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  1. Today I was so hungry and could not get enough food in. Is this normal to feel so hungry like that? My portions are still 1/2 cup but about 10 mins after I ate I was really hungry again.
  2. weightlossmomma85

    1st Ultrasound

    That happened to me I'm almost 4 months post op and from my last period I should be 8 weeks I go in today for a second ultrasound to see if the baby has grown. Wish me luck when they did the measurements I was 1 week behind
  3. weightlossmomma85

    3 months post-op and 6weeks pregnant

    Thanks my surgeon didn't seem concerned he said he sees it a lot in his clinic. im so happy.
  4. I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was positive. I'm excited and scared. I will be calling my surgeon and midwife in the morning. Has anyone gotten pregnant this soon?
  5. weightlossmomma85

    very emotional lately

    Yesterday was really hard for me. On Friday my daughter lost my 2 only car keys to my new car, they're 300 dollars each from the car dealership, and i still can't find them I'm so tired and weak but i need my keys today it Tuesday and they are still lost. I was crying most the day cause i can't find them.
  6. weightlossmomma85

    Attention February 2013 Sleeve Buddies!

    I was sleeved on Feb 5th and in down 18 pounds
  7. I love to shop at thrift stores always have. Goodwill is also good. Or the clearance rack.
  8. weightlossmomma85

    What comfort items did you take to surgery?

    Chapstick I brought a few so I could choose. My tablet so I could watch Netflix and hulu plus. I think I watched 1 episode of a show I mostly slept or I walked to get out the gas.
  9. weightlossmomma85

    very emotional lately

    I was sleeved feb 5th and I was looking on pinstrest today and I saw a pin about organized blankets and I just cried cause I wish my blankets looked that. Is this normal to be emotional?
  10. So night before bed a was drinking some water and and was talking with my husband and I drake the full 6oz of water in like 3 mins. I now feel very uncomfortable I can hear my tummy make noise, I'm 1 week post op. Did I hurt my sleeve? Do you think I streached my sleeve?
  11. weightlossmomma85

    Any feb. 6 sleevers?

    I'm 7 days out tomorrow sleeved Feb 5th
  12. weightlossmomma85

    Cant sleep well

    I was sleeved feb 5th and Im having a hard time sleeping and getting comfortable, my arms hurt and my chest still hurts I have been walking as much as I can in the house since its raining out side and I dont want to fall. how do you get comfortable to sleep?
  13. weightlossmomma85

    tomorrows the big day

    I'm done and sleeved I'm in a lot of pain, I keep asking the nurse if I can walk she tells me later its been since 5pm that i have been asking her, I can't wait int'l shift change. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, i was fine int'l I said good bye to my mom then I lost it.
  14. weightlossmomma85

    tomorrows the big day

    I'm getting sleeved tomorrow February 5th in California. I'm so excited, nervous, scared, i have been very emotional these last 10 days on my liquid diet.
  15. weightlossmomma85

    10 Day Liquid diet help

    So I start my 10 day liquid diet tomorrow and on my paper it says I can have soups, low calorie/ low sodium so I have to blend them? thanks to much my surgery is February 5th,

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