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  1. greensleeve

    My costume

    Thank you!
  2. greensleeve

    Post Op March 2014

    Down 100 in that pic from last week. 101 now. Everyone looks so awesome!
  3. greensleeve

    100 pounds down in 5.5 months!

    Good luck to you!
  4. greensleeve

    100 pounds down in 5.5 months!

    Whoops. That's in 6.5 months, I forgot 15 was before surgery.
  5. greensleeve

    Before and After pictures...

    How tall are you?
  6. greensleeve


    Good for you! Keep up the hard work. You look so happy.
  7. greensleeve

    Feel like giving up

    You have to be 350 for your insurance to approve you? If I were you, if the scale isn't moving, talk to your Dr about going on liquids with high protein for a few weeks. You can do it!!!
  8. Only three more pounds to go to hit the century mark! Five months out and life is wonderful. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself.
  9. greensleeve

    MO - St. Louis

    Are we having a September meeting?
  10. You find yourself posting way more pictures of yourself on Facebook than you ever have before. You can't buy clothes on clearance for the season that just passed because you dont know what size you will be next year.
  11. greensleeve

    four month out face pics

    Down 93 pounds