green tea w a touch of honey & chicken broth. and ive cheated a couple of times and almost killed my self 1st w a lays potato chip...just one! 2nd w a cherry Tomato just basically chewed it up and spit it out and I almost DIED uuugh the cramping & "heaviness" that lasted like 2-3 hrs oh well ive mover on to italian ice and was suprised to finish the whole 6 oz cup ...... any thoughts ?? i hope all are getting better & strongr everyday....Skinny wishes ya'll:)

  4. Yikes! Throwing up large amounts of blood?? Just when I think I've got my head in a good place about this thing' date=' some poor soul such as yourself pipes up to remind us that recovery can be pretty dramatic. So glad to hear you're doing better! :)[/quote']

    awwwwh im sorry kim dnt mean to totally scare ya or gross u out ... but the positive part of that message was that its "normal" and as long as its drk in color ...once u bring it up "most people" feel so much better... no i did not but hey thats what dr told me

  5. Im having a tough time. Very hard to take any pills and throw up on liquids. :( I feel sooo weak. And my head is constantly throbbing. Also anytime I burp it hurts :( any suggestions? Surgery was 8/14/2013.

    awwwh im sorry to hear .. i as well had syrgery on 8/14 and i swear all wed & thurs i thought i was literally gonna die!!! i was sooo sick to my stomach could not keep down liquids and kept vomiting lg amouts of dark red blood... and the heaving was aweful i felt like my head was gonna explode ... and the gas pain OMGGGGG! and i even had a panic attack... now with all that being said today is MUCH better i still have an issue getting the pain pills down they seem to get "stuck".. please try to walk as much as u can it does help& sip sip sip im not focusing of Protein now as much as just saying hydrated

  6. I felt the same way. In fact' date=' I felt like it wasn't going to work, I was gonna die before it happened or something with insurance was going to fall thru last minute. But here I am, 3 mos out and 52 lbs down :) What you're feeling is normal. You won't regret it!! Good luck :)[/quote']

    ooooh you must be in my brain i feel the same way