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  1. dewarkim

    Full Liquid Diet

    I would just be very strict from now to surgery date. Good luck!
  2. My understanding is it softens or dissolves it. This was recommended if something gets stuck except for gum. It will not work on gum.
  3. Has anyone tried meat tenderizer? It is a must have on my surgeons list for after surgery in case something gets stuck. Suggested: 1/4 tsp to 1 oz water & sip! Hope this helps! I haven't had the surgery yet but seeing the post reminded me of the meat tenderizer.
  4. dewarkim

    December Surgeries?

    Totally agree with you. Today is Day 7 of my liquid & thankfully I have lost 10#. I'm so excited! Where you located? I'm in Oklahoma.
  5. dewarkim


    So far so good! Thank The Lord! I weighed this morning & I lack 4 oz to lose 10 lbs., that encouraged me alot! I would love to lose 20 before surgery. How are you doing?
  6. dewarkim

    December Surgeries?

    Hi Scutles, nice to be able to come to a site that others know what you going through. Are you on your liquid diet yet?
  7. dewarkim


    My surgery date is 12/3. I feel anxious & a little nervous but excited more than anything. I've waited a year--insurance requirement & now it's hard to believe that I'm on day 2 of my 2 week liquid diet. I think It will really hit me on the way to the hospital that I'm actually getting it done. Please keep me in your prayers & I will do the same for all of you. Good luck!
  8. dewarkim


    I have Resource One! They meet once or twice a month to review cases. The review board met the 13th & I knew I was approved the 14th. How long have you been waiting? I would contact your insurance.

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