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    Tina87 got a reaction from Laura Ann Baker in Any Dec 13 Sleevers?   
    I am goin to do it tomorrow Sunday 9-12-12.
    Pray for pleaseeee
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    Tina87 reacted to igonnawin in A Little Over Two Months, Almost 15% Body Weight Lost - 35 Lbs.   
    You're looking great! Good job!
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    Tina87 reacted to O.T.R. sleever in Is The Gastric Sleeve Better Or The Balloon?   
    The balloon is a temporary procedure designed to minimize your appetite short term to lose a few lbs. it does nothing to address long term or major weight loss as it does nothing to address the size of your stomach. Instead it is inflated inside your stomach to temporarily reduce your capacity for food.
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    Tina87 reacted to notime in Is The Gastric Sleeve Better Or The Balloon?   
    Isn't the balloon temporary? I know I can diet and lose a lot of weight and then put it all on again. Seems as though using the balloon to lose weight and then having it removed would leave me open to putting the weight on again.
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    Tina87 reacted to I love my dachshunds in Scaredddd!   
    Hey Tina,
    You will find so much support here. Worrying is normal, we just have to focus on the end results. My surgery is Dec.5. and I too am very worried. I just try to think about all the pretty clothes I'll be able to wear. How it will feel to comfortable in my own skin again. Good luck with your surgery I know you will be just fine.
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    Tina87 reacted to ozeedonkee in Scaredddd!   
    Everyone has a different experience. My day of op I was extremely nauseous, sore and fairly out of it. The following day was far better, just a bit of nausea (which subsided when they worked out which med to use). The next day better again And I'd do it all over again for the results I'm seeing
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    Tina87 reacted to boydic in Dec 1 Will Be 4 Months Since My Surgery   
    Everyone is different when it comes to pain. For me my post op experience was great. But if you go believing that you are going to be in tremendous pain, you will be. Go in with positive frame of mind. Just remember this is beginning of a new chapter in your life. Things will be different for the good.
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    Tina87 reacted to boydic in Dec 1 Will Be 4 Months Since My Surgery   
    To tell you the truth I did not have any pain. My incisions were sore but no pain. When I first woke up I was just nauseated. I was surprised because I am a wimp when it comes to pain.
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    Tina87 reacted to VSG-Cairo in I Finally Feel Normal   
    Yesterday was my first day to eat out in a restaurant with friends after I got sleeved, for the first time in my life I finally feel NORMAL, I ate equal or maybe even less than what skinny people at the table ate, for the first time I don't eat out and feel guilty afterwards about how much I ate, or what I ate, and moreover I lost half a kilo the day after.
    I ate half a slice of brown buttered bread and then ordered a small Soup and half way through the soup I couldn't finish, I had already ordered a main course plate which I had all of it wrapped to take it home.
    The thing is, I eat around 600 to 900 calories a day, and I don't feel week or faint or anything, I go to the GYM, I still lift the same weights I did lift before the sleeve, and I rode my bike for 2 hours, I feel energetic and alive, it's what I ate b4 that made me lazy, I thank god I finally can lead a normal life and looking forward to the weight loss.
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    Tina87 reacted to simplyfedup in Getting Sleeved On December 11Th........anyone Else Getting Sleeved On This Date? Let's Support And Encourage Eachother!   
    well if it's supports you need you came to the right place..... this will be the date that will change our lives forever without a doubt !!! where do you currently live and where are you having your surgery ?
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    Tina87 reacted to O.T.R. sleever in Sleeve Surgery In The Begining Of The Next Month!   
    Your fear is very healthy, if you didn't have any reservations about being cut into & having the vast majority of your stomach removed I would be concerned. All I can say is in hindsight(I'm 6months post op) this is definitely one of the best things I have done for myself. I only wish I had done it sooner.