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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. hunny79

    finally really gonna do this

    haaaaaaaayyyyy yall count me in 8/14 whoop whoop!!!
  2. hunny79

    July 26 plastics... Updates:)

    whoooooo god that looks soooo painful ... speedy recovery !!!
  3. Just beautiful and ooooh you loom skinny
  4. hunny79

    medicaid while married?!?!?!

    And it depends state to state i was told that medicaid in NY does not cover the sleeve ... Good luck
  5. hunny79


    Ooooh thats my date too...i did accupuncture it worked as far as taking away the urge ...best of luck i know all to well how hard it is but its sooo worth it
  6. hunny79

    finally really gonna do this

    Cingrats i know the feeling im 8/14 after 3 looooong years congrats& skinny wishes!
  7. Try accupunture .... It worked for me of course nothing will keep you physically from smokin but it does take away the urge .... At least ...goodluck
  8. hunny79

    is this normal?

    yea i had a surgery date before i was approved too... good luch
  9. lucky you:) best of luck & see ya on the skinny side!
  10. Omg everytime i read your post you are working it!! Wow just amazing ..keep up the good work
  11. hunny79

    He's hitting some spots thats NEVER been hit b4

    Come'on 8/14/13 !!!!! yaaaayyyyy baby!
  12. i have ibx ppo thats billed through the local BcBs and i was approved in 3 daya after a 6mo nut requirement, bloodwork, & psych eval 100% of hospital&surgeon fees good luck:)
  13. lets do it baby!!! whoooohoooooo scared out of my mind lok
  14. oooh add me im 8/14 in Rochester,ny
  15. Me too !! Whoop whoop hands in the air
  16. hunny79

    August sleevers?

    Hell yeah !!! It still dnt feel real yet ive waited sooooo long and now 8/14 is less than 30 days away! Ive already purchased shot cups,3oz containers,protein shakes (premier ready made& muscle milk) &gas ex& listerine strips i gotta still get my unjury unflavored and make a pot of chix stock to freeze. Im trying to keep the "negitives" out of my mind so forward we go GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  17. hunny79

    Sleeve in August

    Ooooh 14th ..... My hand is raised too!!
  18. hunny79

    I'm a leaker

    Praying for a speedy recovery .... Hang in there(((hugs)))
  19. hunny79

    Can we talk bras

    Lmaooooo like potato skins or tube socks lol ... Im sorry dnt mean to laugh but good lord men have NO idea
  20. Well alright you lead we follow do us proud Ambervsg2013.... Do us proud!
  21. Gotta do whats best for you hun,hes your boyfriend not your husband and even if he was its about you being the very best you so you can be a part of a great relationship ...good luck