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    Biellita165 got a reaction from Celeste kimberly in Have Any Of You Eaten Solid Food Before You Were Supposed To?   
    Evil evil evil, no matter what you say after... Careful, what you are doing is worse than eating solids... All that bitterness and hate inside cant be good for your sleeve.
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    Biellita165 got a reaction from FreetheSkinnyGirlinMe in Have Any Of You Eaten Solid Food Before You Were Supposed To?   
    How evil. No wonder... Lord have mercy with this biatch
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    Biellita165 got a reaction from FreetheSkinnyGirlinMe in Have Any Of You Eaten Solid Food Before You Were Supposed To?   
    How evil. No wonder... Lord have mercy with this biatch
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    Biellita165 reacted to Alex Brecher in Vst Rules - Keeping The Forums A Safe Place For Everyone   
    I'd like to reiterate what Susan just posted. This isn't her personal position. It's one that all the admins/mods and I have agreed on. I hope we can all get along and play nicely together. VST is a source of support and I'll never allow a few to ruin it for many.
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    Biellita165 reacted to Nicolanz in People and their ridiculous expectations....   
    Amy, you can post about whatever you like. You don't need to do a search or follow anyone's criteria. There are new people on this forum joining daily. I think those who are so bored or annoyed with the topics need to LOG OFF! Whining about whining is just as annoying. I personally like to come on the gastric sleeve forum to talk about the gastric sleeve and all it entails. I'm not sure what people expect.
    If each topic were only talked about once....well....I think we'd all be done here.
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    Biellita165 reacted to *Dean* in People and their ridiculous expectations....   
    True Laura, it's a Forum not a Library. I can understand why people want to discuss and not just search. This is after all a new frontier for many others every day.
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    Biellita165 reacted to CoCo41 in People and their ridiculous expectations....   
    This post is like all post, everyone has their own opinion. So just look at the post you want to look at or answer the ones you want to answer. No matter how annoying or stupid a post is everyone has feelings and should not be afraid to post whatever they want.
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    Biellita165 reacted to amytug in People and their ridiculous expectations....   
    I agree to a point. I like what dean says about allowing for some anxiety in newbies. And post opers. I mean this is MAJOR surgery! Scary stuffs.
    Now I feel a little bit afraid to post about my concerns post op though.
    I've seen some really annoying posts such as "zomg I'm like a week out and I can't eat this buffet! crap I wish I'd never gotten surgery!" On one hand, I want to understand and an be supportive. On the other hand I'm like -----> o.O Really?
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    Biellita165 reacted to Nicolanz in People and their ridiculous expectations....   
    I also think, as annoying as these posts may be, it isn't my place to regulate what people ask. If it's a topic I have seen numerous times, I don't open it. People are allowed to have their own conversations. Live and let live!
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    Biellita165 reacted to Laura V in People and their ridiculous expectations....   
    Yes. I think you should look at my profile. You will see that I try to help people that are needing help, comfort or just have a question.
    Go on butter take a look, then get back to me and say that again.
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    Biellita165 got a reaction from Pelekania in Why Lie?!?!   
    "Why lie about having weight loss surgery, especially to someone that is going through the same struggle that you once went through? We should not be ashamed to announce to those who want to attain a better health the tools that we have used to achieve that."
    Just because someone is overweight too, does not mean they will understand or even agree about WLS. I don't like the negative comments, so unless I a sure this will,be someone that could help the other person, I rather keep to myself what I did.
    Not everyone is supportive. My own family has made so much fun of my obesity issues, the last thing I'd do is explain them a gad damn thing.
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    Biellita165 reacted to Biiggmike23 in Newbie, Sleeved on 4/13. When can I smoke?   
    Have no been on here for a long time but I have been smoking everyday since about 6-7 weeks out. I am 3 months out now and have not had any side effects or anything that I know of. I do not get the munchies at all. I hardly eat. that is my problem I am not getting enought liquid, Protein or anything, I do not feel hunger
    I was 485 pre op 451 day of surgery and I am 376 today. so been going good and now trying to get some workouts in! Later ya.
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    Biellita165 reacted to Butterthebean in Pathetic   
    I've always thought this as well. I try to help people all the time, but I have run up on this attitude more than once.
    Alot of people on the liquid diet, whether they are preop or post op, are hungry and sensitive. It's a crazy time, those few weeks. Weird things are happening inside one's body. All those hormones are being released that have been stored up for a long time. I've had people want to yank out my eyes right through the internet, then the next day they are adding me to their "friends" list.
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    Biellita165 reacted to mezanne1401 in Pathetic   
    SO FREAKIN' TRUE!!!!! Almost discourages me from using this forum any more! That's a sad thing because I really used to enjoy this forum.
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    Biellita165 reacted to krazynique in Why Lie?!?!   
    Pre-op I talked to a couple of nurses I work with the first thing they say is your not big enough. I am big enough. I know it's trying to be a compliment but that's how I felt for years and I just kept getting bigger and bigger and I know it's-partially my eating. Now that I said something there a discussion on how all u got to do is diet and exercise. And how I know someone who stopped drinking soda and sugar and they lost weight. I stopped eating all red meat and pork and I cut down on turkey and bread. I haven't drank soda in years and I try to keep my juice down. Even discussing that people still seem to feel I must be doing something wrong and its me. Sometimes I feel like that's all I need but I feel this surgery will give me a boost. I guess until I have the surgery I will know what to say but for now I think it's better not to say anything.
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    Biellita165 got a reaction from Fiddleman in What have you gained when you lose...   
    I've gained hope, faith, the luxury of dreaming and thinking my dreams can become real
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    Biellita165 reacted to seelessofme in What have you gained when you lose...   
    I saw a commercial and it asked what have you gained when you lose weight?
    I am gaining confidence, positivity a new outlook and a second chance at life.
    Happy new year year to all. Much love and success in the new year to you and your family!
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    Biellita165 reacted to a5paintball20 in i want sex now now now   
    Its not always about size its about how he rocks your world
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    Biellita165 reacted to does not matter in Dr. Joya?   
    Basically what lmo145 has said in a nut shell... but I have other reasons also, being a canadian... I will private message you about why I ultimately chose Dr Joya, in addition to what she has posted above. I dont want to post them hear since I know I will have others jumping down my back lol
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    Biellita165 reacted to DanaInNewOrleans in Would you do it again?   
    Hey Kaila
    And a couple more things you have on your side because of your age ...you haven't had 30 years of bad eating habits ingrained in your psyche or 30 years of body set points that get higher higher sabotaging your attempts to lose weight.
    As far as I'm concerned you have bee given an awesome gift!! So happy for you!
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    Biellita165 reacted to castiel in Would you do it again?   
    Doing this at 21 I think was the best option for me! A family friend said that she too wish she had this surgery at my age because her youth would've been so much better instead of having it later in life. I think her comment about it solidified my choice to have this surgery.
    Luckily, only being 13 days post-op, I haven't had one of those moments where I thought: What did I do to myself? It's more like: oh man, I miss food and can't wait to get through this to get to soft healthy foods. I did have one day where I got really emotional, but it's passed. Only time will tell if I'm super happy with my choice!
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    Biellita165 reacted to VSGRachel in Would you do it again?   
    I'm almost 4 months out and yes I would definitely do it again. 66 pounds gone and no complications. It wasn't the easiest for me right after surgery, but I would do it all over again!
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    Biellita165 reacted to DanaInNewOrleans in Would you do it again?   
    Hi Kaila,
    Oh how I wish I would have had this option when I was 20. I cannot imagine how different my life would have been! I'm 49 now --- with so many regrets! BUT, I do have a second chance at the second half of my life and that is awesome.
    Good Luck!!
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    Biellita165 reacted to VSG Duck in Would you do it again?   
    Yes, we definitely have this it is called informed consent... the problem is when people hear what they want to hear and have a "it will never happen to me" attitude. (And thankfully it won't to most)

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