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  1. a5paintball20

    Post Op Penis Size

    Yep i love not being circumcised the pleasure you feel is so intense, but i have thought about getting circumcised just to be "normal". But it has been 28 years so I'll think ill pass
  2. a5paintball20

    Lifting weight and supplements

    Thank you for the reply i only take animal pak on days i workout, its a huge vitamin pak 11 pills that gives you a huge boost of energy it has a lot of vitamin and minerals and alot of other stuff but i want to try creatine i just don't know what brand to buy or take
  3. a5paintball20

    Lifting weight and supplements

    I've been working out now 13 weeks now and ive been drinking my protein shakes atleast 5 to 6 a day at 30 grams of protein each. I work on my chest,legs,back and shoulders and of course cardio but i want to know is anyone taking anything like animal pak or creatine to help bulk up. I just started animal pak today but i was on a vitamin pack from 6 star and that helped a little, please help
  4. a5paintball20

    Anyone members at planet fitness?

    PF is god damn joke, that's all im saying
  5. a5paintball20

    Sports and Working Out

    I was told to work out and play sports 8 days after my surgery, so i guess it's up to you're doctor
  6. a5paintball20

    Post Op Penis Size

    A wide pole might be better to describe what ive gained
  7. a5paintball20


    Try blending your protein shakes with a scoop of protein, 8oz fat free milk, a half of banana, 2 scoops of peanut butter, and ice. Try doing this in the morning its around 400 to 550 on what kind of protein you take. The protein that i take us called muscletech 100% pure whey protein isolate it can be found at sam's club it has 30 grams of protein per scoop and no extra sugar's. i drink 6 to 7 shakes a day
  8. a5paintball20

    Golf-swing changes

    Well i know this my swing speed has dropped from 117 down to 98 all my shafts are stiff so unless i can regain the speed by working out it's gonna suck golfing this year cause I've lost distance but my posture is better and i can turn all the way through my swing which i could never do before because of my gut. Keep us updated on progress
  9. a5paintball20

    Post Op Penis Size

    Lets do it lol
  10. a5paintball20

    post op for December 11th

    So group how about some updates?
  11. a5paintball20

    Post Op Penis Size

  12. a5paintball20

    Michigan Sleevers

    Hi everyone im from clinton twp mi i was done on 12/11/12 by dr hawasli in st clair shores im 3 1/2 weeks post op and im down 30 lbs 60 total
  13. a5paintball20

    Sleeved december 26, 2012

    Sorry 12/11/12 not 2011

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