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    ortega07 reacted to doughboy112 in Today makes 3 days Post-Op!   
    Had my surgery on Thursday, December 20, 2012. Got home yesterday and still trying to adjust to all the changes. Really appreciate everyone one here and wish you all luck! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Merry Christmas!
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    ortega07 reacted to tuturunner in Clear liquid ideas   
    I'm post op and that's what I drink immediately for the day. I get my 40 grams of Protein in immediately. You have to sample a few flavors to find one tolerable.
    It is considered a clear liquid.
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    ortega07 got a reaction from Didit12262012 in 33 BMI and scheduled for VG...   
    Go for it! Reason being you may have a low bmi but why struggle like you have been when you can do something proactive about it. I was 170 at one point and now I'm 240 scheduled same day as you! Good luck
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    ortega07 reacted to Ballermom in 12/26 surgery but getting sick!   
    May you have an easy surgery and super easy recovery. May every one that come in contact with you while you are in the hospital be blessed the physicians assistants nurses and more.
    Thank you soon much
    Happy Sleeve Recovery
    Merry Christmas
    Oh what a gift!!!
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    ortega07 reacted to Fiddleman in Before and after photos (6 months)   
    Here are my before and after pictures. Sorry the after picture got cut off a little at the bottom and top during upload. And my shirt is a little poofy in the front.

    [before] is me at 335 lb (not my heaviest at 365), 42 BMI and comfortable pant size 48 in Rome on vacation.

    [After] is me at 205 lb (not my lightest which will be 180 or so!!), 24 BMI and comfortable pant size 36 at home today.

    This last 6 months has been quite the journey in learning new ways to eat, to drink, to socialize, to exercise and to live life!!

    Let me know what you think and I hope it inspires some others.
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    ortega07 reacted to ShyV. in 3 days post opp and emotional!   
    very good to know. I'm kind of cheered up now.
    Ortega07, next week I will definitely be here for you. We all need it.
    At times it's hard to speak to friends and family about what you are feeling because as non food addicts, or just naturally thin, it's hard to relate.
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    ortega07 reacted to freespirit63 in Tummy Tuck Scar   
    I can show my scar I had Tt twuce
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    ortega07 reacted to psaksinsky in Any Jersey Sleevers?   
    I am getting sleeved tomorrow 12/20/12 at Centra State by Dr. Noyan.
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    ortega07 reacted to xlr8ahead in 63 loss in 3 months .   
    Wow i never thought it would have come off this quick.its great i can eat what i want and loose weight its crazy and amazing.thank god for the sleeve lol
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    ortega07 got a reaction from daisy65 in So nervous next week is it   
    I'm scheduled for 12/26, but from the support on here, look at it like this......if there is pain or discomfort it's only for a few days. Compare a few possible difficult days to a lifetime of miserable days with 4 beautiful children. Once you have your surgery, think of the amazing days you will have with your kids. This surgery will allow you to do all you may have avoided! You get to live life! Good luck!!!!!
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    ortega07 got a reaction from Livinglifeout in Tummy Tuck Scar   
    I had a section in 2006, Tummy Tuck in 2008, while I made the mistake of getting the surgery prior to getting rid of all of my excess weight, it did help me in the gym bc I worked out better w/o having to look down and see that pouch of skin. However, my main piece of advice is to make sure you have a great doctor! Mine had to revise twice in his office and it still looks terrible, never flat! I went for a second opinion for revision and the doctor agreed if he did that surgery he would have been disappointed and fixed it the right way. So all in all get a good doc! Don't assume a nice doctor is a good doctor!
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    ortega07 reacted to Catherine Shinn Habhab in Pants on the ground   
    Good for you!!
    Today I was thinking that I need a belt, I've never worn a belt...pants were always too tight
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    ortega07 reacted to chad2rad in Pants on the ground   
    <---- here is my pic today. Sleeved 10/08. Down 64 this morning.
    Had to post this:
    Moved my belt buckle another notch today in today. That six in so far. Only one more left before I have get new belts. #nopantsontheground

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    ortega07 reacted to mommybo in So, really inappropriate weird question...   
    wow, would not have even thought to ask this but im so glad you did. Lol. and now we know thanks to rootman. glad to know ahead of time.
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    ortega07 reacted to Rootman in So, really inappropriate weird question...   
    No problem, the amount is so small I doubt it would have any effect, to play it safe wait a few weeks before resuming relations then have at it.
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    ortega07 got a reaction from AngelEyesInNJ in Disloyal   
    Does anyone feel like they are breaking up with themselves? Weird I know! It's safe and familiar to be over weight and down on myself. Being miserable is all I know. But at the same time, I'm so ready to end this abusive relationship with myself! 12/26 is the day!!!!
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    ortega07 reacted to Gintobethin in Guess who just got approved   
    I too hope I do well, I was sleeved December 5 two days before my birthday which I wanted to Celebrate the hell out of because it was my 35th, we have the holidays and I am a very big drinker. Love the wine. I told my children if anyone asks I do not want clothes or alcohol I want gift cards to use later on in spring,maybe. Good luck!
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    ortega07 reacted to Pookeyism in Guess who just got approved   
    My date was 1-4-12 and yes, it was worth it...it has been hard, and scary, and frustrating, and happy, and amazing and I would so do it again.
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    ortega07 reacted to Fiddleman in Guess who just got approved   
    That is such exciting news for you! I can remember the day for me when I got the approval. Serious happy dancing ws going on here. It is such a positive life change that is ahead for you with many people you can turn to support for in these forums.
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    ortega07 reacted to FeeIsMe2 in Guess who just got approved   
    Congrats and good luck!!
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    ortega07 reacted to UTGal99 in Guess who just got approved   
    Congrats and yes, it is worth it!
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    ortega07 reacted to Rootman in Guess who just got approved   
    Congrats, we all wish you the best in your new adventure!
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    ortega07 reacted to valdostaGA in High Sex Drive   
    No my surgery wasn't a factor but my weightloss sure has given me the confidence to finally get out of 10 years of abuse and infidelity.
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    ortega07 got a reaction from mom2five in Submitted To Insurance!   
    I was submitted today too and hope to find out in a week! Nervous!!!!!
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    ortega07 reacted to mom2five in Submitted To Insurance!   
    Thank you! And congrats on a hopeful surgery date! Good luck!!

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