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  1. #Redy4chg.org

    African American Sleevers

    I'm 8 months out and only 35# down. Tonight I ate some spaghetti with Italian Sausage and I had to throw it up. This was the first time since surgery. I've been in a stall for 2 months and I'm sooooo discouraged. I contacted the Nut in Tijuana and was told to do weight loss shakes 3x per day one green salad or broth and water. This was 3 weeks ago and I can't stick to it. I need some motivation...
  2. Wow! You look great. I also was sleeved 1/21. My starting was 215. I'm 179 as of today but I am stalled now for the past month. I have lost 35lbs and have another 15-20 to go. It's taking forever. What's your diet like now?
  3. I've been stuck in a stall for abt a month now. I was sleeved 1/21/13. Starting weight 215. Current weight 181.9. I keep fluctuating between 178 and 182. So frustrated. Gonna try going back to a liquid diet for a few days to jump start the loss again.
  4. Sleeved Jan 21 down 35 lbs. stalled and keep fluctuating between 3-5 lbs. I definitely can tell inches are going down if the scale isn't moving. Have gone from a size 18/20 to 14. SW 215 CW 180
  5. Jan 21 down 29lbs total. 5 pre op so 24 since surgery. I'm really frustrated its not more.
  6. So I noticed today that my inny that used to look like an inatube, bottomless pit, black hole is smaller and shallow! This is a victory for me! I hated the way it would look under my clothes like this huge hole in my stomach. Now you can't even see it! This is a fat girl victory for me. Highest weight:240 Pre op: 215 SD: 207 Current: 187 Loss of 27#!
  7. #Redy4chg.org

    January 21 folks-

    Yea protein is still hard for me. I stopped the shakes but I think I need to go bk to them for a supplement.
  8. #Redy4chg.org

    January 21 folks-

    I'm down 27# now! Had some stalls. Now I've gotten away Fri Drinking water and eating right. Tomorrow I'm bk on track.
  9. #Redy4chg.org

    Constantly Nauseous

    Yea it's constant. I have BMs but not as often as before surgery. I'll try taking something to get it moving. That's prob it.
  10. #Redy4chg.org

    Constantly Nauseous

    I'm almost 10 weeks post up
  11. I am nauseous most days all day. I take Pepcid and a probiotic. What else can I try???