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  1. Has anyone been sleeved after having a previous tummy tuck, if so how was the experience and your recovery & did you have scar tissue from the tummy tuck?
  2. sobiato

    Paying Out of Pocket

    pay your deposit, then pay with cashiers check, they ask for a photocopy to verify your appt date bc ppl have been know to back out, which cost them bc that time was scheduled, if there is no photocopy they assume you cancelled and can fill your space, also ppl have gotten cashiers check and stopped payment on them so the photocopy also gives them time to verify the check as good. I suggest you bring your balance with you and only pay the deposit as requested. The doctor you are using is CREDIBLE he just sleeved my brother without any incidents!
  3. sobiato


    Everyone is waiting to hear from you 2mrrw after you get to the SLEEVED SIDE!!!!
  4. sobiato

    Going to Mexico alone

    New to the site my apologies and I understand
  5. sobiato

    Going to Mexico alone

    @amandaraeleo I now totally understand now seeing it from that perspective, I'm new to this forum, so I wasn't aware of ppl selling doctors or coordinators posing fraudulently thank you for another perspective!!!!! Trust me I am a real person my surgery is scheduled on Jan 11, 2013, my nerves and anxiety level are all over the place. I have learned a great deal of knowledge from this forum, so I was just trying to pass on what I learned, but now I will be cautious in my posting. Thank you for the advice and helping me see things from a different perspective, I understand totally now
  6. sobiato

    Going to Mexico alone

    @geauxforit thank you soon much for your post, as I am not selling any doctor just given reasons why I chose this doctor for my personal preference as I am too traveling to Mexico alone. Just was trying to be a resource of information sharing what I learned to those who are looking for a doctor or even considering traveling to Mexico their is so much info out there it can be overwhelming. The ultimate decision is for the individual to make.
  7. sobiato

    Going to Mexico alone

    @amazon13 you must have a lot of time on your hands to stalk post on a public forum or no friends but at any rate get some business and remember this is a public forum, this means ppl will have different opinions, respond how they see fit, you have the option to take their post in heed or not your choice, THIS IS WHY IT'S A PUBLIC FORUM!!!!! If you don't like or disagrees with what someone's post then take it as a grain of salt and move on!!!! Thanks for the good luck as always appreciated
  8. sobiato

    Going to Mexico alone

    @amazon13 first and foremost this is a public forum and EVERYONE is entitled to his or her own opinion, next I posted exactly what I wanted, you have a choice to use the info I posted or not, furthermore I'm also traveling to Mexico alone and passing on the information I learned on a doctor via research and why I chose this doctor, for anyone who is traveling alone or even looking for a doctor if they don't have one!!!! Lastly I am not in any way affiliated with this doctor nor will I receive any financial gain if someone decides to use him!!!! You was sleeved by Dr. Garcia so if I asked you why you chose him and you gave me your reasons would that be considered selling him, get some business and don't ever address me with innuendos of trying to sell a doctor thanks. This is a public forum where everyone can have opinions, and answer a question as they see fit
  9. sobiato

    Denied, fighting depression.

    From the program you only have to lose 3% of your weight
  10. sobiato

    Denied, fighting depression.

    Hey we have all been down that road, but here is a bit of info for you, I didn't get approved either, but I will be getting SLEEVED on Jan 11, 2013, I made the decision to travel to Mexico, I found a GREAT DOCTOR, Dr. Quiones who has a package special going on now for any member of this forum for $4000, he only does 4 surgeries a day, you have your private recovery room with round the clock medical attention, he also is a general surgeon who practices at the state hospital and teaches medical school, he also has no fatalities and a 100% no leak rate, My moto is "if there is a WILL there is ALWAYS a way"
  11. sobiato