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  1. [day after you]

    I have been waiting sooooo long to post to a thread like this. I have my date!!!!!!!

    March 14th!!!! I have a 5 day liquid diet prior, so March 9. Cool thing about he timin of it is that I get to have my food funeral at Disney World, lol. I'll be there for a week end of feb. MARCH 14th!!!!!!

    I am 5'9" and weigh in at a whopping 290. I don't know what my goal is. Ultimately 150, but I hope to be down 100 pounds in a year. Hell, anything in onederland sounds good right now.


  2. I thought I was finally on the path to getting an answer from Anthem. I called yesterday and all the work that my surgeon's office had done was in vain. My surgeon's office submitted paperwork to them on 01/23, I called to see if they received it and no that hadn't. I call everyday and still no paperwork. I decided to conference the surgeon's office and Anthem on the phone and they give another number to build a case. My surgeon's office has done everything that they have said. I called on yesterday 02/01 and they say the wrong person input my case and that my case was canceled and now my surgeon's office has to get with someone else. This is ridiculous. I have talked to several people and had to even get a sup involved. My surgeon's office was closed on yesterday because they are closed on Friday so Monday we are back on it. Before you know I will have probably talked to everyone at BCBS because I will call everyday until I get some answers. Anyone with a similar BCBS issue?

  3. BCBS is something else. I had to speak to a supervisor on yesterday because they don't even have my paperwork after its been faxed several times. My surgeons office was closed on yesterday so if they need me to, I will call BCBS every single day. Each time my surgeon's office calls they give her a fax number, she faxes it and it always the wrong dept, this is crazy.

  4. It could be two things going on. One is that they truly don't have the paperwork another is that once they send the paperwork it must be going to another dept then that dept may need to look it over. My stuff was submitted on last Wed around the afternoon timeframe. I have heard that it can take 15 business days so all is not lost yet for us. I will call every other day to check on it though. I am calling the pre-cert dept. Which dept are you calling?

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