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  1. I made it to onederland today. Words cannot express my happiness. I have not weighed under 200lbs for 20 years.
  2. vmerrill

    Almost 5 Months ... And I Will Never Be The Same Again!

    Way to go sister. Love each day and wake up with a "Watch out world, here come" attitude. You can be who you really want to be. Congratulations!
  3. You are doing fantastic! My birthday was the 25th of April. I missed my goal by 1 lb, but today I made it! I was a week out, so who cares. You have had a huge weight loss. I was on a lull for the last couple of months only losing maybe a pound a week. Then I started walking to get ready for a 5k and was losing a half a pound a day. My body was finally catching up. My hair loss has slowed waaaayyy down, thank goodness for that too. I am patting myself on the back, and you should do the same. Keep you eye on the prize. You look great.
  4. vmerrill

    NSV and an injury

    Thank you for sharing you good news. I was just an off the cuff comment to this Doctor and see what a difference it has made to you. I'm sure that will be one of those moments you will remember forever. I hope I make people feel that wasy sometimes. A lesson to be learned by all about the comments we make to others. Congratulations on your new identity! It's kind of like when you move away, and no one knows you,so you can be who you want to be and no one knows your past.
  5. Yes it is a half a pound a day. I thought that is what I put. Sorry of I didn't. I do feel good though. When I had my labs done last month all was good just a little low in vit D, but I am taking more now.
  6. Hey everyone I'm getting kind of concerned. For the last couple of weeks I have drastically been losing weight very quickly. Almost 1\2 lb a day. I did start a walking program, but don't do it everyday. In fact I haven't walked since last saturday. I do have new hours at work, so I am doing more at home, but that would be the only changes I have made. Food and water intake are all the same. I was losing about 1\2 a lb a week for a couple of months. Is my body just catching up? My sister says not to worry until I hit 120 lbs. LOL I'm never going to hit that, she was just joking. Should I be concerned???
  7. Today is 5 months out. Pre surgery was 272, surgery was 264, todayis 209. I do really good during the week with water and vitaimns and food, bu the weekends I really find it hard. I am now walking, and that is making all the difference. The weight has really been coming off the last month. This is a life change that I was so happy to make. Congratulstions to all of us. Quit selling yourself short when someone says you look great. You could snack all day on terrible food, but you choose not to. Yes the sleeve is a great tool, but essentually YOU are the hand that drives it. Give yourself some well deserved credit! Rock On......
  8. vmerrill

    hair loss

    I am almost 5 months out and for the last month my is coming out REALLY bad. I swear when I wash my hair my hands are covered in it. The top of my head is very thin. I am just going to continue to eat protein and drink lots. I don't have any answers just feeling your pain. Hang in there.
  9. vmerrill

    November Sleevesters?

    I am a little slower too. DOS 11\08\12 at 272 lbs. Today I am at 216. I am 5'5 or 5'6. I am wearing a loose 18 or extremely tight 16. I started out wearing a tight 22. I am very happy at my weight loss, but also disappointed that I have not lost more. Does that make sense? I had a lady at work the other day say boy you have really lost weight. Have you lost 20 lbs? I said more like 55. Her jaw just dropped. I am super excited for summer except for wearing shorts, My legs are horrible, although they always have had the cottage cheese look in the front and back. I mean I am excited to get outside. Maybe some more work out will help. Keep on keeping on November buddies!
  10. I hate it. The old pictures that is. I look at that and think what was I thinking that I looked good? Thank God that my husband never thought that. He has always told me the complete opposite it fact. Luv him.
  11. Ok so my husband was going through his photos in his phone today and came across these old pictures of me and I swear I never looked that way. I was sleeved on November 8th. Pre sleeve I was approved at 272 lbs.. Went into surgery 8 lbs less. Today I weigh 219. I don't know who that person was. I hope I never have to remember.
  12. vmerrill

    Back Pain

    My Doctor told me it was totally normal. At the time I had lost 42 lbs in 2 months. She said that the center of balance in my body was changing, and that's why I had back pain.
  13. Thank God for this topic coming up. I am a basket case when I get home too. I can rant and rave about the counter not being wiped off. When I went to my Dr. and told her I had terrile mood swings and hot flashes. She said it was becasue my hormones are all over the place and that they will be for awhile. I also complained of back pain, which she said is totally normal because alfter losing so much weight in such a short period of time that our bodies are adjusting to a new center of gravity..