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  1. I was sleeves on 12/3 so I am also exhausted and have no energy. Water tastes horrible also....it's been a rough few days and Im worried I will have trouble getting in my protein. Any tips from the ones of us that have been sleeved longer???
  2. It seems like all of the sudden December 3rd has made it's way into my life.... I have surgery in 2 days. I'm so nervous. Now instead of it still being months or weeks away.... I'm packing. How are you guys feeling? How are you dealing with your nerves?????
  3. meinsasha

    Distant Husband

    Sounds like the men in our lives are insecure. I go in for surgery on Monday and every day he gets grumpier and grumpier.... We have talked about it though, but his reactions to things have not changed yet You really need to talk to him....it'll get better!
  4. meinsasha

    They Submitted Today!

    So did you get a date set????
  5. meinsasha

    Waxing...down There.

    My advice, be brave! You will feel so sexy! You will be glad you did it!!! If you find a good salon, the technician will e good enough that it doesn't hurt that bad. In my opinion waxing my eye brows feels exactly the same!
  6. meinsasha

    3 Days Out ......

    I guess I just never heard anyone say they were coughing up blood..... Glad I read this now I imagine I would have been scared if I had no idea! Anyway, glad the bleeding stopped!
  7. meinsasha

    3 Days Out ......

    Is coughing up blood normal????

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