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  1. hunny79

    Bonus surgery for sure!

    Wow!! Talk about thanking Gid for a new beginning!! Even more of a reason never to go back congrats to you and enjoy becoming the new & improved you;)
  2. hunny79

    New motivation

    Aaawhhh !!!
  3. hunny79

    New motivation

    Aaawhhh !!!
  4. hunny79

    New motivation

    Aaawhhh !!!
  5. hunny79

    Scolded by an internist.

    I dony mean to be crass but tell her to "kiss you slow to slimming ass" how dare she you are a grown woman and dr are a dime a dozen and if she cannot give you the respect deserve your can take your care elsewhere ... Whats she gonna do take the surgery back... Uuughhh
  6. hunny79

    Rochester, Ny

    Still waiting...... And waiting .. And well yeah,you get it
  7. Omggg thats so me i literally live off motrin what am i gonna do tylenol does NOT work for me.... Eeeek
  8. Omggg thats so me i literally live off motrin what am i gonna do tylenol does NOT work for me.... Eeeek
  9. hunny79

    Other mommies...

    Wow Ive thought about it because as mother you think about the " what ifs" but mannnnn this thread makes you REALLY think about it but to make a video really puts the risks in your face,so to speak omg im crying just thinking about it ... not sleeved yet hoping for end of summer wow!!!
  10. Praying for a safe procedure and speedy recovery on the path to a new you!!!
  11. your welcome so excited for you and have fun discovering the new you;)
  12. awwwh blessings & skinny wishes to you
  13. hunny79


    lol not sleeved yet but wayyyyy too funny for 2am... good night skinnies lol
  14. hunny79

    Surgery Tommorow

    Awwhhhh good luck how exciting I am for you .. For everyone here!!! Keep us updated on your journey to gettin skinny
  15. You look fab...& happy and i live ur puppy (pit lover) do u mind sharing what your eating,drinking,working outs etc.. Im not sleeved yet but im so scared of being a "slow loser" thx
  16. hunny79

    Sleeved tomorrow 1/28!

    Awwwh so hapoy to hear your starting off well .. Lol i heard that people miss chewing crazy hub? And totally not warm and fuzzy he is def not a hand holder but ill take expertise over bedside mannor anyday! Cant wait to join you july seems like 10 years from now!!! Good luck to the new you and enjoy your apple sauce
  17. Lol ment to say "pray to be as successful " .. Chubby fingers lol
  18. Thanks for aharing i know every case is different i can only oary to be as successful ... And yes u did a great job explaining you look amazing !!!!!
  19. hunny79


    Welcome!! Time to get skin-tay;)
  20. Im in the Roc as well and i have the 6 mo nit requirement as well