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  1. ashelaine

    2 years later and wanna lose 20 more

    Yeah- my 10 year old step-daughter who is in the 50th percentile height and weight- perfect BMI can wear a 00 at most stores- I'm perfectly happy not being the size of a 10 year old and her friends .
  2. ashelaine

    2 years later and wanna lose 20 more

    I also want to say that my best friend is naturally tiny- 5'0- size 2. She's never been obese or even remotely overweight. Her lower belly doesn't look that far off from mine.
  3. ashelaine

    2 years later and wanna lose 20 more

    I don't know what kind of things you like to wear, but I have a lot of fun at the buckle- the people always bring me lots of outfits to put together. And it's fun. I'm a HUGE fan of their jeans- they fit flawlessly (and hide my pooch)
  4. ashelaine

    2 years later and wanna lose 20 more

    It really does play mind games- I still don't see myself as tiny as I am. I can buy shirts out of the freaking kids department. But- I've also had 3 kids- so I wasn't expecting perfection and I still look at myself and say- I might not me able to wear a bikini, but damn I look a lot better than I did at 248lbs! I don't know if this helps- but here's where I am- 3 months after a baby skin wise. And as far as clothes go- no matter your size- not everything is going to flatter your figure- I just rock a lot of a line dresses even maxi dresses with a yummy tummy pair of undies. It is light and works well. I wear shorts and shorter skirts and tighter tops- I've just found what hides my "imperfections" well
  5. ashelaine

    2 years later and wanna lose 20 more

    Oh and as far as HIIT goes- I do body rock TV- it used to be the daily HIIT. It kicks my butt every day, but I do enjoy it
  6. ashelaine

    2 years later and wanna lose 20 more

    I agree that skin looks like fat a lot of times. I'm a size 4 in 90% of the items I buy- I am definitely not large by any means. I'm 4'11 and weigh between 129-133 depending on the day. I just had a baby 3 months ago and other than loose skin- that looks flabby- I'm exactly where I want to be. What are you hoping to see change with a 20lb loss? Do you want to be a smaller size or are you just wanting to "tone up"? A size 4-6 is pretty tiny .
  7. ashelaine

    1.5 years out and 11 weeks pregnant

    Aww! Thank you!
  8. ashelaine

    1.5 years out and 11 weeks pregnant

    VERY much so. That was 35 weeks- I got even bigger. This was 30 weeks .
  9. ashelaine

    Leak Survivor & Pregnant

    I had a boy as well . Baby Emmett is doing well- reflux (ughhhhh), but well! He's 2 months old now (how is that possible?!?). He is baby number 4. And I agree- pregnancy was easier when I was bigger! But- the complications I had can't be blamed on the surgery. I had hyperemesis and violently threw up (despite zofran and phenergan) from week 5-30ish. And I had pre-term labor from 24 weeks on (my uterus hates boys apparently). I was on procardia every 6 hours from that point until 36 weeks with a couple bouts of bed rest. At the very end I was having problems from low blood pressure (darn being healthy for once). I got your message! I will send you my number as soon as the app stops being silly!
  10. ashelaine

    Prenatal vitamins

    The only ones that stayed down for me were prescription with extra iron. I will get the name in a sec
  11. ashelaine

    Calorie intake

    I was an odd duck- I had hyperemesis throughout my pregnancy and my surgeon/OB both said eat whatever in the heck you want. I lost 15lbs between finding out I was pregnant and week 30ish? I gained 16lbs back. (So up 1lb from pre pregnancy). I'm now almost 25lbs less than pre-pregnancy. I tracked caloric intake for a bit and I was eating 1800ish in the middle (post puking 24/7, but before I felt like I was going to pop because baby was taking up too much space). I'm breastfeeding currently and maintaining at the 1800 calorie mark. (I'm happy where I am weight wise- and I don't want to lose anymore especially while breastfeeding).
  12. ashelaine

    1.5 years out and 11 weeks pregnant

    I just had my little dude 5/1. I basically threw up/felt nauseous from week 5-29. I still randomly threw up until the end of pregnancy (including in labor-awesome). I really didn't gain weight until my last few weeks because of all the throwing up. Emmett was born perfectly healthy at 37 weeks 7lb 2oz and 21".
  13. ashelaine

    couple months pregnant and feel hungry

    I ate like a horse the whole time I was pregnant and I'm still eating more (I'm breastfeeding). Everyone says baby and I are both great. I'm also at my lowest weight. 128lbs.
  14. ashelaine

    Leak Survivor & Pregnant

    Oh mama!!! Congrats on your sweet baby! We were sleeved around the same time and I remember your story vividly! I just gave birth to my post-sleeve munchkin on 5/1. I'm here if you ever want to chat about anything!
  15. Honestly- I stayed with my OB I had been seeing for 4 years. He and I had discussed my surgery at length and told me he would refer me out if he felt baby needed it. Emmett was ahead growth wise throughout my pregnancy. Any complications I had were not related to the surgery at all and were handled well. He was born right at 37 weeks (one complication I suffered was pre-term labor from 24 weeks on) at 7lb 2oz and 21".