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  1. Sadlers1999

    All of my December sleevers...

    DanaInNewORleans - I find it hard to eat any protein, too. I mean, I do it, but it is unpleasant. Maybe you saw that I posted about throwing up yesterday (for the first time since surgery - did not throw up at all before this) on edamame. I had eaten it before and in the same quantity, but it just didn't sit right and I was so sick. My stomach wasn't satisfied until all of it was purged. I do find that shrimp and fish are easier to tolerate than even soft eggs. But, protein shakes still are a must if I want to hit 60-70 g of protein a day. I can't fathom eating more protein than that with all the timing restrictions re: drinking water, etc. I have little kids, so I will confess, I sometimes eat some dry cheerios or gold fish. Not a significant amount, but I agree that they go down a lot easier than the protein, which I also agree, is NOT good. re: Weight Watchers - the overall approach is good for a person who has 30 lbs to lose and/or someone who eats like crap (period). However, I think a lot of the processed foods that they glorify are dangerous (low calorie, high fiber). Also, I think I stretched my stomach out to a bigger size by eating HUGE, HUGE salads all the time. Then, if I didn't eat salad, I still had the same big stomach wanting to be filled. In any case, I am a believer in less-processed food. Do you know that they feed MSG to lab rats to make them artificially fatter??
  2. Threw up for the first time since surgery. Ate 1/4 cup roasted edamame (130 cal, 13 g). I have eaten this before without feeling sick, but this time, maybe I didn't chew well enough...It was horrible. :-(
  3. Sadlers1999

    All of my December sleevers...

    So my BMI is still in the obese range, but I think I am officially back in onederland. Very excited. I don't think I have been under 200 lbs in 7 years. (The reason I say "I think" is because I was weighing myself on the scale at the gym which is more like the doctor's office scale...It said I was 198 1/2.)
  4. Sadlers1999

    Any Colorado sleevers?

    Just messaged you, Gibsongirl-Stephanie.
  5. Sadlers1999

    All of my December sleevers...

    I got in a pair of size 18 pants tonight after being in size 22...almost 24...this past year. The weird thing is that my size 22 clothes are loose, but not "falling off" me, so I think that's part of my problem. I don't feel like it is wildly obvious that I have lost 40 lbs since last August (20 since surgery in December)...
  6. Sadlers1999

    Anyone told NOT to do situps and crunches?

    I was under the general impression that I, too, was supposed to "listen" to my body about how much to do. That's why I was shocked when I heard all these people saying it.
  7. Sadlers1999

    Anyone told NOT to do situps and crunches?

    I didn't specifically ask my doctor about situps and crunches. But at this group, it was a life-long ban...not just 8 weeks. Weird, huh?
  8. Sadlers1999

    too much protein?

    I went to a support group meeting at a hospital last night. It's not the same place I had my surgery. The NUT running the group has done bariatic-specific support for 25 years and she said that eating more protein is not necessarily better. It depends on your gender (male vs. female) and size (height, not weight)....In any case, she says the trend right now is for doctors to tell us to eat more protein, but in her experience, eating protein with every meal is important but not hitting high numbers like what you describe.
  9. Sadlers1999

    All of my December sleevers...

    I can't imagine losing a pound a day. If it didn't happen immediately after surgery, I just don' think it's going to happen. It's taken 7 weeks to get 20 lbs off and I met a guy last night (at the in-person support group) who lost 20 lbs in one week. Such different results from the same procedure.
  10. I went to my first live support group meeting. It was for all types of surgery (bypass, lapband...there was even one person with plication). When I mentioned that I belonged to an online group, they kind of dissed it. They said there is a lot of "bad" info on here. I don't think any info is bad. There is just a lot of conflicting info and maybe for some people (especially prior to surgery) it is better to just have the school of thought of their surgeon. I was the only one there who hadn't had a drain. I thought the drains were to detect leaks, but someone there said their surgeons used it to prevent infection (like plastic surgeons)...Any way, it was interesting. The NUT there said that protein is not the be all - end all. She said the 60-79 g of protein is based on a man of a certain height and that I shouldn't worry about it as much as getting a balanced diet. She didn't say NOT to do what I was told only that the science wasn't there to support the rule that we get so much protein. (She has been a bariatric NUT for 25 years...) Any way, it was interesting.
  11. Yes...Was a new expression to me until I started on this forum.
  12. Sadlers1999

    All of my December sleevers...

    I am going to a support group tonight and there should be people who have had different surgeons than mine. In any case, one of the things I want to talk about is why you (for example) would be told 90-100 grams of protein when I am still between 60-70 grams of protein...and frankly, i have trouble getting to 60-70, so I would lose my mind trying to get to 90-100. I really hate protein these days. I can only eat/drink Greek yogurt or a Tbsp of peanut butter and not feel uncomfortable. Everything else I have tried: fish, chicken, tofu, etc. makes me uncomfortable and takes all the "joy" out of eating it.

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