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    Any Colorado sleevers?

    I live in Parker. There is more than one GNC in Parker and the one I go to (next to Safeway) not only has cases of it out, but also refrigerated bottles. I did not like the fruit flavors too much, so the manager of the store gave me her number and when I want to buy a bunch of the tea-flavored one, I can call her so she can add it to her regular order. The buy three, get one free has been going on for a while. In any case, if you have a GNC closer to you than Leetsdale and Quebec, you should ask the manager at your closest location if they can order stuff for you, too, if you decide you want to have some during the first months of recovery.. It's all an adjustment. I had 1/2 a slice of pizza today at 3 months out. I could never have imagined that even last month. However, pizza does not have a lot of Protein, so I am liable to "eat" one meal as a Protein shake. BTW, re: protein shake reviews - I don't even know what to say about them. It's such an individual thing. I bought some powdered Proteins and I barely used them after the first week! I use Greek yogurt (plain) to make shakes and I prefer that. The yogurt needs refrigeration, though, and that is the advantage of the isopure. It travels without refrigeration.
  2. Sadlers1999

    All of my December sleevers...

    I would love to be 165 by june 1st. I am currently 184, but since I am a really slow loser, 165 may be a little ambitious. To be honest, given the kind of feedback I get from the doctor and NUT (practically nothing), I really don't feel like i have much control over how much I lose, but dare to dream.
  3. Sadlers1999

    Any Colorado sleevers?

    Isopure really was the only thing that got me through the first month post-surgery. i mean, I was getting Protein from other sources, but not enough. Getting 40 g from that drink saved me. But, I only drink the green tea flavor. Tried a few of the others, but the taste bugged me. Take it easy!!!!!
  4. Sadlers1999

    Any Colorado sleevers?

    Are you posting to the forum from the hospital or from home? Where did you have your surgery and how are you feeling today? Day 3 was the hardest for me, because of my throat...not because of my stomach. They did two endoscopies on me and my throat was just so raw feeling. Water hurt. Hoping you are doing okay.
  5. Sadlers1999

    Any Colorado sleevers?

    Tuesday the 26th? This is a month earlier than you thought it would be, right? Which hospital are you going to again? I know it's not Sky Ridge or Parker.... I'm sure that it's going to be great. Your timing is similar to when I had my surgery. I had mine done just before Christmas and you will be just before EAster. It was a little rough being on liquids/purees when everyone was eating traditional holiday food, but I was still really happy.
  6. I only started my pre-op diet on Friday with surgery tomorrow (December 17th), but I keep reading about other people being on pre-op diets for weeks. Does anyone know why doctors favor one or the other? My BMI is high enough for insurance to cover this surgery and I have hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's), but I don't have any co-morbidities like diabetes, hypertension, etc.
  7. Had my 3-month check up yesterday. I've lost 38 lbs since the day of surgery; 45 since my last pre-op appointment (when I started clear liquids pre-op) and 58 lbs since last July when I started the process of taking classes. The doctor told me that most people who are sleeved only lose 60% of their weight. Even though my post-surgery weight loss hasn't been ultra speedy, I am hoping that I better that statistic. I mean, whatever weight has come off has put me in a better place than where I was, but I would like to get to my goal of 140 and stay there. He did tell me that someone my height should be 115-125, but I told him that I did not think that was likely for me. The last time I was in that range, I was ten (5th grade). When I got married, I was 140 and i know I was overweight by chart standards, but i didn't feel it and I dont' think I looked like it either. I felt really healthy. When I met with the NUT yesterday, she reiterated that using straws and drinking carbonated beverages at this point might not feel uncomfortable, but the gas expands our stomachs and stretches them out quicker. i don't drink anything carbonated, but I have used a straw from time to time. I guess based on her warning, if I want to improve my chances of getting to 140, I will try harder to avoid straws.
  8. Sadlers1999

    All of my December sleevers...

    Pre-surgery - HW 242 - lost 20 Day of surgery (12/17) - 222 March 7th 191 Total Lost since BEFORE surgery: 51 Loss Since surgery: 31 I am 5'3 1/2" - so for a short person even though I have made it to one-derland, I still look really heavy. But, at least I am going in the right direction. Someone else said that they put their stats in their tickers, but I am on an i-pad app and I don't see tickers....so don't assume everybody sees the same screen.
  9. Sadlers1999

    All of my December sleevers...

    I had problems with feeling cold before surgery. It's just worse than ever now. It is a thyroid issue. My basal temp has been 95.8F in the morning. My husband and I were doing Natural Family Planning and my temps don't even register on their charts!
  10. Sadlers1999

    Hypothyroids & Weightloss

    It's interesting, because really, once your thyroid is out of whack...one way or the other....weight suffers. I've known people with Grave's that were dangerously thin. It's the opposite of our problem, but it IS a problem just the same. Other symptoms like hair loss, problems with heat regulation, problems with menstruation, etc, etc. are teh same across the board. When I initially inquired about my own slow weight loss, I wondered if it had to do with the disease; but plenty of people have lost a ton of weight with thyroid issues. So, I guess it's me. I certainly eat right and exercise. I was home-bound today because my daughter has a stomach flu, but as boring as it was, I walked around my house for 10,000 steps and I climbed my stairs 75 times. Slow weight loss is not always a sign that someone is not "doing enough." I kind of get the sense from people taking it off more quickly that I must be doing something "wrong," but my PCP says that there are a lot of people who lose slowly like me. Because it is slow, we don't post as much, but we are a substantial group. Good luck on the 20th.

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