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  1. Is it normal to all of the sudden have severe pain like this at 10 months out? I am definitely constipated and have not had a movement since last Friday others than a little diarrhea. Did and enema Sunday and it didn't help too much. Lots of pain all day Sunday, Monday and today. Went to general practitioner yesterday who order sonograms. Ruled out gallstones but showed I have 1.8 cm. cyst on ovary. Doesn't seem like that would be causing all this gasto discomfort and pain. Just did another enema and have decided to take some magnesium citrate to help with what I feel is constipation. Has anyone experienced anything like this at almost a year out? I'm hurting so bad and starting to worry that there is an infection in my sleeve related to the staples or something. I was sleeved by Dr. Ponce in Mexico so I can't just go to my sleeve doctor. Thanks for any and all responses.
  2. PetraLuxor

    Plastics referral for Atlanta

    I'm planning on seeing Dr. Marissa Lawrence in Atlanta.
  3. PetraLuxor

    Atlanta, Georgia

    I am back. Haven't been on in a while. Was sleeved Nov. 2012 in Mexico. Great experience. No regrets! Red, I work near Six Flags.
  4. PetraLuxor

    Costa Rica

    Yes, Dr. Sauceda seems to be very will-liked. I've looked and looked and I can't seem to find one bad review or post about him. I would only plan on having the two proedures done at one (BL & TT) which I don't think is unusual for surgeons to her in the States. I would not ever consider having 4, 5, 6, etc procedures at once. When are you thinking of having surgery? What other doctors have you researched?
  5. For those of you who are a few years post surgery, how are your scars looking? Anyone out there who have scars that have faded so well that they aren't even noticeable? Thanks!
  6. I felt overwhelmed with all the choices when I began my research as well. I wound up going with Dr. Ponce de Leon and have not regretted it. Considering it was surgery (yuck) it was a great experience. Trish was awesome like everyone says.
  7. PetraLuxor

    Costa Rica

    Thank you so much for responding. I looked at your profile and our stats are almost exactly the same. You had surgery two months before me though. I know you aren't at goal yet but do you have an idea of when you'll plan to have plastics done? And what are you thinking of having done? I be looking into getting a BL and possibly a TT, if I need it. Like you, Dr. Sauceda is at the top of my list also. I have been reading a lot about Dr. Lev in CR and he seems to be very highly regarded. It seems that he is THE MAN to go to for a facelift. Would like to find someone who has used him for BL & TT. Here's a question for you. I've seen Dr. Sauceda's price list. Is that list in stone or do you know if he lowers the price when two or more procedures are done? For example, a medium TT is $4400 and a BL is $4500. I understand that he refunds $600 for the airfare if one has over $6000 in surgery. But assuming I had the above two procedures done, would he charge me a total of $8900? Or, would the two procedures combined be a little less? Just thought you might know since you are sort of ahead of me in research. Thanks!
  8. PetraLuxor

    Costa Rica

    Anyone here had plastics in Costa Rica? If so, who did you use, what procedures did you have done, and how was your experience overall? Thanks!
  9. Reading through this thread, it was difficult to tell how long you stayed to recoup. How long did you stay and where? I saw it was on Rosario Beach. Was this a special recoup facility? I'm asking because I may plan to have a TT and BL this summer. Still researching doctors. But I really would like to stay until drains are out. I'm a teacher and will be off work during the summer so I could take the time to stay. Really, I guess it would depend on how much it would cost to stay there 3 weeks or more. Any info you could provide would be most appreciated. Petra
  10. PetraLuxor

    Dr. Aceves, Mexicali, and Me!

    Hey Amanda Rae, Thanks for the update. Glad to know that you are doing well. Your heart is going to be doing a HAPPY DANCE very soon as this weight comes off. :) How much have dropped since your surgery? I looked at your ticker but I think it shows what you've lost pre-surgery. Petra
  11. PetraLuxor

    Dr. Aceves, Mexicali, and Me!

    Great post, AR. Very detailed and helpful for presleevers to read. Glad you are home safe and sound and sippin'! One more thing... I am kind of surprised that you were allowed to have that last meal and alcohol the night before surgery with general anesthesia the next morning. Or did you not have general?
  12. I know it's no help but ... welcome to my world! It sucks.
  13. PetraLuxor

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Hi Ya! I'm a little over 5'8'' but not quite 5'9''. How did that 2 month weigh in go? Petra
  14. PetraLuxor

    Tummy Tuck and 40 year old virgin

    Glad you are in such good spirits post surgery! Did you go back to Mexico for your tummy tuck?
  15. PetraLuxor

    on my way!

    Wishes for a smooth procedure and speedy recovery.

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