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  1. ShanRN

    Running too Slow

    It's going to be quite a while until I can run a "respectable" pace. I accepted that a while ago. I'd rather be a penguin than risk injuring myself by doing too much too soon. My goal is to be able to run a 5K without walking. Once I can hit that, I'll working on chipping away at my pace. The running blogs I frequent all recommend the same thing: build up endurance before trying to gain speed. Right now I'm nursing a sore groin (rookie mistake: if you find a shoe that works, don't mess it up and buy a different model of the same brand! Stupid Ravennas!) so I'm forcing myself to take a week off. It bums me out I guess I can walk a few miles instead but it's going to be hard to resist trying to run. My 5K today wasn't nearly as good as I thought it would be. But.....at least I did it and didn't seriously hurt myself.
  2. I started week 8 tonight. I consistently run 14-15 minute miles....and I am totally fine with that. I like to focus on the mindboggling fact that I CAN RUN FOR 28 MINUTES STRAIGHT. I still can't believe it! Running is an integral part of my life now, and I love that. It's my go-to for stress release now. This program is awesome! My first 5K is this Saturday! I missed a week due to weather (I can't stand treadmills so I have to run outside). My goal is simply to run as much of it as I can (hopefully the whole thing), at my same pace. I feel pretty confident! It's a color run so there's no pressure. So far, I run about 2 miles in the training time but I always feel like I can do more. I just plan on having fun
  3. One night for me. Surgery was at noon and I had my leak test the following morning at 9. Once I was able to get moving and start drinking, I was good. I left at 2pm. I also had no complications or issues with drinking.
  4. ShanRN

    2014 New Year's Resolution

    I guess I'm going to be the wet blanket....but my NY resolution is always the same: to remain happy and content with my life. Whether that means pushing myself to finish another degree, exercising more, building better relationships....it doesn't matter. The ultimate goal is to always end the year on a positive note I spent way too many years making specific goals (usually related to weight) and failing miserably. My happiness isn't tied to one specific thing. It's more a lifestyle than a resolution, I suppose. Edited to add...so technically I guess these don't count as resolutions, but these are the top priorities on my to-do list: 1. Make Jillian Michaels my bitch. I started her Ripped in 30 DVDs last night and they are kicking my butt! 2. Work on my social life. I need more friends (all my 20something friends have turned into 30somethings with kid centric lives) with more in common with my current life. 3. Dating....I'm definitely ready to dip my toes in the pool again! I did this just for you, Ribbie See, I can play well with others! lol
  5. So this 25 pounds......it's your nutritionist's goal but NOT an insurance requirement, right? If so, you'll be fine. The 6 month diet is a great way to make the needed changes before surgery. I used every month of mine to change my diet, increase exercise, and practice some post op stuff. I'm about 4 months post op but haven't had caffeine or carbonation in almost 10. It makes your post op SO much easier! During my 6 months I think I only lost 15 pounds....and most of that was during the 2 week preop diet I had. Don't expect any miracles during those 6 months because it's not gonna happen. Just keep your eyes on the prize. You sound like you're doing great so far! The holidays are rough on everyone. I avoided the Thanksgiving temptations because I was at work but I already dread Christmas. Just going to the grocery store is torture right now lol
  6. ShanRN

    help me calm my nerves

    I understand the healing issue but it still doesn't make sense. Extra diligence during the healing phase can eliminate most of the diabetic risk of complication. I'd say it's more of a risk to *not* do anything. I saw three surgeons and none of them mentioned an a1c requirement. But then again.....a lot of the rules don't make sense. The one that truly kills me are the policies that insist you lose certain percentage of weight before they'll pay for surgery. It's like....seriously?? Hope your blood sugar troubles resolve enough for surgery!
  7. ShanRN

    help me calm my nerves

    I don't understand the logic behind a1c requirements. Most diabetics seek surgery because conventional methods haven't controlled their levels. Mine was hovering around 11 preop. It was never a factor in regards to being considered a surgical candidate. Is this an insurance or surgeon requirement? For the record, mine has been in the 5-6 range since surgery I'll know officially when I get my labs drawn next month.
  8. I took 7 weeks. No grief from anyone about it. My managers wanted me to come back at 100%, and I planned for any complications that might prolong my recovery. I work in pediatrics and I have to be able to lift/bend/scoop/partially tackle my patients when needed. There's no way I could've come back sooner than 4 weeks. My first full week back exhausted me too.
  9. Gamergirl.....you just made me so happy. I have been craving Indian food! I'll probably have to split the recipe in half because I'm cooking for one. Gonna try this tonight!
  10. ShanRN

    Depo shot

    Why all the depo hate??? I've been on it for years and love it. I gained 10-15 pounds after first starting it. That's it. Lots of women use it without any issues. My gynecologist assured me that my sleeve wouldn't have any effect on it. I haven't had a period in 7 years I'm 6 weeks post op and other than some spotting the night of my surgery, I've been fine. That being said, I have heard it can be difficult to become fertile after stopping it but...since I don't want kids I'm good with that.
  11. ShanRN

    August 2013 Roll Call

    Miss Cee!!! I've been wondering about you since your first post about being readmitted. I'm glad you're doing better now
  12. I've been diabetic for 18 years, and on an insulin pump for the last 8 years of it. The pump did nothing for my numbers. I also did 2000mg of metformin. My A1C was usually double digit. I'm 4.5 weeks post op and haven't used my pump since my pre op diet. I'm usually 80-low 100 fasting and 120-140s after meals. I was usually double those numbers. But....and this is the big difference....I'm still on insulin. No metformin. I take lantus (replaces the ATC insulin from the pump) and novolog for meals. Edited to add: I eat 4-5 times a day, about 3oz of lean Protein and 1 ounce of veggies. I'm on soft foods and I'm able to get 70+ grams of protein so I rarely do Protein shakes now. Diabetes remission depends on how long you've had....and unfortunately, 18 years put me in the group that probably won't ever be "cured." I knew that going into it, and my main goal was get control of it. I have that now, which is amazing! Any weight I lose is an added bonus. My A1C - based on my meter readings, at least - is hovering at 6-7. I won't know the true number till I'm 3 months post op though. I'll have it checked in a couple weeks and I'm super excited to see the difference! Do you see an endocrinologist? You may have to consider different meds for control. Most type 2s eventually stop making insulin, but don't worry. Insulin is a wonderful tool =) Not scary at all. Feel free to PM any questions and good luck!
  13. ShanRN

    African American Sleevers

    I'll be 3 weeks post op on Tuesday and feel mostly normal. I get occasional dizzy spells, which I'm almost certain is related to hypotension. My BP was 113/58 at my 2 week appointment and way below what I am normally. I'm bouncing between 25-30 pounds lost so far and get to eat soft foods (AND crackers, yay for crunch!) starting on Tuesday. My blood sugars are still stable on insulin shots and my intake is about 15% of what I was getting with my pump - only difference is, my numbers are great! I got cleared to start at the gym and will hopefully meet with a trainer this week. I'm so happy I did this =) Hope everyone else is doing well!
  14. ShanRN

    drank too much

    30ml is in 1 ounce. I've been able to take nearly normal drinks of any liquid since 2 days out. As long as it doesn't hurt you should be good.
  15. I'm a pediatric nurse and I'm taking 7 weeks. My employer also has an awesome short term disability plan but I also banked away enough PTO so I could have that long. I wanted to be on regular food and have an eating routine in place before I attempted to go back. I work 12 hour night shifts and need to be 100% ready to return. I'm a week post op right now and I couldn't imagine going back next week. Just the thought makes me want to take a nap lol