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    Do you have an eating disorder?

    I took the screening and it said I was positive for an ED which does not surprise me in the slightest. I feel like I'm the opposite of an anorexic. Is there a classification for a ED-NOS? That's me. Even post-sleeve I am preoccupied by food. The difference is that I log and pre-plan almost obsessively. I think I might have some control issues...LOL I do see a therapist BTW.
  2. lilbearzmom


    Almost 9 months out and I eat very little rice (by choice). It's just something I avoid in general due to its high glycemic index and general lack of nutrients. The last thing I had with rice was 3 pieces of a sushi roll a few weeks ago. It doesn't bother me, at least in the small amounts I do have. I miss it- still love it, but I have a feeling it would make me ill if I ate a normal size portion..too sticky and heavy.
  3. Hi everyone- just an update on me. Seems like this thread is still pretty active. Current stats: HW: 302, SW: 272, CW: 172. I have managed to drop 100 since surgery and am 12 lbs from initial goal of 160. I am off all medication and feel pretty good. I have had my share of stalls, but I try to be patient, and usually the scale won't budge for 2-3 weeks then I drop a bunch- very stair-step like. I use myfitnesspal religiously- I really think it has helped me keep on track. Add me if you like on there- tons of VSG folks there who are very supportive and motivating. )))) -Kendra
  4. lilbearzmom

    Cruise 6 weeks after surgery

    I'm going to be brutally honest- I don't think there is any way I would go on a cruise only 6 weeks out from surgery. There's no going back now for you, but I would have put it off to at least 3 months post-op. JMHO. I wasn't even on regular food until 8 weeks post-op.
  5. lilbearzmom

    Chinese food

    Sure you can eat Chinese post-op. Just make sensible choices- non-breaded/fried protein and veggies w/ sauce. Cashew chicken, chicken w/ broccoli (my personal favorite) are some examples. I would avoid rice, noodles, egg rolls- anything deep fried. Egg drop soup would be good too. Enjoy!!!
  6. lilbearzmom

    No Restriction

    Those aren't foods that will cause a quick feeling of restriction. I would be willing to bet that you still would feel full a lot sooner than someone who has not had the surgery. For example, I can eat the majority of a dinner salad, then only a couple bites of my dense protein entrée- which altogether is more than a cup of food. I actually really should be skipping the dinner salad- my hubby hates when I do this. But I love salad!!!!! Let's just say I have a ton of leftovers....
  7. I believe it has changed me, but not sure EXACTLY how. I thought I'd have more energy, but at times I feel just as lazy. I guess the big difference is that I can get through an entire 60 minute exercise class without dying. Other than that, mentally, I am still fat and the surgery certainly doesn't fix all of your personal issues.
  8. lilbearzmom

    It's Like They're Daring Me...

    I know this thread is old, but I had to chime in on the Special K pastry things. I liked them- bought a big box. They are yummy...never did go crazy or eat more than one per day, but I will not get them again- I could be spending 100 calories on something that actually fills me up...that is all. Just don't need them.
  9. lilbearzmom

    Pre-op weight gain

    All I can say is that they probably won't be too happy or encouraged as far as post-op success goes. My surgeon told me he sees the best post-op results from people who were able to lose weight prior to surgery. I managed to drop 30 lbs pre-op just cutting out eating during my work hours (3rd shift). I was also self pay here in the US.
  10. lilbearzmom

    10 months and 115 down w/ pic

    OMG! Amazing! Would love to see a before photo.
  11. lilbearzmom

    my fittness pal

    I also love MFP. I am obsessed with logging. Anyone can add me! lilbearzmom
  12. lilbearzmom

    What are your eating habits? honestly?

    I eat pretty much whatever I want at 8 months out. I usually divide it up into 5-6 meals a day. I also do the 5:2 fasting plan- 500 cals on fast days, 1100-1200 on non-fast days. In general, I limit carbs (like no bun with a burger, very little pasta, rice, or bread). I have lost 130 lbs in total, 100 since surgery, 12 lbs from initial goal. I had a piece of homemade baklava this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also log religiously on myfitnesspal. That's me in a nutshell.
  13. You look 20 years younger, no joke! Congrats on your success!
  14. lilbearzmom

    eat w/o drinking

    I was also told by my surgeon's office that whether you have been drinking with meals is the 1st question they ask if you are regaining. Do what you can to break the habit.
  15. lilbearzmom

    Problems out of the blue.

    I was going to ask if you were eating slow enough. The times I have become nauseated and run to the bathroom (have not thrown up, just kind of heaved) it was because I ate too fast. My sleeve HATES that. But looking at the allergy thing- wow.
  16. I went in on Monday and was out Wednesday afternoon. Felt like hell the 1st 4 days, but by the 5th felt good.
  17. I do the 5:2 fast and sometimes feel dizzy when I stand up on my fast days (500 calories/day). Although that was more at the very beginning than now.
  18. Yes, he did my VSG at Riverside Hospital in December 2012. He was fantastic- great surgeon. His office staff left much to be desired, though. That would be my only complaint. They are not the brightest bulbs. I do know that they have revamped the office, maybe they got rid of some dead weight as well. I liked the dieticians as well. Let me know if you have any questions!
  19. lilbearzmom

    Can someone direct me? What is 5:2?

    Seriously? I am almost 8 months out and a serious 5:2 er. Not good enough? Hm. Well! )
  20. I am just overweight!!! Yay- and 13-14 lbs from initial goal! Also I am using the intermittent fasting plan to get these last stubborn pounds OFF. My weightloss "paused" for about a month, but am back on track now and on my way! BTW, I am almost 8 months out and I am still in love with my sleeve!!!
  21. I fast 2 days out of the week, which means 500 calories spread over 2 meals that I eat approx. 12 hrs apart (7 am & 7pm). Between the meals I drink water, tea, and coffee. The other 5 days I eat "normally", which is still around 1200 calories (usually a little less). I suggest you buy or borrow the book "The 5:2 Diet". It is simply amazing and also explains in detail the other health benefits of fasting, which go well beyond weight loss. Weight loss with this plan is actually just a pleasant byproduct. It is also really cool because this type of intermittent fasting is totally sustainable, because even if you happen to be really hungry on your fast days, just the thought of being able to eat in a normal way the next day helps enormously. I am planning on switching to 6:1 fasting ratio once I'm on maintenance. Using it to help break a stall is a great idea.
  22. lilbearzmom

    Sleevers by profession.

    I am also a Respiratory Therapist in Ohio. Just graduated from my program in May and just started my new and very 1st therapy job this week!
  23. lilbearzmom

    Role call

    I don't think you've done anything to your stomach- you're saying you've been making too many "allowances". I would have to say that's your issue, probably. But get back on the wagon- you can do this! As for me, I am down 93 lbs since surgery and down 123 total. Been stalled for a couple weeks now. I have a hard time getting motivated to exercise and I also have been getting a little too "comfortable". Not really overeating, but not watching everything like I should. Back on the program this week and fasting 2 days (yesterday) and tomorrow. I just started a new job, so everything has been a bit of a challenge...how's everyone else?
  24. lilbearzmom

    I failed my gastric sleeve!

    I am reading this amazing book right now- downloaded it on my Kindle. The other health benefits of fasting just a couple days a week besides weight loss are an added benefit.