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    ortega07 reacted to mom2five in Submitted To Insurance!   
    OMG! Does that mean that you have to start over? My doctor told me that weight watchers was acceptable.... I didn't do weight watchers though. I'm so sorry!
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    ortega07 reacted to pdubbaya23 in I Wish I'd Known...   
    i glad i didnt know how much better the sex would be because i would have done it years ago. i did this to be healthy....but dang, i had no idea i was a stud. lol. dont judge me.
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    ortega07 reacted to lch2516 in Luving The Loosers Bench!   
    I was sleeved on 9/25... I am officially down 52lbs... this feels sooo good!!! Glad I was blessed 2 b able 2 have this done!!!!


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    ortega07 reacted to JustSkinnyMeInside in Time To Check Out My Hospital's Er!   
    Much rather you come to hospital and it be "just gas" than you NOT come in while you were having a heart attack doing irreversible damage to your heart!!hugs!
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    ortega07 reacted to Ebonni Owens in November Sleevesters?   
    I am a November sleever. My surgery is scheduled for Nov. 29th and I am super excited.
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    ortega07 reacted to LovingmeForever in I Want To Share With All Of You My New Look!   
    I feel alive again. June 7, 2012 Dr Almanza changed my life. 230 pounds the day of surgery and today 155. 25 more pounds to go.

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    ortega07 reacted to Skinnypie in December Surgeries?   
    My NUT appointment lasted about 1 hour-ish. She went over portion sizes, all the food groups, what foods/vitamins I should be eating before surgery to prepare as well as post op diet. Talked about getting in all the Protein and what order I should eat in. She gave me a couple of booklets one with basic food group stuff and one with post op diet guidelines... Hope this helps
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    ortega07 reacted to Bawse52 in I Have Gained 15 Lbs But Dropped 3 Pants Sizes   
    Awww man that has been a gift and a curse... I love the weight loss but buying new clothes sucks...its getting cold now and now I have to buy some jackets and sweaters
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    ortega07 reacted to doxieville in B.o.   
    Daily?? I'm supposed to bathe daily?? Lol!! Just kidding!!
    Thanks for your help.
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    ortega07 reacted to bwatts13 in How Much Weight Loss?   
    I've lost 70 lbs had my surgery on oct 10 never thought I would have lost that much that quick
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    ortega07 reacted to Crystal Woods in Almost 9 Months Out With Pics   
    My start weight was 228
    My current weight is 121
    My goal is 110
    My current pic looks ridiculous but I put on my old college clubbing dress and it fit so I was excited. Lol.

    This last one is how swollen my feet were every day... I have Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

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    ortega07 reacted to 101driver in Buddy's In South Jersey/philadelphia   
    Hi On The Way! I'm a patient of Dr. Neff's too (he's so great!). I was sleeved in Jan '12 and am down 108. Do you know about the Washington Township and Voorhees support group meetings? They're great and I started going when I was pre-op. I'd love to tell you anything you anything I can - I know I had so many questions pre-op. Best wishes!!

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