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  1. Momonanomo

    Over a year out: How much can you eat?

    I find that it depends on what I eat. I could eat a ton of junk it seems (and junk food always makes me want MORE junk food). But if I eat Protein and good fats, I get full on a smaller quantity and don't get hungry as quickly. I don't have measurements for you, but I could eat half a dozen chips ahoy Cookies in a couple of minutes with no restriction. However, if I eat 3 ounces of steak I'm full. Funny -- I don't feel like crap after the steak, but the cookies make me feel pretty lethargic. So I try to stick to good amounts of good food, and only eat the crap every once in a while. Bottom line: good quality food gives me restriction, bad quality food, not so much.
  2. Today i reached goal! From bmi 42.7 to bmi 22. Thats 140 lb lost. SO happy & proud!

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    2. Daisee68


      Congratulations! What an amazing testimony to your commitment!

    3. IcanMakeit


      Woot woot! Congratulations on a wonderful achievement. I hope you are giving yourself a suitable reward. You so deserve it.

    4. Rebecca Jo Ragon
  3. Momonanomo

    When did loss get noticed

    I agree people may notice and not say anything. Thats what I had always assumed anyways. I got a lot of "did you get your haircut? It looks nice" when I had not gotten my hair cut...lol. But I swear, once I had lost like 80 lbs, many people were saying things, but still not as many as now. My surgery was May of 2013, and I lost I think around 80 or 90 lbs that first year, then I kinda stalled out, then since this summer I've lost more to a total of 135 lbs lost. Now people I see every single day talk about it. Seems funny to me that it has been the last 30 lbs that have made evryone take notice, more so than the first 100! Also an intersting thing is that now that I am feeling like this new body is 'me' and the novelty has worn off for me, and I feel secure about having this body for the long term, when people draw attention to my weight loss it makes me feel a bit weird. I look forward to the day when everyone just sees me for how I am and not for the changes I have made. Dont get me wrong, compliments are nice, and these people are being kind, and I have an appreciation for that. I just want my identity to be that of the fit and healthy person I am, not that of the girl who lost a ton of weight. I have made huge lifestyle changes and have cut ties to that past! Onward!
  4. Comgrats to you, proudgrammy! And, thank you for your positive influence on these boards. You've always been a powerful, positive force, and I have appreciated you so much! Such an inspiration and such a sweetheart. You always have something nice to say, and I know you helped with my attitude ....so Im sure you have helped many others as well. Attitude is everything! You deserve the best, because you are awesome! I wish you continued success!
  5. @@Elode is right on with what she wrote. I want to add that you need to be persistant; it is VERY important that you not get dehydrated right now. This is an especially risky time for dehydration. Just keep on sipping like it is your job. It will indeed get better!
  6. Momonanomo

    Anyone stop all Thyroid Rx post op?

    My endocrinologist, who was actually the one to bring up WLS with me in the first place, said I will always be on thyroid medicine. Seems once you take it for awhile you HAVE to. Anyways, that being said, as my weight has gone down he has lowered my dose. It would have been nice to completely be free of medicine, but apparently it doesnt work like that with the thyroid
  7. Momonanomo

    General whining

    i remember fantasizing about cottage cheese when I was restricted to liquids only post op :| cottage cheese! Hang in there; this is all an interesting learning process. You will indeed eat solid food again. It took me a very long time to feel like I can eat "normally"...but it is a NEW normal. Which is exactly what I signed up for! Keep rockin it, and keep your sense of humor Onward!
  8. Momonanomo

    Uncomfortable full feeling

    It gets better with time. I had to embrace it as some seriois behavior modification! That too full feeling sucks big time, but it is what we signed up for and helps us learn to eat differently than we have been. Eat slowly, take small servings, tune into your cues. I found over time I got used to the new way of eating, and my anxiety of getting that feeling lessened when I learned how to avoid it, and now I feel in control. I just can't eat (or drink!) like I used to. <shrug > and ultimately, that's a very good thing!
  9. Momonanomo

    Hairloss percentages ?

    I didn't have hair loss either, but when I chose surgery I resigned myself to the possibility. I think it is partly heredity but also making sure you take your vitamins, and eat quality protein, veggies, & plenty of good fats like avocado and cocnut and olive oil.
  10. I can reach goal. i *will * reach goal! Onward!

  11. Today I hit the 'healthy' BMI !!!!!! omg so happy!!!!! 120lb gone, and I intend it to be forever!

    1. Ginger Snaps

      Ginger Snaps

      Woo hoo! That's a GREAT accomplishment!

    2. IcanMakeit


      Congratulations. You are an inspiration.

  12. Momonanomo


    Yes, it happened to me -- funny, for me it was exactly 8 lbs too! And yes, the answer is to get back to basics And, since getting back to basics I have lost that 8 plus another 10, and now I know for sure it's in my power to get to goal. Good for you for saying +10lbs is NOT ok. You have the power to do this too!
  13. my sleeve + ketogenic diet + exercise = awesomeness!

  14. Momonanomo

    sad :(

    lauren it sure doesn't sound like your friend is really being a friend. Please try to surround yourself with positive people. This website can offer you a TON of support, guidance, info, encouragement, and I recommend you find support here from folks like us who DO understand. In the real world, you'll have to just filter out those who don't understand and/or aren't sympathetic. I would have a serious talk with myself about what makes a friend a friend, and do I have room for negative people in my life? This 'friend' you refer to is just noise. Please dismiss him or her. You have embarked on a project that will change your life. Just keep your eye on the prize! YOU have the power to eat well and exercise. YOU have the power to make your life what you want it to be. Screw the critics and naysayers! Onward!!!!
  15. sorry - me again! One more great article: http://www.examiner.com/article/experts-low-carb-ketogenic-and-paleo-diets-prevent-alzheimer-s-starve-cancer

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