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  1. skinnytiff

    Changing doctors after surgery?

    Why would a Texas doctor know a referral for a Atlanta doctor? And doctor's offices by law have an amount of time legally they have to get records to another doctors office. Of course they will get the records to them in the amount of time they are legally supposed to get them or maybe even before then.
  2. The sleeve can stretch if you drink carbonation often or overeat every meal. I've seen it happen. Not with me but a friend. Sleeves don't break.
  3. skinnytiff

    Bcbs of texas

    Unfortantly an exclusion is an exclusion. Insurance wont pay for it if theres an exclusion. Maybe you can find a good cash price. Where are you located?
  4. skinnytiff

    Staring to get anxious!

    I go in Thursday to get the Bariatric Bible. I am definitely going to take advantage of the support tools KBI offers including the Facebook Group. Do I have to wait until after surgery to join?
  5. skinnytiff

    Staring to get anxious!

    Congrats to making a great decision! I too used KBI and Dr Kim did my surgery. The liquid diet is strict but there's a reason why. Just don't cheat. Follow the information you were given in our Bariatric "Bible" and you will reach your goals. I ate lots of jello and stuck with 4-5 shakes a day along with the popcisles and broth. I think blending your shakes up with ice helps much more than just a shaker cup. This is only 1 time in your life that you have to do this, so think of it that way. It will be worth it all in the end I promise. Just never give up As far as dreams yes i have weird dreams all the time. Hang in there, take one day at a time. I wish you the best in your weight loss journey and I hope to see you in our private Facebook group!
  6. skinnytiff

    Dr. Kim in Texas

    Hope you don't get a large bill from them after your HH discount program. Insurances aren't paying for the HH repair anymore especially if you have an exclusion on your policy. They have found out bariatric surgery is being done at the same time.
  7. skinnytiff

    Ugh---sleeved 8/1

    The reason why you do a 3 week liquid diet, week 4 then go in pureed, then week 5 soft foods, the normal foods is so your stomach can heal on the inside. You just had surgery and you are not doing what you have been taught. Eating food too soon can cause a leak or get caught in the staple line and cause a serious infection then you would have to be put on a feeding tube. Food at this point is not worth it. Please follow the Bbook.
  8. skinnytiff

    Scale going up a little by little.....

    Thanks yes I exercise like a mad woman with cardio 30-60 min a day and weight lifiting. Bad habits seems to creep back in. I should plan meals better and I tend to grab the fastest thing which isn't always the healthiest.
  9. skinnytiff

    Scale going up a little by little.....

    What procedure did you have? Sent from my SM-G920T using the BariatricPal App
  10. Hi, 4 + years out peeps, I have been able to maintain my 90 lbs loss, but here lately its gradually going up. Anyone else having this issue? Have you tried any other diets to help you loose? Sad to say I've been thinking about diet pills again. I still would like to loose another 50 lbs and at this point it seems impossible!
  11. skinnytiff

    Liquid Preop Diet

    Hi, I see your a KBI patient, they require their protein shakes prior to surgery, as well as a cup of low sodium broth each day, sugar free popcicles, sugar free jello, propel, and lost of water and work on getting off the caffene. You will learn all of this in your pre-op class. After surgery you can use any protein shake as long as it meets the protein, sugar, calorie ratio. Good luck!
  12. Believe what you want to believe. Carbonation can screw a sleeve up. The pictures are real. I really don't care if you believe it or not. I know for fact they are real. I was in the office with her when it happened. If this is true, the surgeon who did her original surgery screwed the pooch. There shouldn't be enough fundus left to stretch, much less back to the size of the original stomach. She should seek legal counsel.
  13. I personally have a friend that had the sleeve and started drinking sodas again. She noticed she could eat alot more and got nervous. She went to her bariatric doctor and did a barium swallow test, sure enough her sleeve was stretched to the size it was before surgery. Ever wonder what carbonation does to our sleeved tummies? The photo on the left is a normal banana tummy, the photo on the right is a banana tummy on carbonation. It is stretched and will not return to banana size
  14. skinnytiff

    Did anyone use Dr. Kim in Dallas?

    I used Dr Kim 4 years ago. 90 pound lost and keeping it off and I feel like its due to the amazing after care support KBI offers! Dr Kim is awesome, the staff has always been very helpful. I still go to my yearly check ups. KBI offers free bootcamps, zumba/ujam classes, bike rides and more to their patients. Along with the private FB patient driven group, we have 5ks planned each month, monthly breakfast and dinner get togethers around the metroplex, fun events like ziplining in Dallas, roller skating, bowling, CRUISES, and the list goes on. We have our own little family of wls friends!! After care support is really important to me and Im so glad to be apart of what KBI has to offer!
  15. skinnytiff

    Now I wait....

    Hang in there! Its worth it in the end!! Plus you get to be a part of the amazing support system after you have surgery with Kim Bariatric. I am a patient there too and I'm very happy with choosing them! I'm 4 years out.