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  1. icon23

    Does Splenda hinder weight loss?

    Stevia is all natural--comes from a plant.
  2. icon23

    Why it's hard to keep weight off

    Very interesting.
  3. One week to sleeve!

  4. icon23

    Protein Supplement Critiques

    Thanks for taking the time to do this--very helpful.
  5. Great! I look forward to meeting you both. Anyone else?
  6. icon23

    Any seattle sleevers ?

    I'm having my surgery done next week by Dr. Elias Ortiz in MX. He uses a size 32 bougie.
  7. icon23

    Any seattle sleevers ?

    I'm in Seattle, but I'm having surgery in MX in 10 days.
  8. icon23

    While in Mexico

    I haven't gone yet, but I plan to keep everything of value locked in my carry-on bag (it's a hard case roll-on with a built-in lock) while I'm in the hospital. From an older thread, I seem to remember that buying additional meds is pretty cheap and to bring cash for them. For tipping, shopping, and everything else, I'll probably take $100 cash and 1 card.
  9. icon23

    Be careful using IUD only post VSG!

    It's probably best to be careful regardless, but as best as I can tell, these pregnancies happened with the copper IUD (no hormones) not the Mirena (uses hormones). Does anyone know if any post-VSG pregnancies have happened with Mirena?
  10. icon23

    100lbs GONE!

    Thanks for sharing--very inspiring. You look great! Wishing you continued success.
  11. Thank you for sharing your experience. It is reassuring to hear from people who are recovering smoothly. Wishing you continued success!
  12. icon23

    New Year New You!

    Thank you for your very inspiring story. We don't often hear from people who are so far out, so thank you for proving that it is possible to keep the weight off long-term. My surgery is in 11 days and I cannot wait for this very important life change.
  13. icon23

    starting my preop diet early

    My surgery is also Jan. 17, but my pre-op diet is 2 weeks, so I'm on day 4. I know what you mean about a bad breakup, but it does get easier. The other things that I am doing to get ready are making sure that I have supplies for post-op, like Gas-X strips, protein powders, stretch pants, Mio, broths, breath freshener, etc, and making a Pinterest board of food/recipes that it will be good for me to eat once I can eat solids again. I waited until today to start with the recipes--it might have been hard to look at all those pictures of food on the first few days of this pre-op diet.
  14. icon23

    F ing starveing

    Off-topic, but I love your haircut, Pinky!
  15. icon23

    F ing starveing

    Have you tried drinking broth or any other sugar-free beverages in between your protein shakes to take the edge off?
  16. lowering my goal weight.

  17. icon23

    How do you reward yourself?

    I see a new tattoo in my future also
  18. icon23

    Night time eating

    I am in this boat too--insomniac-night eater. If your night eating is like mine, it's actually called Night Eating Syndrome and is an eating disorder (you can look it up). The only thing that has really helped me so far is not keeping any unhealthy food in the house (either I don't do it at all or I'm forced to snack on something healthy). I'm hoping that being sleeved (in 11 days!) will help, but I started a thread about this a while ago and it doesn't seem like it will. However, I am currently on day 4 of the pre-op diet and instead of eating crap in the middle of the night, I have only had 1 protein shake instead, if necessary, so I feel like once I am sleeved, I won't go crazy with night food choices either. Also, I am starting to see a therapist who specializes in eating disorders this week, so I'm hoping that will help a lot too.
  19. I'm having surgery on Jan. 17 also. Best of luck to all of you!
  20. icon23

    Tinnitus / Ringing

    I had not heard about this, so I would like to know the answers as well. What a happy side effect that would be!
  21. icon23

    Pre-op questions

    Here is an informative booklet that you might find helpful. It gives guidelines on how to choose a protein shake amongst other things: http://www.ochsner.org/content/misc_files/_BARIATRIC_NUTRITION_BIBLE.pdf
  22. icon23

    Starting preop diet

    Good luck! I'm on day 3, surgery on the 17th. It's not the worst thing, but it is challenging. You have each other for support to stay strong, so that's nice.
  23. Day 3 of pre-op diet. Still accepting prayers.

  24. I'm on day 3 of the pre-op diet also and it is frustrating, but then I remember the bigger picture, why I'm doing this, and it gives me the strength to keep going. I'm also told that it gets easier after day 3, so *fingers crossed*.